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Vityazevo is located 13 km west along the coast from Anapa. It is also a resort on the Black Sea.

Those who do not really like the bay in Anapa with algae come to Vityazevo to rest. There is already an open sea, not a bay, and there are also many entertainments.

Today I will tell you about the guest house "Moore la Moore" 15 minutes walk from the sea.

It is located in Vityazevo on Gorky 2B.



Overall impression

Very good location, close to the sea, and all entertainment within walking distance. On the Paralia Embankment - the whole life of the Resort Village: canteens, cafes, karaoke, barbecue, souvenirs, universes, pharmacies, shooting galleries, sweets, fish, beer, wine, bars.

There, to the left of the embankment, is the Byzantium amusement park. In 2 minutes from the beach and 13 minutes from this guest house there is also a water park in Vityazevo "Olympia". The route stop from Anapa deep into the village is located opposite the house, and in the direction of Anapa from Vityazevo, 2 minutes from this GD.

The territory of the guest house itself is small. Going inside, you find yourself in a lobby with a reception, there is also a seating area with TV and sofas. There is a large refrigerator with roomy shelves for pots. And also here is the entrance to the common kitchen, where all the dishes, kettles, sink, pots, cups, spoons - here people cook themselves.

And the food production has its own bakery located opposite - they prepare breakfast à la carte (from 100 rubles), lunches and dinners (from 200 rubles). In the middle of the courtyard there is a recreation area with tables and chairs under a large shady awning, it does not fry or bake here even at +35. And two buildings, Connected to each other.

The first building "standard" - 2-storey - 8 rooms per floor. Rooms 4 rooms for triple, 9 for four, and 1 for five. Another 2 rooms of them are given to the utility block and the maid's accommodation. That is, there are 14 residential rooms.

Cheap guest house in Vityazevo 15 minutes from the sea

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Photo hunting - (best photos)

Photo hunting - (best photos)

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Photo Hunting - 2021 (best photos)

Dear forum users! In this thread, the administration of the forum recommends that you post the best photos from your photo hunt made only for 2021 - "Reports from a photo hunt (2021)" write HERE; - Write stories from the life of birds and post your photos in the topic "From the life of birds." the topic is HERE. Samples of high-quality photos of wild animals taken from the Internet: [hide] '; > else; "> [show] Alpine Accentor

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Re: Photo hunting - (best photos)

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Re: Photo hunting - (best photos)

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The familiar city dweller - Rook!

Vityazevo is located 13 km west along the coast from Anapa. It is also a resort on the Black Sea. Those who do not really like the bay in Anapa with algae come to Vityazevo to rest. There is already an open sea, not a bay, and there are also many entertainments. Today I will tell you about the guest house

Traditionally, the construction of a private house takes at least one year. In reality, and in most cases, this epic lasts two to three or four years. And those who have come across a construction site will say that this is so-so pleasure to stretch it out. We asked the question: is it possible faster? Is it realistic to order a ready-made house kit in the spring, and move into the house by the fall? We were looking for answers from Belarusian house-building factories and factories, which more than once declared their readiness to put the production of standard houses on stream and stamp them in the required quantity and at a democratic price. Let's allow ourselves a small announcement: there are such options.

Experience, but with nuances

House-building factories, the main profile of which is multi-storey construction, have repeatedly declared their readiness to build private houses. And fast, a lot, and cheap. True, the first copies that we saw seven years ago did not impress people with their appearance, quality or price.

However, the idea showed vitality and resulted in the state plan - to allocate areas of individual development, which will centrally build up DSK with their private panels. Today we even have several implemented examples of such development. One of them can be considered successful: Grodnozhilstroy erected a turnkey cottage community in Lososno-4. The development consists of block houses for two, four and six apartments from standard large-format reinforced concrete panels and single-family houses using frame-panel technology.

The houses were sold already with utilities, landscaped areas, paved streets and concrete sidewalks. At the same time, the price of the cottage turned out to be very competitive - less than 60 thousand dollars for a house with an attic area of ​​118 m².

There is an example of a collective farm implementation of the idea - typical houses for agricultural towns from reinforced concrete panels. One such house was presented to Alyaksandr Lukashenka in the agricultural town of Zavoit, Narovlya region, and he even praised it, only asked to reconsider the price (the price tag for a finished house of 153 thousand rubles seemed too high to him).

He doesn't seem to have paid attention to what this apartment looks like. Those who looked closely at it, determined that it was just a box made of standard reinforced concrete panels of the Svetlogorsk DSK, under a strangely shaped roof. That is, it was not possible to make something attractive in architectural terms, the ornament on the facade does not save the situation. The appearance of these houses says one thing: this is an option for budget housing only for rural areas and on a preferential loan.

It should be noted that similar projects, only larger in area, are also available in other state-owned DSCs. Probably, they received an order to come up with something for private development - so they made something from the existing panels for high-rise buildings.

As a result, the demand for them is low, as well as the desire of manufacturers to engage in this area. And the reason for such a cool attitude towards private housing construction lies in the fact that everyone understands that on the basis of existing panels, without technical re-equipment, creating conditions for the production of new products, things will not go beyond a few houses for state orders for agricultural towns.

The idea to build houses from factory reinforced concrete did not go unnoticed by private construction companies: they managed to develop modern architectural projects under the same panels. Now they buy them from DSK and build quite attractive houses at reasonable prices. This one, which is in the photo below, cost 45 thousand dollars at the exchange rate without interior decoration. Moreover, the panels themselves were not so expensive - the delivery cost 18 thousand rubles. The walls were assembled in just two days. The work on the installation of panels and the arrangement of joints cost 5.5 thousand rubles.

The construction time (considering that here, besides the installation of the factory panels, there was additional work on the manufacture of a monolithic floor) is not the shortest: the house was finished with finishing in eight months.

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