Sponge cake with Charlotte cream step by step recipe with photo

February 28 was always greeted with joy: the last day of winter - spring is on the doorstep. On this occasion, they organized holidays, festivities. It was customary to set a rich table and see off the winter with hooting and whistling. And all in order for her to understand - she is no longer welcome, and did not even think to return.

In the omens for February 28, there is one not very good one - they say that today it is not worth making plans for the future and no new business should be started. It is believed that the end of winter is not the best time for new projects - they may not be successful.

Today is a great day for divination and fortune-telling. According to legend, fortune-telling is the most truthful today and it is possible to predict your future with accuracy. (You can read about different fortune-telling here)

Today, according to the church calendar, is the day of St. Onesimus, who was also called Onesimos the Shepherd, as he is considered the patron saint of shepherds. On this day, it was customary to bewitch in order for the sheep to be numerous, healthy, and give thick and white yarn. They conjured the starry sky so that the sheep would lamb well and without loss in the spring.

And if a child was born on that day, then in order for him to be happy, it is advisable to give him little things made of sheepskin or goat down. According to signs, this will bring him good luck.

Signs for the weather in February

According to popular beliefs, it is usually frosty today. They say that this winter does not want to go away and so tries to intimidate. But this frost is no longer as severe as it is in real winter. In Russia they said that winter was already "hornless".

There are also signs for today:

  • The wind blows from the east - there will be sandstorms in summer;
  • On February 28, foxes barking in the distance can be heard - wait for the snow;
  • Scarlet sunset portends a severe blizzard;
  • A bright and full moon is visible in the sky - a sign that the cold will not recede yet;
  • Little snow - expect a crop failure.

Interesting today

Today you can join the celebration of Tooth Fairy Day. A beautiful smile has always attracted, and if there is also a sparkling row of white teeth, then we can say that all the fans will immediately be at your feet. For the sake of this, it is worth appealing to the Tooth Fairy - to leave her candy next to the toothbrush for the night as a treat. Well, if you do not believe in all these miracles, then a visit to the dentist is the best way to spend this day.

Reinforcement of a monolithic floor slab with steel reinforcement

How to make a Sponge cake with Charlotte cream with detailed step-by-step photo instructions, see our website - Sponge cake with Charlotte cream is very easy to make at home according to detailed instructions. Here you will find comments and reviews on Charlotte Cream Sponge Cake.


I would like to share my first experience in making cakes.

I did it for my mom for her birthday.

Cream - “Charlotte” (2 types of vanilla and chocolate).

The cake, although with butter cream, turns out to be very delicate and light in taste.

If you have any questions, write and answer.

… age the squirrels

We need 200 g (5-6 eggs, depending on the category). Leave them at room temperature for a day. Small bubbles will appear in the proteins.

Cooking Description

Reinforcement of a monolithic slab with steel reinforcement Usually in stone houses, floors are made of ready-made reinforced concrete blocks. But sometimes it is necessary that a floor slab be made

Types of manicure sets

To choose the type of manicure set, you need to decide which manicure you prefer: classic, hardware, unedged European. There is a general rule, regardless of the type of accessories, - good quality, and therefore the cost increases. If you are not a professional, then it is better to give preference to a set for home use, which will be convenient, will help to avoid damage and injuries to the skin and nail plate.

Pay attention to the material of which the working parts of manicure instruments are made. They should be easy to boil, sterilize. This is important if you are not using the manicure set alone. After, before use, it is necessary to disinfect the instruments, which prevents infection with blood-borne diseases, reduces the risk of infection when inflicting microtrauma on oneself during a manicure.

  • Classic sets allow you to independently manually process the skin of your hands and nails. In most cases, they come in a briefcase or case. The classic manicure set includes: nippers or tweezers, scissors with straight ends, with thin and rounded ends, clipper, nail file, scraper, tweezers, trimmer.

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In addition, they can be travel (includes a minimum number of tools that provide emergency assistance to nails and hands), professional (for use by masters in salons), home (contain many devices for a full-fledged manicure).

  • Electric - the composition includes a portable device with different attachments that bring nails and skin into their proper form. With it, you can remove cuticles, shape nails, polish them, and perform other procedures for a high-quality manicure. Adjustable speed, interchangeable nozzles, special functions allow to achieve high efficiency of the portable device. Electric manicure sets can be home and professional, which differ in power.

Accessories and accessories

The device can consist of the following elements:

  • directly electric unit;
  • a set of nozzles for the manicure device
  • UV lamp for gel polish (not in all models) <
  • fan vacuum cleaner;
  • fragrance compartment (you can fill in eau de parfum);
  • cuticle sticks;
  • case or case for storage;
  • rechargeable battery or batteries.

Important! To perform hardware manicure, one nozzle is not enough - you need a whole set in which each device performs its function. Depending on the cost and manufacturer, the complete set includes from 8 to 15 types of all kinds of attachments and tools.

Consider the purpose of the most popular attachments.

  • Cuticle attachment. Made in the form of a scapula, lifts the cuticle and facilitates its removal. The spatula is rounded, but it should be used with care so as not to cause pain.
  • Roll for cuticle removal. Ideal after using a spatula.
  • Discs for shaping nails. Especially suitable for artificial nails.
  • Large cone nozzle. It is used to treat toenails. Removes rough skin around the nail and calluses on the feet.
  • Medium cone nozzle. It is necessary for the treatment of hardened areas of the epidermis on the fingers, around the nail bed.
  • Small cone. It also erases the rough skin around the nail, only more gently and more precisely. Suitable for problem areas of the skin and damaged nail bed.
  • Soft polishing roller. It is used at the final stage of manicure. Evens out the surface of the nail plate, making it smoother and more shiny.
  • Disc-shaped nozzles. Hard, therefore, effectively remove the keratinized epidermis from the palms and feet.
  • Brushes. As a rule, there are two of them: large and slightly smaller. Used to cleanse nails from dirt and flaking.
  • Cylindrical nozzles that are used for polishing the nail plate. Smooth the surface, smooth the corners of the nail.

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