The waybill of the car: why you need to issue and in what cases

After the entry into force of the Government Decree No. 567 of June 2, 2015 on amending Federal Law No. 40 "On OSAGO", car owners were able to issue electronic OSAGO policies. Over the past year and a half - until January 1, 2017, many insurance companies resisted this innovation, refusing to sell OSAGO policies in electronic form and citing "technical reasons". Thus, they forced to purchase policies directly in the offices of companies, where insurance employees could impose additional services. From January 1, 2021, at the request of the Central Bank, all insurance companies were unconditionally obliged to provide the opportunity to purchase electronic MTPL on the websites of insurers.

In this article we will consider what constitutes an electronic OSAGO; what are its advantages, disadvantages and differences from a paper certificate; how to use it on the road and whether you need to carry it with you.

What is an electronic OSAGO policy?

An electronic MTPL (compulsory motor third party liability insurance) is a policy drawn up via the Internet and being an analogue of a paper document.

This insurance has a number of features:

  • has the same legal force as the policy received in person at the office of the insurance company;
  • to receive the same package of documents is required as when issuing a paper option;
  • simple requirements for submitting an application;
  • the insurance comes by e-mail immediately after the successful transfer of funds to the insurer's account.

Important: the only difference from the paper version is that the electronic document is not printed on a special form with a state sign.

Note: OSAGO is successfully issued in many insurance companies of the country, starting from July 01, 2015.

What does an electronic policy look like?

In appearance, electronic insurance practically does not differ from the policy received at the office of the companies.

This document displays:

  • series and number;
  • name of the insurance company in which the document was drawn up;
  • validity period;
  • surname, name and patronymic of the insured person;

Shows the full name of the person who owns the vehicle.

Electronic CTP policy - how to issue and how it looks

Is there a penalty for driving without PTS

At the same time, the question “is it possible to drive without a PTS” at legal and automotive forums with striking frequency. In this article, we will consider in detail what a PTS is, what is the procedure for its registration, what controversial situations when driving without it can arise, and we will give useful recommendations. Experienced motorists recommend not to write "stolen", because until the criminal case is closed, you will not be given a duplicate of the title. The car is inspected, and the owner receives a vehicle passport in which Fr.


  • 05. 8.018 /

Is it possible to drive without a Title Deed if it has not been issued? A direct prohibition is spelled out in clause of the Regulation on PTS, which states that the presence of a properly issued PTS is a prerequisite for registering a car and its admission to road traffic. A copy of the PTS issued at a car dealership when buying a new car to temporarily replace the original that has not arrived from the car cannot serve as a replacement for the original PTS, the car cannot be registered with it.

And driving a car that is not registered in the prescribed manner, the driver violates the traffic rules of the Russian Federation and will be punished under articles of the "Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses" dated 30. 2. 001 N 195-FZ (ed.

Is it possible to make insurance by TCP

However, this opinion is erroneous. The insured and the owner are different persons under OSAGO when making out a policy. In the form itself, 2 separate columns are allocated for them. This means that another person can issue OSAGO without an owner. It can be any driver allowed to drive a car. Thus, the presence of the owner when registering OSAGO is not obligatory at all. However, his name fits into the car insurance policy. The insured person becomes the person who entered into the OSAGO contract and, accordingly, made the payment. He automatically becomes a driver included in the car insurance policy, that is, he is covered by insurance coverage. For the owner of a car, when registering OSAGO not for the owner, it is not necessary to fit into the policy as a driver.

To register a vehicle with the traffic police, you must first undergo a technical inspection - get a diagnostic card (vehicles under 3 years old do not need this!), and then issue an OSAGO insurance policy (Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance )!

Documents for registration of OSAGO

In order to issue an OSAGO policy, you, of course, will have to provide your insurance company with a certain list of documents.

At their discretion, car owners can issue an E-OSAGO policy without leaving home. Such insurance is sent electronically and is legally binding.

From January 1, 2021, the rules for filling out travel tickets have changed. The cases in which it is needed have expanded. In the article, we will tell you when you need a waybill and how to correctly issue it according to the new rules.

  • What is a waybill and what is it for
  • When and for how long the waybill is filled in
  • In what cases it is possible not to fill out waybill
  • Rules for filling out waybills
  • Who controls the waybill availability
  • Fines for missing waybills
  • Major changes about waybills in 2021

What is a waybill and what is it for

A waybill is a document of accounting and control of the vehicle and driver's operation.

The law prohibits the transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo by vehicles without a waybill (Federal Law of 08.1007 N 259-FZ).

The waybill is one of the mandatory documents that the driver of a corporate car must have with him. This obligation is spelled out in clause 2.. Road traffic regulations.

From January 1, 2021, a waybill must be issued for each vehicle of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, and not only for those that carry goods, passengers and luggage. This rule was introduced by order of the Ministry of Transport N 368 of 11.9020.

Waybill - the main document confirming the actual consumption of fuels and lubricants for production purposes. The cost of spent fuel and lubricants is included in expenses by type of activity or as part of other expenses.

Also, the waybill can be used as a primary document to confirm the fact of the provision of services and their volume, if this is specified in the contract.

