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Astro forecast "having designated" the water sign of Zodiac as the happy day of the day

For the sign of Zodiac Ribi, the horoscope for March 1, 2021, the 18th day of the month, is even more positive in the middle and material plan.

Ribam to seriously increase the budget, for example supercook. u.

Aries got over it about inappropriateness on the love front - є the threat of harm.

Yak representatives of the element of fire were pleased to spend the th month day

Hour to learn more for a team, you see. Do not grab a lot of help right away and do not get lost globally. More beautifully take care of the whip on the right.

  • Leo Tomorrow Horoscope

Ymovirno, you will be a fruit of fantasy. If you have grown up activity, you can lean forward at the carriage. You can work out the funky crocks, don't waste your time.

  • Horoscope for 1 March 2021 - Aries

People who are close to you may be out of date. Є threat of health. Failure can zmusiti team for an hour, forget about the relationship between deyakim nutrition. You can, you will be the fruit of fantasy. read also the Report of the monthly calendar for birch 2021: if the world is involved

Yak representatives of the elementary earth were pleased to spend the th month day

Try not to be a dictator at home - this kind of time can have a lot of conflicts. If you stumble upon inappropriateness - do not waste your time.

TOP OPK -: Shorichny rating of enterprises of the OPK of Ukraine

TOP OPK (MIC) of Ukraine 2020 - the best rating of Ukrainian enterprises, as they use products (make services) of the Ukrainian industry.

nedіlya, fierce p

The USA tested the "Gold Horde" ammunition.

Skinny from Vinischuvach Chotiri Aviabombi GBU-39 / B SDB, equipped with a control system, opened for the project "Golden Horde" ...

Probe to conduct US UPU Science and Research Laboratories (AFRL), write C4ISRNET

Forward about Golden Horde has become a vidomo in 2019 roci. ARFL spіlly s Scientific Applications Research Associates planned to install a universal control system, to add a number of missiles or bombs in “row of low-cut ammunition” for the spіlnaya robot. Among the potential ammunition were GBU-39 / B SDB bombs, AGM-158 JASSM and AGM-160 MALD missiles.

The first demonstration of the Zolota Horde programs was seen on the 14th leaf fall 2020, before the hour of the F-16 vinischuvach from the warehouse of the 96th VPS VPS (air base VPS Yeglin, Florida) having thrown off two aviabombi.

The USA has already developed a lot of rockets to work on the concepts of fenestrated ammunition, sprouting within the framework of Gray Wolf, which was chained to the Christmas programs.

Nagadaєmo, at the earliest in 2020, the laboratory at the spіvpratsі with the Special Operations Commands of the Air Force (AFSOC) also conducted a successful test of the new CLEAVER ammunition from the rear ramp of the MC-II transport commander.

Within the framework of viprobuvan, we went to the Dagway polygon near the state of Utah, for example, today rockets, mass-sized mock-ups of bully missiles were folded on the poddoni, they named it Combat Expendable Platforms (CEP), via the Lockheed Martin -130J.

Skidding of krylate missiles from vantazhnyh lіtakіv is used as a cheap alternative to bombers. The growth of security of the US UPF is looking at the potential of the "lithuanian arsenal" loaded with a great number of crylate missiles. At the same time, the transport itself does not run into trouble, fragments are not included in the zone of mobility.

CLEAVER (Cargo Launch Expendable Air Vehicles with Extended Range) is deciphered as a twisted turn of a transport vehicle with a vantage start because of an increased distance, and the UPU described a whole earlier non-bursting ammunition as a "far-off, high-pitched" tsіley ".

Preply Specialists Sergiy Luk'yanov, Dmytro Voloshin and Kirilo Bigay

On the cob, the current journalist and commune Margarita Rivchachenko has sent a viconati vlasna new obytsyanka and vivchita Spanish mov

"The culture of Latin America and Spain befits me. I am quite rocky in classical dances, and now Latin American, so I have become closer to the world, to the Latin American culture, to the Latin American culture." Gabriela Garcia Marquez.

Earlier in the day, she vyvchala spansky kilka misyatsiv, ale, through marriage, she got busy for an hour. Every once in a while Margarita was quick to use the platform of the new Preply tutors.

For the first time in 2012 we have created three Ukrainian programs - the programs of Kirilo Bigay and Dmytro Voloshin and designer Sergiy Luk'yanov. Give Preply Koristuvach є hundreds of thousands of people from over 180 countries of the world, to avoid opanuvati rіznі movi, and 45 thousand victories, as navchayut їkh.

This is also one of the most successful Ukrainian projects in EdTech - online education technologies.

BBC News Ukraine has become a master of the platform and is the most popular among them.

"Our site is helping people to learn new life"

At the BBC News Ukraine sp_saddy Preply Kirilo Bigay, it’s like the winners of the cob wanted to create a powerful product from the very cob, as people around the world were biting.

"We'll be focusing on earthmovs. Our goal is to create the most effective way of bringing on earthmovs", - rozpovidak vin.

On the other hand, the platform gives you the opportunity to turn around 50 mov - from international ones, such as English, Spanish, French, and nimetska, to those who rarely leave behind the borders of the same, two times ... Koristuvachi can turn the tutors' servants from the past 160 countries of the world.

English mova є the unbranded leader of preply supplying koristuvachіv

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