Swelling of the hands in the morning cause

The article was prepared by a specialist for informational purposes only. We urge you not to self-medicate. When the first symptoms appear, see your doctor.

Swelling of the hands is most often a sign of a serious illness. They never appear without reason. If you notice that your hands and fingers are swollen, this indicates that there are some malfunctions in the work of certain organs in your body: heart, kidneys, liver, etc. As soon as you notice edema, do not ignore it, be sure to ask your doctor for questions, he should identify the cause of their appearance.

The most common manifestation of edema is in the morning, it is at this time of day that they are easiest to notice. This happens due to the fact that the liquid you consume during the day does not have time to be completely excreted from the body and accumulates in the soft tissues of the limbs, and also affects the work of vital organs.


Hand edema symptoms

The earliest symptoms of hand edema are swollen fingers. This can be seen with the naked eye, it is enough to compare it with any hand of another person. You can also conduct a simple test: if you press your thumb on the swollen tissue in the area where the bone is supposed to be located, then after the finger is removed, you will notice a significant depression, a fossa that will not disappear so quickly.

If this is a common edema, then after sleep it goes away within a few hours and does not affect the patient's condition in any way. You should consult your doctor even if it does not bother you and does not interfere with your usual way of life.

If the swelling of the hands does not go away until the evening, this indicates that some organ cannot fully cope with its work. If the internal organs do not work properly, the hands can swell not only in the morning, but also in the late afternoon, at night during sleep.

Swelling in the hands it is very easy to see if you are wearing rings. Jewelry will be very difficult to remove or impossible to put on.

Causes of hand swelling

The most common reason your hands swell a little in the morning is drinking too much fluids just before bed. The amount of food eaten, alcohol consumed, the general state of human health and the work of his internal organs also affect. The swelling of the hands may go away within a few hours after waking up. However, some edema may not go away for several days or even weeks. The so-called "constant symptom" of swollen hands can indicate the presence of obvious serious or even severe human diseases, as well as a complication or exacerbation of any disease that was before. There are also swelling that can only be relieved by taking diuretics.

Often, swelling of the hands occurs in women during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester and just before childbirth. This is due to the fact that some bacteria or microbes, through a small wound, cut or abrasion, penetrate under the top layer of the skin. With such an infection, the place of swelling, when pressed, responds with severe pain, possibly an increase in body temperature up to 38-40 ° C, dizziness and severe headache. Such edema occurs quite rarely and most often it affects pregnant women, whose immunity is too weakened and unable to resist even the simplest infection, as well as when a woman suffers serious injuries. In no case should any inflammatory process be left to chance, it should be immediately shown to a doctor and immediate treatment should be started, otherwise it may spread to other soft tissues, thereby increasing the swollen area.

Here are some factors that explain the cause of swelling of the phalanx of the fingers and what to do if you encounter this:

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