Village Wedding Update

Discover the magic of Morocco!

The Sims FreePlay

Experience the magic of Morocco, where sand burns your feet and the air is filled with the scent of spices and incense. After updating The Sims FreePlay to the new version, your Sims will be transported to a colorful oasis in the desert!

Influence Island Season 4: Moroccan Cuisines

Do your characters want to bask in the sun? Send them to Influence Island, where the new season of the show begins soon! Starting December 25th, your characters will have to fool 7 famous characters on the island and convince them to join your clan.

A colorful atmosphere awaits you this season, as well as the vibrant colors and shapes of this ancient culture. Your Sims will receive new kitchen décor items and colorful outfits with traditional patterns, as well as recipes for incredible Moroccan cuisine!

  • L-shaped modular wood kitchen worktops
  • L-shaped modular dining tables
  • Luxurious black and gold sliding doors <
  • Shorts and short T-shirts for adult female characters

  • Gilded kitchen sinks
  • Shelves with beautiful dishes
  • Tapestries with a mosaic pattern
  • Gilded tea sets
  • Tagine Clay Vessels
  • Fruit Bowls
  • Spice Jars and More!

Find out all the details about the new Island of Influence event in the Q&A section!

Moroccan Magic Event

We cut flowers with our own hands

Have the perfect country wedding for your Valentine's Day characters!

The Sims FreePlay

Love is in the air in The Sims FreePlay! Swear eternal love at a rustic wedding after the Valentine's Day update! Celebrate the most romantic day of the year by participating in two multi-awarding events that will allow your Sims to forge an everlasting, rustic love union. Your Sims will celebrate a rustic wedding and arrange wedding dances in a romantic atmosphere in the fresh air.

Quality of Life Improvements Before we start describing events, we want to share the improvements we have made to the game! If you like to design your backyard in a modern style, then you will definitely love the changes we have made to the hedges and gates! Now all fences and gates can be placed perpendicularly (at right angles). Give it a try!

To improve the gaming experience for new players, we've added the ability to browse separate large categories in the Home Store. Swipe all the way to view the Stairs & Railings category (if you already have access to them). Stairs and railings are accessible from level 17. If they have not yet been accessed, you will see a padlock icon. Plus, you can get all the information on how to unlock all these great possibilities! We will be adding new categories in the next updates. Stay connected!

Island of Influence Season 5 - Village Wedding

Immerse yourself in the sunny atmosphere of the island of Influence with salty air and beaches and bypass the opponent, convincing as many characters as possible to join your clan! Have a rustic Valentine's Day wedding with the new prize-winning floral decor items! Has your character proposed to you yet?

  • Wedding venue with gazebo
  • Floral walkway
  • Spiral staircase with curtain railings
  • Outfits and hairstyles for bridesmaids (for adult female characters)
  • Costumes and hairstyles for adult male characters

  • Partitions with lanterns
  • Large bar counter decorated with flowers
  • Outfits for a girl carrying a wedding bouquet (for schoolgirls) <
  • Outfits for a boy carrying wedding rings (for schoolchildren). And much more!

Race Season 24 - Wedding Planner

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