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The gaming community is currently obsessed with Valheim, the Viking-themed survival game that made its way into the Steam Top 10 and sold a million copies in a week. How has this seemingly extremely typical survival game bewitched so many people?

I played Walcheim for a week after the first review, grew a big beard and am back with deep impressions of the game ????

The main thing that makes her fall in love with herself is how beautiful she looks. Do not get it wrong, there is no talk of any "next-gene" graphics. Beauty here is expressed in something else. It's a kind of lo-fi aesthetic, reminiscent of old 3D games (like Gothic), but served with a great sauce from modern lighting and other engine bells and whistles. The screenshots and GIFs of the game don't really do it justice. This is the very case when you look at screenshots of the game in the Steam store, or just on the network, and you think "no, no, no, do not show the game to people like this, show them vidos, sunsets and sunrises !!". In other words, static footage is simply not able to convey the liveliness and richness of this world.

Without playing around, it's impossible to understand why she makes people love herself so quickly

And to play it is really available to everyone, because this is a very friendly survivor. For example, remembering my first visit to Terraria (not quite a survivor, but nevertheless), I literally could not understand what I needed to do and what to focus on. Is it a builder or slasher? There is no such "misunderstanding" in Walheim. All game mechanics somehow themselves get used to the subcortex of the brain and everything is done on a whim, as if you have played this game many times already.

As I noticed in the first review [What is Valheim and why is EVERYONE playing it? ] is a surprisingly forgiving game that doesn't abuse its status as a survivor. Of course, some of the players will face difficulties, blunts, and, well, simply with banal deaths, but these moments do not feel like punishment. At first, there are almost no threats, but when you try to infiltrate more dangerous areas, you will be given a clear warning ⚠️

Sounds strange, but death is not the only thing that does NOT get in the way in Walheim. There are heaps of inexorably diminishing stripes of thirst, warmth and other bio-parameters, and although there is a hunger system, it exists for buffan, rather than for resistance to debuff. You no longer have to frantically search for food, because in the middle of the expedition you start to die of hunger. Instead, there is room in your Viking stomach for three food items, the combination of which will determine your HP and Regen. There is a place for strategy and experimentation, and, most importantly, nothing is imposed on you. If you want to spend a few hours just building, you don’t need to think about the grub at all ????

Survival games have taught us to waste a lot of time simply by doing chores, eating, drinking, fixing or changing tools — and Walheim gets rid of that unnecessary hassle too. Bring any damaged item to the workbench and you can restore it at no cost, so you don't have to spend centuries looking for additional resources just to do something you've already created a dozen times. When you make a craft, you are always doing something new or contributing to your construction project.

By cutting and eliminating so much hassle, Walheim is becoming one of the most welcoming survival games in the world, and lowering those barriers is one of the reasons she currently enjoys a huge number of players.

All these survivalist adventures, risky expeditions and joyful moments when you finally overcome another obstacle have survived. There is tension and challenge in Valcheim, and you can even be crushed by a falling tree - you have all the danger and all the fun situations imaginable. But now you don't have to plow like a crab in galleys just to start a sortie ????

Unlike, say, Dark Souls, typical survival games are not built on the philosophy of "complexity is needed to make you the best version of yourself." They just have factors that make life difficult. You cannot get better and stop noticing these complexities.

For example, in Dark Souls, after a couple of playthroughs, it will no longer be difficult for you to defeat at least a couple of bosses with virtually no damage, so to speak, no sweat. In survivors, no matter how good you are, you will have to work as a half-time cook in order not to starve to death 10 times while you build your beautiful tower. By appealing to masochism, survival games seem to overlook everything else that attracts people in the genre.

Survival games are simply too bogged down in their desire to replicate the experience of a living being. Only now the simulation of life is often realized in primitive strips of "satiety", as a result of which you simply have a "to do sheet" inside the game. As if you have little to do in your life ????

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