Many people ask if they can do brushing with their own hands? We answer - YES! With our wood brushes, you can easily carry out this work yourself.

All kinds of nylon brushes

Brushing is a fascinating process, it allows you to get from an ordinary tree that it is original, exclusive.

It doesn't matter what it will be - furniture, decor elements, boards or even walls of a wooden house, you need a grinder with speed control (angle grinder), or better polishing (UPM), plus properly selected special nylon abrasive brushes on wood.

In order for you to choose the right brush for brushing wood with your own hands, we have written a number of publications on this topic with video materials. All articles are available here:

After reading articles such as "Brushing Aging" and "Wood Grinding Brushes", you will be able to make the right choice. And if you have to prepare a log house for painting, then after reading “Stages of log polishing - cleaning, roughing, finishing” you will find answers to many questions.

Is it difficult to brush wood with your own hands with a brush?

From the point of view of the technological process - easy.

Mastering technology doesn't take long. Everything will work out especially well if the brushes are correctly selected for the task. If you are in doubt about your decision, then do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments to the goods, on the article pages. We will be happy to answer them. You can also ask questions through instant messengers: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram. Professional advice will help you with the correct selection of do-it-yourself brushes for brushing.

In terms of labor costs, the complexity depends on what exactly you plan to brush. It is easier to brush the board than the walls of a log house. And molded products are easier to prepare for painting before installation than after.

Bragging is physical labor. Therefore, it is expensive in the service market, and it is cheaper to do it ourselves.

Therefore, if you have free time, and also have strength in your hands, then with the help of brushes for brushing, you can easily do all the work with your own hands, saving a lot of money.

What do you need for DIY brushing?

Check the price

By March 1, Western media released a series of materials in which they bury the reputation of Amnesty International, defend Navalny, look for ways to put pressure on Russia over Nord Stream and claim that Vladimir Putin personally prepared a coup in Armenia ... And that's not all, the details are in our review.

Navalny was sent to the GULAG

The American business agency Bloomberg, along with other Western media, reports that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been convoyed to a colony near Vladimir. The emphasis in the material is made on the fact that Navalny will serve his sentence "in the most terrible prison in Russia."

The complex, where prisoners are held in barracks and usually engaged in manual labor, is classified as a "red zone" in which the administration controls all aspects of life,

Bloomberg quotes Russian human rights activist Eva Merkacheva, who called the colony "a tough correctional camp with very strict rules." Further, the American agency traditionally gives the floor to the opposition. One of them, Konstantin Kotov, who served a year and a half in this colony, said that he constantly faced “intimidation”.

“Alexei will have a very difficult time. The administration monitors your every step. From the very first day I was subjected to strong psychological pressure, ”Kotov told the Americans.

The agency also spoke with Kotov's lawyer, Maria Eismont. She said that her client was allegedly so broken within a day and a half after arriving at the colony that he voluntarily renounced the right to confidential conversations with her.

"If I wanted to turn Navalny's life into a real hell, I would send him to this colony," Eismont said.

In a word, Bloomberg has no doubts that Navalny was deliberately sent to a colony with a particularly strict regime. Perhaps the oppositionist may even die there, Western journalists cautiously hint to us. This is "American journalism": only oppositionists are given the floor, and from Navalny they continue to make the very "prisoner of conscience", the "reprisal" against whom continues.

Is Putin manipulating AmnestyInternational?

Hill is trying to answer the question of why the international human rights organization Amnesty International refused to consider Alexei Navalny a “prisoner of conscience”. Journalists make the assumption that this was not without a cunning plan, which was allegedly developed by Vladimir Putin, putting the organization under control.

Brushing is a fascinating process, it allows you to get something original and exclusive from an ordinary tree.

Imitation wood on the wall: an unusual element of inventive design

Those who believe that trees have a place in a garden or forest are simply devoid of imagination and creative thought, because a tree on the wall is no less appropriate. This design option is still quite rare, although something similar can be found in old kindergartens. But who said that beauty should be available exclusively to children? Adults also have the right to please themselves a little, especially since you can create a decorative tree on the wall with your own hands. In addition to aesthetic and design goals, such a solution can also perform camouflage functions if the wall is too curved or has been damaged by the hands of a small, but in the future great, designer. The family tree is generally an eternal hit in the design of premises. In the end, such an element of decor is able to introduce something new into an old setting without any extra effort.

How and from what?

Anyone who is even a little friendly with drawing and applique is capable of creating a tree on the wall with his own hands. At the same time, it is advisable to remember that it will be difficult to remove a result that you do not like from the wall without damaging the underlying base, so it is better to first sketch all thoughts on paper - in the form of a sketch. When there is no doubt about the correctness of the chosen path, you can try to implement the following ideas:

    Who said that it is the drawing of a tree on the wall that is meant? It is clear that the contour will be drawn, but no one bothers to add dry branches to the applique for greater naturalness! It is better not to take fresh branches, as they can rot and ruin the whole work.

    Naturally, this is only a small part of the possible materials. Real virtuosos of thought are not limited by anything - they come up with completely original ideas, like scratching out a contour on a wall repeatedly painted in different shades.

    Tricks to improve results

    DIY wood on the wall can be made even more attractive with some simple tips.

    • Don't stop at the tree! Keep creating and around him! Since the finishing touches on the theme of nature, why not add birds or butterflies, flowers or fruits?
    • Many beginners try to achieve perfect symmetry from the created tree, which only makes it worse. There is no such thing in nature, and the asymmetry, even serious, only emphasizes the creative genius of the author.
    • If there is not so much space on the wall, you don't have to draw the whole tree - let there be only some part of it - half, a branch, and so on. The main thing is to think over why this particular part, and not some other, and correctly fit it into the surrounding interior.

    Simple and quick solutions

    Someone may sincerely want a tree on the wall as a decor, but not be able to realize their plans. Some do not have enough elementary artistic skills for this, others are not ready to overcome their own laziness, because creating a masterpiece will require a lot of time and effort. In the modern world, it is customary to take care of consumers, and this case is no exception.

    The first option is vinyl decals. They are sold in large hardware stores, allow you to choose for every taste and color, and most importantly - they are glued literally instantly. It should also be noted that they can be wiped with a damp cloth without harm to the image, and if the tree gets tired, the sticker is simply removed, and the wall takes on its original appearance.

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