Thermowood: a new material for construction and building decoration

The sign of Zodiac can tell a lot about a man: how can you be like and how you can't stand it, which partner will go to the gateway for the current account, but which will not take your nerves.

The statti contains 4 points about the skin mark, which will provide the basic information about the skin representative of the zodiac cola.

1. Love Aries, if they have a lot of pennies. And even more beautifully, they didn’t bite a penny, so Aries will be rich on krill!

2. Aries hate common people, as they spend an hour on a fool, if you are important. Besides, you can bring people to yourself, like inserting clubs into wheels.

3. Temperament: choleric.

4. aslive number: 3.

1. Love Taurus, if you are successful, you don't know. Trisky smarter, dribbled, tricky stringy. Todi happy for Taurus year and shukati!

2. Taurus hate tactlessness in any manifestations. Taurus also does not love yak tedious, so also obstinate people.

3. Temperament: phlegmatic.

4. Happy number: 6.

1. To love twins, if a skin day is not similar to the previous one. Babak's day is the most terrible, how the stench could be detected. To that, snakes are the axis for Bliznyuki to love the most.

4 points about the skin sign of the Zodiac, how to create a richly zodiac Sign of the Zodiac can be quite different about a person: how can you be like, but you cannot bear, which partner can go for the opening

Wood is a beautiful, environmentally friendly, durable material that rightfully occupies a leading position in the list of popular construction materials. Due to some shortcomings, modern manufacturers are trying to optimize the properties of the wood. Through experimentation, Thermowood has been created - an "improved version" of conventional building material with unique characteristics.

Thermowood and its history

Thermowood, or thermally modified wood (TMD), refers to lumber that has been processed at high temperatures without applying chemicals. After warming up, it acquires a very dense structure and excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, while remaining environmentally friendly.

Heat-treated ash boards

Important! Most often, raw materials from pine, ash, oak, spruce, aspen are used for heat treatment, although other materials are also suitable for this purpose.

An ordinary tree dries out during operation, swells from water, is subject to decay, deformation. In contrast, thermowood does not change its geometry, does not warp or crack, does not rot even after prolonged contact with water. It is 30% more efficient than standard wood at retaining heat in the cold season and keeping it cool in the summer.

People have been trying for a long time to give the tree strength and increase its service life. Many centuries ago, the material was boiled in oil, saline solution, and burned.

But only in the 30s of the last century did specialists closely engage in the modification of raw materials during heat treatment. Only by the 90s in Finland was the steam treatment of wood at high temperatures patented.

Block parquet Thermoyasen to the content ↑

Manufacturing technology and wood classes

If you think that people at last bully mens are eccentric, no generation, then guess their fashion and tradition - there you will know a lot of wondrous things.

We have put together a small list of things that our ancestors respected as normal, and that happy people are also wonderful.

First or Another Dream

Europeans, who lived with Serednyovichi, practiced those who, in our hour, are called two-phase sleep. The first dream was repaired from the arrival of the dream and trivially until after night, then people threw themselves away and did not sleep for 2-3 years. Some of them prayed at all times, or read, but they spent their time with family members, or with friends. Let us sleep for an hour, as if trivial until the end of the day.

Live alarms

Knocker-up, or lyudin's alarm clock, is a profession, as it was from the end of the 18th century until 1920. The obligations of such people included the awakening of the quiet, who was guilty of buv the virus on the robot. "Alarm clocks" beat at the windows of their clients with clubs or fired at them with peas from the pipe. It’s not clear that waking the knocker-up themselves, but the version, the stench didn’t kick the spati to the robot.

Cloth for lads

Repairing from the 16th century and until about 1920, the lads of the pre-singing age (4-8 years) were taken over from the cloth, and they didn’t get any bunkers. Ymovіrno, the main reason for this bully is the high cost of clothes, and cloths are easier to sew on virіst. Tradition did not omit to visit the family of Mikoli II - in the photo of the son of Prince Oleksiy at the cloth, similar to the one worn by his sister.


