Rubber mallets; characteristics, selection criteria

Parks, museums, libraries and cultural centers have prepared a program of various activities for children this week. Participants will be able, for example, to take a virtual trip to the British Museum and make gifts for mothers by March 8th.

Workshops: macrame and stained glass painting

A master class on plasticineography "Flowers are the smile of spring" will be held at the cultural center "Mitino" on March 1 at 15:00. To learn how to paint stained-glass windows, you can come to the Moscow Multifunctional Cultural Center. There, on March 2 at 10:30 am, novice artists will start painting on glass.

At home, you can watch online the master class "Small match", which was prepared by the staff of the library № 191. The informative online program is dedicated to the International Day of Matches. Children will be told about fire safety rules. The lesson will be published on March 2 at 12:00 on the official Facebook page of the reading room.

A master class on artistic painting (this time on wood) was prepared by the cultural center "Zelenograd". Lesson "Forest violet" will be held on March 2 at 14:00.

The Khodynskoye Pole Park staff will teach the knotted weaving technique. For an online lesson, you will need threads, scissors, beads and an element where the feather will hang. Macrame will be weaving on March 6 at 12:00, the video tutorial will be published on the park's pages in the social networks Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook.

Performances: "Telegram" and farewell to winter

Library No. 5 named after M. Voloshin invites you to a festive performance dedicated to the end of winter. The performance "Journey into Winter" begins on March 1 at 10:00.

Employees of Tagansky Park invite you to the performance "Telegram" - it will be held in the format of a nostalgic tea party. Sitting at the table, the artists will tell about a very difficult and controversial era in the life of the country and one family. The plot is based on a play by Oleg Mikhailov. The performance will take place on March 5 at 19:30. Pre-registration required.

Exhibitions: British Museum and Falcon Training

The Sokolniki Park Museum invites you to watch a series of short videos about its exhibits. In the first issue, the staff will tell you about the wabik - a special device for training falcons and other hunting birds. This will be the first release of the new #museumparkonline column. The video will be available on March 2 at 14:00 on the pages of the park in the social networks "Instagram", "VKontakte" and "Facebook".

The staff of Library No. 195 offers to go on an exciting interactive journey through the halls of the British Museum in London. Virtual excursion “Museums of the World. British Museum (London) "will begin on March 3 at 18:00 on the official page of the reading room in the social network" VKontakte ".

The external resemblance of a rubber mallet with a hammer does not mean that tools are used equally. The impact element made of rubber acts on the processed material without damaging its structure.

What it is used for

The main purpose of the tool is to create mechanical stress in cases where blows with an ordinary hammer can harm the material being processed. The mallet has found application in straightening metal sheets, when carrying out roofing work.

I use it when laying paving stones, laying laminate. Using the tapping method, it is possible to fit a piece of masonry to an already laid element. When used for floor or wall tiles, an even distribution of the adhesive mixture under the finish is achieved.

Due to the softened contact with the surface with a rubber hammer, metal parts are formed. For example, body straightening. To increase the degree of impact on the working surface, it is recommended to choose a tool with a wooden head.

It is impossible to describe all the areas of application of the rubber mallet. The device is in demand in private households and large-scale production. It is an irreplaceable thing in the furniture industry. By tapping the parts to be joined, it is possible to achieve the maximum tightness. Carpenters use the tool in combination with a chisel or chisel. Locksmith works are performed with the participation of various machines.

Design and specifications

The mallet is designed primitively. Outwardly, it is similar to a hammer, but the parameters of the striker are slightly increased. The tool is controlled by the handle. It is made from wood, polymer materials and hard rubber. There are also metal handles. The shape of the part is often rounded, but there is also an oval, rectangular one. The last option is not convenient.

When choosing wood, you should take into account the density and hardness of the material. Preference is given to such species as oak, birch, etc.

The striker is the working element of the tool. Other materials are also used for its manufacture. It can be either wood or rubber. The white rubber striker, in contrast to the black analogue, does not leave marks after contact with the working surface. The shape and size depends on the purpose.

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