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Link to Hydra site mirror - hydra2web. m

Link to Hydra via Tor: hydrarulqno4hoio. nion

Link to Hydra site mirror - hydra2web. m

Link to Hydra via Tor: hydrarulqno4hoio. nion

Dark side of the Internet, Darknet, Deep Web - there are many names, but the essence is the same. Behind them lie those web resources that are difficult to open through the Chrome browser (and the like) and are almost impossible to find using Google, Yandex and other search engines. Sounds scary and intriguing at the same time, doesn't it? Many people download Thor in order to get there. But not everyone understands what needs to be done for this. So let's figure out how to enter the Darknet through Tor.


In reality, you can find anything on the "dark side". But the sites hosted there do not have to be any illegal or unethical, although such, of course, are present. It only takes two things from the user to get there:

That is, you don't need to perform any secret manipulations, entering multi-page code and other strange actions. In this article, we will first analyze the procedure for installing an anonymous browser, and then the methods for finding hidden resources.

Step: Install Tor Browser

To get to the dark side of the Internet, you need to use a dedicated browser. In principle, you can configure some conditional Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for these purposes. But Thor will be much easier and safer. To install it, follow these steps:

Step: Find Hidden Internet Sites

Now you have everything you need to access the Dark Web. Links to relevant Internet resources are as follows:

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A suburban area is the dream of many Russians. The demand for plots increased with the onset of quarantine, but not all city dwellers know how to properly care for a house and improve the local area. We will tell you what to do and in what order. Recommendations will help save not only time, but money.

Where to start landscaping?

The first thing to start with is the zoning of the territory, which will make it possible to highlight the functional areas. During zoning, you need to carry out road and path markings, which will connect different locations. Draw a diagram of the site, discuss the placement of locations with family members. It is necessary to create areas for reading, games, sports, barbecuing, because each family member will do what they love. You will need a place for joint recreation, for example, for tea drinking in the shade of perennial trees. Do not forget about the entrance and parking areas, as well as flower beds and front gardens.

Consider cut-off when planning. For example, front gardens, a vegetable garden, a garden and a playground for children should be located in well-lit areas. In the summer season, the sun's rays should warm up the locations for at least 16 hours.

Track layout

An important part of the improvement is the system of paths and paths. They should be divided into main and auxiliary ones. The paths are the main paths leading from the entrance of the house to the site and back, the paths are auxiliary, along them you can get to the site, to the bathhouse or to the barbecue area. It is worth highlighting the walking paths that will lead home owners and their guests to decorative objects.

An important role is played by the width of the path, which should be 0.8-1 m, which depends on the area of ​​the site. For the arrangement of paths, crushed stone, paving slabs and other materials are used. The most popular are clinker bricks, natural stone and artificial paving stones, made in different shades. When choosing color solutions, you need to focus on the materials used in the construction of the basement and the arrangement of the facade. The ideal solution is to create paths and paths, the color and texture of which resonate with the materials of the fence, basement.

If you need to focus on the garden, then for paths and a fence you should choose materials in a neutral scale: gray, the color of the rainy sky. The paths and the fence are complementary to both the landscape and the elements, so they should not be too bright. It is better to place accents with plants and small architectural forms.

When can I start gardening?

The garden is decorated after the zoning of the site. Small architectural forms are used for decoration, as well as various plants. The first stage is the paving of the paths. Then the placement of architectural forms is carried out - these are gazebos, arches, tables, miniature playgrounds and towns, swings, fountains and everything that will decorate and increase the functionality of landscape design.

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