Chopini, also seen as sock and drunk, is a kind of swelling on the platform, the height of which could reach 50 cm. It is not surprising that for the weariness of the bully the additional help of the servants is needed, for the literal sense not to become a victim of the mod. However, they wore chopini not only because of the beauty to the beauty, but in order not to bother the clothes from the high street breast.

Blood letting go of ailments

Photo: Getty Images | Individual intelligence is actively involved in the popular sphere of social life

Yak vlady rіznih kraїn vpovadzhuyut piece-piece intellect into life.

For example 2020, the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine has approved the concept of developing a piece of intelligence. According to the words of the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, SHI-technology can be taken into the robot of the ship system. For example, on the basis of the analysis of the great tributes of III, it is also possible for the court to take the correct decision or to organize the transfer of information from one court to the last. Fedorov says that it is possible to change a number of ministries, so technology can be victorious as a tool for taking decisions in the district. Aleksey Ukraine will be planning to go directly, in such countries as Japan, China and the United Arab Emirates, the piece-piece intellect is actively involved in the popular sphere of social life.

ОАЕ: ШІ vipisu liki and catch porushnikіv

In 2017, a new posada appeared in the Uryad of the OAU - the Minister of Food of the Piece Intellect. Omar Sultan Olama, whose main function is to go to the land of startups, to develop the technology of machine technology, and, of course, III. In the OAU, they were busy, and they were thinking that the stocks of naphtha were soon enough to be consumed, and that new resources were needed, as in the future they could secure the uninterrupted vision of the giants.

Well-known strategic in the implementation of high technologies, planning up to 2071 (the most important power in its 100th anniversary), the ministry of Olam is guilty of improving the efficiency of human development. For three rockies, there have been raging results.

For example, by launching the Saad smart service, which is a consultant for food producers. Winning, how to conduct business, properly register the company, trademark, how to issue a patent or revoke a license.

Takozh Olama protesting the pharmaceutical smart service in Dubai, if the robot-pharmacist independently picks up the necessary lines. If you do not have a recipe for a customer, some documents are sent to you in an electronic viewer. Third submission The Dubai Health Protection Agency has started to use a neurorecord for the detection of full-time illnesses - SHI, having injected tens of thousands of signs of the eye, without any need to diagnose and assist ophthalmologists.

And in the Dubai airport, the ministry has implemented the system of distribution of devices, as an additional assistance to the visitor. It is also possible to use neuromechanical capabilities in the Head Office of Civil Aviation to manage the crisis. A piece of intelligence has penetrated the schools of Abu Dhabi, a de special system for adapting all lessons individually for a skin schoolboy.

Z April 2020, at the pandemic, the minister appointed ShI to serve in the Dubai police. Zavdannya tekhnologiya - viznachiti, who has the right to a huge man, who perebuvaє for kerm, to oversaturation. On the right side of the one, before the hour of quarantine driving in the car, it was allowed to deprive those who had an obvious reason for the main reason. As soon as it wasn’t the first, there wasn’t any other, the penalty was imposed on the thief. The ministra plans to transfer 25% of transport to be controlled by 2030 until 2030.

China: Do justice

At the earliest in 2019, in the Industrial People's Court No. 2 of Shanghai, the first in the history of jurisprudence was officially sent to Yogo Honor judging "System 206". For an hour I will look at the special resolutions of the monitor SHI vivodiv all dans, selected for the hour of the meeting, and also shifting the text showing the posit, the presentation of those testimonies that the judge, the prosecutor and the lawyer were receiving. The technology, learned for an hour to look at the information about the robbery and vbivstvo, accurately translated the sounds into symbols and without a pompous increase in the form of a positive and a response. "Wanting a folding bullet on the right," System 206 "presented a proof all-in-one і zrazumіlo", - the representatives commented to the court on the robot of the electronic assistant.

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