Shortness of breath on exertion: causes and treatment

Dyspnea on exertion: causes and treatment

There is no disease called "shortness of breath". This is a symptom that can indicate a wide variety of health problems. Sometimes these are harmless factors, but more often they are a signal of serious disturbances in the work of the body, developing pathologies. We will analyze the causes of shortness of breath when walking and physical activity, find out the methods of treatment, and share the working methods of prevention.

Mechanism of shortness of breath

Shortness of breath (dyspnea) is not just a symptom, but a protective reaction of the body. In this way, he is trying to restore, normalize the internal gas exchange. Unlike the development of various diseases, this phenomenon is difficult to miss. The person really feels bad.

  • Oxygen deficiency irritates the respiratory center in the brain. He sends signals.
  • There is a feeling of lack of air.
  • Breathing changes. It becomes frequent, superficial, the lungs do not fully open.

In connection with the appearance of the coronavirus, many people have thought about strengthening the lungs, supplying the body with oxygen. It is sad that only a global problem made us take care of our health. Breathing exercises have become more popular than ever. This is the only way to develop lung strength, get rid of progressive muscle weakness, and restore normal oxygen saturation levels. And more and more often we hear about Marina Korpan. Who is she?

20 years ago, a girl announced the benefits of breathing exercises. The main goal of the training was to lose weight. But people noticed the positive effect of the techniques on the lungs and the whole body. They quit smoking, got rid of shortness of breath, strengthened the pulmonary muscles and felt great. Marina Korpan received a lot of positive feedback. Purposeful, she continued to delve into this topic. Physiologists, professors and doctors of sciences were involved in the work.

  • finally, working methods with proven effectiveness appeared in Russia;
  • the only center in our country was opened where breathing exercises are taught;
  • training video courses, monthly online marathons start for those who cannot practice offline;
  • thousands of people have lost weight, got rid of many health problems, including shortness of breath.

Now the breathing exercises of Marina Korpan are recognized as the most effective in Russia and the CIS countries. The demand for methods is growing, so she does everything possible so that as many people as possible can study them.

When to be alert

The appearance of shortness of breath at the slightest physical exertion or in a calm state is an alarming signal. You should also be alert if a problem suddenly appears while performing persistent actions. For example, a person is used to climbing stairs to the fifth floor or walking to work. He has been doing this for several years. But at some point, breathing becomes difficult, discomfort appears, you need to stop, come to your senses.

Dyspnea when walking and exercising: causes, treatment recommendations, a selection of methods for prevention and health promotion.

How to collect correctly

The technique of making a diamond mosaic is a simple process that delays and at the same time soothes. In my opinion, it even slightly resembles meditation. In order to correctly assemble the mosaic, you must adhere to the following algorithm step by step:

  • The first thing I do is place the canvas on a flat surface.
  • After that I remove the protective film from a small part of the circuit. Having thought in advance what fragment I can upload. For the right-hander, it is best to start laying out from the upper left corner. Thus, during further work, the already finished section will not be damaged by hand.
  • Next, I find the color designation on the image, which I will post first. I determine the designation of flowers according to the scheme of letters and numbers, the number of the package with stones and find it.
  • I pour the rhinestones into the tray and, slightly shaking it, I make them turn their faceted part up.
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  • It is better to finish the area from which the film has been removed immediately, so that the adhesive base does not dry out. Otherwise, the sticky layer may lose its properties, become covered with dust and lose its tack.

Working with large paintings is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to keep a canvas of this size constantly unfolded. In such cases, part of the canvas is left folded and in the process of work unfold the diagram and carefully fold the laid out part.

How to work with protective film

The protective film is designed to protect the glue on which dust can adhere, so you cannot remove it all at once. A new section is opened as the picture is filled.

If the adhesive layer is left open for a long time, it will become covered with lint and dust. Eliminate this problem with a damp cloth, light pressure. When the time comes to work further, you need to check how the rhinestones are glued after cleaning with water. You may need to apply glue to each stone separately. If the adhesive base remains without film for a long time and has dried, you will need a glue gun.

How to lay out a picture with round and square rhinestones

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Process Features

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