Romantic places in Kiev: where to go for lovers

Who said that Paris is the only romantic city in the world? Well, in fact, any place where two people love each other instantly becomes beautiful, and the capital of Ukraine is no exception. Romantic places in Kiev are easy to find, and the very first of them is the "Lovers' Bridge".

Basically, the question of finding a romantic place is of interest to foreigners and men from other cities of Ukraine who have found love in its capital. And this is not surprising, because Ukrainian brides are the second most popular choice after Russian girls today for Western men who are tired of overly emancipated countrywomen.

Ukrainian men from other cities are more likely to meet metropolitan girls on social networks. Then communication from messaging flows into telephone conversations. And if these people are still interested in each other and want more, then sooner or later they will definitely want to meet live. A man comes to the capital and is looking for romantic places in Kiev to pleasantly surprise his girlfriend on the first date.

Acquaintance of foreigners with Ukrainian women begins in the same way - online. Men create an account on one of the online dating services. Then they choose the girl they like and start a dialogue with her. If the communication goes well, then sooner or later the man will offer the girl the opportunity to transfer their online relationship to the offline world. And the very first step in this transition is organizing the first offline date.

Since their first offline date is likely to take place in Kiev, you need to know the best places to date in the city. To find them out, check out the list of the most romantic places to socialize and date in Kiev.

Lovers' Bridge

You cannot avoid the Bridge of Lovers when your dates are in Kiev. The Bridge of Lovers is also known as the Bridge of Kisses because legend has it that when two people in love kiss on the bridge, they will never part. It is not surprising that every couple in Kiev will go to this bridge at least once in their life.

The Bridge of Lovers also has a weird but pretty cute tradition of attaching locks to it. To ensure that their love is locked, the lovers write their names on the padlock and then pin it to the bridge. So, while on the Bridge of Lovers, do not be surprised by the large number of castles. It also has ribbons, teddy bears, and thousands of lovers' names carved. Don't try to understand this tradition, but you should try to do the same with your Ukrainian girlfriend.

Mariinsky Park

Regardless of which of the romantic places mentioned in the article you choose, Kiev is full of romantic places. If you do not like walking in parks and are fond of romantic nonsense, you can always choose a more traditional way to spend your first date with a Ukrainian woman.

There are many different restaurants and cozy cafes in the center of Kiev where you can have a pleasant conversation over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It can be useful when you want to get to know each other again - to spend time offline.

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