Relatives who are weird

While working on your unique style, you can not only change clothes or accessories, but also change the color of your eyes. This can be done today even at home, although no one cancels surgical intervention.

However, all kinds of operations carried out even in modern clinics pose a danger to the body. Therefore, nowadays, lenses are being used more and more often, since they can change the color of the eyes without harm to health.

Before we move on to practice, let's figure out a little what determines the color of the human eye, more precisely, its iris. The presence of one color or another determines the melanin pigment and its amount. With a low content of melanin, the eyes become blue, with moderate - greenish, with an average - gray-blue, with a high - brown.

Method Can the color of the eyes change from food

Let's start with simple and affordable ways. Unfortunately, their effectiveness is extremely low, so before you start with them, you need to understand that you will not be able to completely change the color (only a small tone correction will occur). Some methods can be time consuming and, oddly enough, the person has a tendency to express emotions vividly.

You can start by changing your diet. Certain foods, when consumed regularly, can increase the melanin content.

However, this method is only suitable for those who want to change the color from blue to brown.

So how do you change your eye color? To do this, you need to eat foods: nuts, fish, ginger (affects saturation), olive oil, chamomile tea, onions and green onions, honey.

Dressing Method

Can the eyes change color from certain clothes? Of course, the main thing is to choose the right thing. For example:

  • To make gray eyes appear blue, you need to wear blue, silver and dark gray clothes. In all other cases, it is not possible to radically affect the color of the eyes, but you can emphasize and saturate their shade.
  • If you have green eyes, then wear brown, purple, and crimson clothing.
  • If brown, then yellow, orange or coral.

Is it possible to carry out eye color change at home forever

This geometric one is an incredibly useful folding chair of the former owner of the apartment. My brother has been following him since New Year's holidays. Wanguyu, if I don't take him myself, he will be registered here for a long time. (Pieces of linoleum can come in handy too!)

???? Fasts are sometimes fun. I'll go sweep the trash and also put up a post with a scoop, with the topic - what should be thrown out.

You can put trash in the trash can. If you really need it, you can get it out of there.

Inspired by Life Deferred Syndrome posts

All my relatives and relatives of my husband, due to the peculiarities of the Soviet way of "get what you need and save for later", have by now accumulated wealth (trash) for three generations to come and everyone could not wait until we have our own housing in which all this is very useful. from the acquired: sets for 12 people (what if there are guests) with tureens and tiny bottles for sauces; tea sets; bed linen, cotton and oak one and a half! which I hate since the days of children's camps; stacks of towels; carpets with abstract installations, which in childhood in the dark were terrifying and melancholy; blankets and bedspread; ducklings / gosyatnits, frying pans, sets of German! (in fact, hallowed Chinese) knives; floor / table / wall vases, etc., can be listed until evening. 2 years ago, the long-awaited move to their home took place. And it was here that everyone was surprised that all this rubbish was not particularly needed. In fact, we took only one set from which we use only 2 types of plates (larger and smaller) and a coffee set (that is, coffee lovers and it is purely aesthetically pleasing to drink coffee from a beautiful cup paired with a saucer). And that's all. after all, there is no way to convey to people that they want new things in a new apartment with a good expensive repair, that one and a half bed linen does not fit on a King-size bed, and the presence of an allergy to everything in a husband excludes old carpets - the same age as the 22nd Congress of the CPSU, and vases are generally bad manners in the presence of a 2-year-old cat, which does nothing but tygydyk. the other day I had an exemplary conversation with my grandfather, the guardian of wealth: D: I’ll collect a tea set for you and glasses for vodka, you’ll take home. : no need, the house is full of mugs, but we do not drink vodka, we bought a couple of glasses for wine and whiskey and that's enough for us. : that's just money and spend, there would be no take away from us! Me: well, so you spent on all this junk, why can't I now. : spent! spent a lot! did not use! what would you leave, but you do not need! (offended so). : Well, maybe you didn't need to spend or should you use it? D: well so all things are good, how to use them? they are in the sideboard, for beauty, so you will put it at your place! Me: (the very case when you don't even have a sideboard).

And every visit is the same. And all the same, upon arrival home, in a bag with a jar of jam, you will find a porcelain dish or crystal rosettes for jam ???? ‍♀️

Trash, mother-in-law and dacha

Or a lot of text about how to get lost if there is extra energy.

Although, what am I lying? It all started with the fact that I fell in love with a wonderful man with luggage in the form of a very domineering mother and a family that has a habit of taking everything to the country. That's all. And the dacha in the form of a beautiful flower garden outside and a mouse hole inside arranged for everyone until I gave birth to my youngest daughter - she also became the first granddaughter and the first small child of the family for many years.

This made the family happy, but they didn’t at all correlate in their heads that it is NOT possible to invite a child to rest at the dacha if there is no place for him - there are only narrow passages in the house between furniture, lined with statues, and outside at home - half a flower garden (let him admire! How will it be to walk and tear on them? Let him admire from afar that it is not clear in the year, perhaps, that this line of pebbles denotes the edge of the flower garden and is not allowed there?) constructions: boards, nails, broken glass and so on. A pit with concrete edges, about 2 meters deep, in a ditch near the gate was especially good: in the early years of the dacha's existence, water was taken from there for irrigation. In recent years, there has already been a well, a pump, but does the pit bother anyone?

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