Walking by public transport: top-8 routes in Kiev

We do not expect anything more amusing from minibuses and trams than a scandal of two grannies who did not share a place. And in vain! After all, some of Kiev's routes are so interesting that they are not inferior to sightseeing buses.


Direction: metro station "Polytechnic Institute" - metro station "Chernigovskaya". The route passes through the picturesque center: Taras Shevchenko boulevard, the famous Bessarabian market - with its bright fruits and aromatic spices - Lesi Ukrainka boulevard.

These places will perfectly convey the spirit of the capital, show the special beauty and ebullient energy of the city. In addition, a ride on the 118 bus gives you the opportunity to see the monumental figure of the Motherland, towering over trees and buildings, as well as enjoy the river landscapes, passing over the bridge over the Dnieper.

The terminal station "Polytechnic Institute" is notable for the recently renovated zoo, as well as the buildings of two universities: NMU im. AND. . Bogomolets and KPI them. Igor Sikorsky. In the first one you can visit the anatomical museum, located in the morphological building, and in the second - the heating tower. Exhibitions are often located on the staircase of the tower, and a beautiful panorama of the city opens from its top. And from the second terminal, the Chernigovskaya metro station, a stone's throw to the unique Kyoto park, where cherry blossoms bloom in spring.


Direction: Lesnaya metro station - Industrial bridge. If the center seems pop and boring to you, take a look at this route. It passes through the sleeping areas of Kiev and is suitable for those who love not classical sights, but the harsh prose of life. Ugly, uninteresting? How to look at it! These are the areas that show the real face of Kiev. And everything sincere and simple has its own unique charm. For lovers of street art: there are a few murals along the way, don't miss it!

th tram

Direction: metro station "Kontraktova ploshcha" - Pushcha-Voditsa. This record-breaking route is the longest tram route in Kiev. The length is 20 kilometers, the trip from the final to the final will take about an hour.

It is worth taking a ride on this tram in the warm season, because then the greenery flashing outside the windows will spread in all its glory: the trees form a real deciduous tunnel. It is not surprising that the route is considered one of the most beautiful and is confidently included in the selection of the best places for romantic dates.

You can also see a rather curious sight: a flea market spread out on covers right next to the tram tracks. So the goods can be seen right from the windows. And there is something to see!

Sometimes you wonder: what is it, where did the sellers get it, and who will buy it? Upon arrival in Pushcha-Voditsa itself, you can visit a large and well-groomed park, look at private houses and some sanatoriums open for tourists to walk.


The modern crossbow has many disadvantages compared to the bow. A significant difference is the low rate of fire of the weapon. However, the Asians decided to rectify the situation and created the Cho-ko-nu multi-shot crossbow.

Weapon History

This weapon was invented by a Chinese commander named Zhu Ge Liang at the turn of 2-3 centuries AD. This is an inaccurate version of weapon crafting and shouldn't be trusted much. Archaeologists have found some elements of this weapon that already existed for a period of 600 years earlier.

Design and principle of operation

If we talk about the design, then the cho-ko-well looks like an ordinary crossbow and differs from the latter only in the presence of a box on the stock.

  • Up to 10 bolts must be placed in it.
  • The string is threaded through the slot at the bottom of the box.
  • When the crossbow is not cocked, it is placed under the bolt located below.
  • To cocking the weapon, pull the lever.

  • Depending on the design, the box can be folded back or forward.
  • The bolt jumps out of the box and hits the stock.
  • A lever is responsible for pulling back the bowstring. On this, the structure can be considered ready to fire.
  • At the end of the shot, the weapon is cocked with a lever, which resembles the cocking of a rifle.
  • Performance and Comparison

    The store held 10 arrows and allowed 10 shots to be fired in just 15 seconds. At such a speed, a crossbow was fired during the aforementioned wars. At the same time, the accuracy of the shots was very low.

    This weapon could not be compared with rifles, since the crossbow was very far from them.

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