Design in С

The waybill is the most important document for monitoring and recording the operation of a vehicle and a driver. For the purposes of accounting and tax accounting, the voucher confirms the costs of wages for the driver and fuel and lubricants. In 1C programs, waybills are not automatically calculated and not issued, with the help of other tools, the cost of fuels and lubricants is recorded:

  • According to advance reports (issuing cash to the accountable person - preparing an advance report - returning cash to the cashier - writing off the cost of fuels and lubricants).
  • By coupons (purchase of coupons - issuance of coupons - accounting of used coupons - write-off of expenses for fuels and lubricants).
  • For fuel cards (posting a fuel card - posting gasoline received on a fuel card - writing off the cost of fuels and lubricants).

The final write-off of gasoline and other fuels and lubricants is drawn up in the same way for all options for accounting for fuels and lubricants with the document "Requirement-waybill".

CTC replacement Methods for obtaining a duplicate CTC

After losing the vehicle certificate, the owner will need to contact the local GIDD office to obtain a duplicate STS. Thanks to the adoption of the new regulations, now obtaining a duplicate takes a minimum of time. The owner can receive a duplicate of the STS within one day if he has no problems with documents and cars. There are several ways to restore a car license:

  • The first way is to register on the State Services website and fill out a special application with a request to replace the certificate with a means of transport. Through this portal, the car owner can make an appointment with the traffic police inspector at any time convenient for him. After entering all the necessary data, the car owner will receive information about whether his request was accepted or whether he was denied services. At the appointed time in the traffic police, the owner of the car hands over all the documents to the inspector. Within an hour after that, a new certificate for his vehicle is transferred to the owner of the car. The state fee for issuing a certificate must be paid before contacting the traffic police department. It is best to do this in any branch of Sberbank, since the employees of this banking organization have all the necessary details.
  • The second way is to immediately contact the traffic police located at the place of registration of the car. Here, in the registration window, you must submit the entire package of documents, including the payment of the state fee. The certificate will be ready within an hour.

The difference between the two methods of obtaining evidence is only in the waiting time. If, when registering through public services, the owner is assigned a specific time, and he does not expect to receive more than fifteen minutes, then when submitting documents in the order of a general queue, such a wait may take several hours.

When drawing up a statement, do not write that the reason for the loss of the certificate is its theft. Then the traffic police will require you to submit a certificate from the police confirming that a criminal case was opened for this circumstance and that it was closed at the time of submission of the documents. The consideration of the case may take several months, and driving without a certificate is not allowed.

Lost STS (registration certificate) - how to recover?

Mandatory documents that must be issued for the car

The documents for the car are STS, SORTS, which must be drawn up. But there are situations when the driver loses his license to the car. What action should the driver take in this situation? This article will tell you what to do if you lose your TCP. It will also tell you in detail how to restore the STS to the car.

It is important to remember that STS is not a registration certificate, but another document. Its loss will certainly lead to many problems, up to fines and arrest.

When is it necessary to restore the STS

How to return the STS

You can restore your rights at the traffic police department that registers cars. This department is called MREO. The request should be made by the organization that is closest to the place where the driver is registered. The main and only reason for refusal is considered to be an appeal to an organization outside the place of residence.

MTPL policy is an insurance document necessary for motorists, which can be purchased from a private insurance company or from large associations such as Rosgosstrakh or RSA. You have to pay for the purchase and renewal of OSAGO, which some citizens try to get around by presenting fake documents as the original. Fraudsters are also capable of making an exact copy of a weakly protected policy of the 2015 model for other purposes. To avoid this, innovations were introduced in 2021 and 2021. Two new samples were created at once: electronic and updated paper, with a pink tint.

According to official comments, the innovation was carried out in order to stop the constant forgery of old policies of the 2015 model. The new form will be much more difficult to forge. According to the assurances of the official representatives of the designers of the new form, the scammers will be able to establish a fake algorithm no earlier than in two years. During this time, it is planned to completely transfer the insurance document to an electronic medium.

What is the difference between the two updated versions and the old one, what are the methods of obtaining them? And why was the old sample unprotected? More details below.

MTPL policy what it looks like

The general characteristics of the policy are justified by the fact that it is issued by the state, engaged in the field of printing and other important documents. Therefore, approximately the same security technologies and design fundamentals are used as for paper bills.

The main general properties of the form are:

  • Special paper weight. It is covered with a micro-mesh and has a light green color that is easy to perceive. The ornament protects the background field from counterfeiting.
  • Embossed with relief is available, namely - embossing in the area of ​​the serial number, which also protects against counterfeiting.
  • Protective stripes and fibers are embedded in the sheet. The main device is a metal sputtered strip. It is applied on both sides of the policy.
  • Watermarks can be found in the body of the letterhead. They are presented in the form of an emblem of the basis of the insurance.
  • Still, the most important difference between a policy is its size. The body is 1-2 cm larger than a standard A4 sheet. This makes it easy to distinguish a fake.

The design of the 2015 sample is soft, nothing distracts from the content. In general, an insurance policy consists of two main parts:

  • "body" of the policy, protective background application;
  • the content of the document, that is, the filling area with all stamps, numbers and data.

The fill area has remained unchanged for some time, despite modifications. In 2021, it has not changed. Its main quality lies in its simple design, which is convenient for filling out and reviewing all the written information. Visually, the policy is divided into several zones, namely:

  • Hat.
  • Items listing fields.
  • Sight area.

Each of the areas is divided into subspecies. So, the header contains a stamp, serial number and other information fields.

Header content

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