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Many people do not like to visit doctors. This is especially true for women who are not eager to see a gynecologist. And even if there are unpleasant symptoms of thrush, the woman tries to postpone the visit to the doctor.

However, you should not think that thrush is not too serious. It definitely needs to be treated. The fact is that the fungus without adequate therapy can spread to other organs and parts of the human body. In addition, a married woman can infect her husband with her illness, and this should not be allowed. In this case, taking care of the health of one sexual partner is the key to the safety of the other.

And going to a medical facility is worth it, even if you are busy at work and cannot find time. It is also better to discard the fear of doctors: the disease itself is much more unpleasant.

Candidiasis: symptoms and diagnosis

Of course, thrush can be suspected by well-known indirect symptoms:

  • yeast-like vaginal discharge and foul odor;
  • itching, burning sensation in the affected area;
  • skin redness.

If you have these signs, you should definitely go to the clinic. You need to make sure your assumptions are correct in order to receive quality treatment.

First, the doctor examines the patient. In addition, you should not give up the necessary laboratory tests. Only on the basis of their data can the situation be objectively assessed. Without a diagnosis, the doctor will not be able to choose the appropriate therapy regimen.

However, if a lady suddenly began to worry about unpleasant symptoms, you can start with a home test for thrush.

Everyone knows about pregnancy and ovulation tests, which can be bought at all drugstores and even supermarkets. Similarly, you can check yourself for vaginal candidiasis.

How to understand that you have thrush

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P.S .: @Namegood, Nails are growing back. Proven by a man who damages hundreds of kilos on the edge of his finger. The old one has fallen off, the new one is growing slowly.

There is such a chronic sore in motorcyclists, it is even called (by traumatologists) "motor injury"

This is when you fly from the moza, arms forward, the collarbone breaks and cuts the brachial plexus passing under it.

And then the hand is not arbeiten. It hangs stupidly and becomes thinner over time.

And don't ask how I know this)))

Now I trust typewriters more. )))

at 26 to valhalla. somehow you lived quickly)))

Really. Well her, category A!

Of course, "Everyone fucks his own happiness", but "Smart ones learn from other people's mistakes, fools on their own"

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