Recipes for coffee liqueurs with vodka, moonshine and alcohol

Lugansk enterprises continue to develop, introducing new products to the market. Thus, in 2020, Press-Express LLC began selling a new type of product: the production of paper cups for coffee, tea and juices was launched. The newspaper "Life of Lugansk" writes about it.

"This is not only the utilization of the enterprise's capacities, but also the solution of environmental problems in the city," said Igor Gursky, Head of the Economy Department of the Luhansk City Administration.

And LLC “Asset Management Company“ VIKO ”, which produces about 180 types of metal-plastic structures, plans to significantly expand production, for which a new workshop was built in 2020.

"I should also note that compared to 2019, production and sales of products have increased by 19%," added Gursky.

He said that the growth in sales of products in 2020 is also noticeable at such enterprises of Lugansk:

  • Prestige - by 11%,
  • Lugansk Prosthetic Center - by 26%,
  • Lokomotiv-Service - by 30%,
  • SV-Spectr - by 8%,
  • Oscar - by 17%,
  • CTC-Center - by 30% %,
  • Rental Service - by 45%.

New workshops of the brewery were built in Lugansk "Luga-nova" increased sales by%

New production lines opened in 2020 at urban food processing plants.

Average salary in the city was announced in Lugansk

The average monthly wage of utilities is only 2.5 times higher than the minimum wage.

Minibuses, which for many years have been the most inconvenient in Lugansk How to solve the problem

“So we live in the capital or on the edge of geography?” - such an ironic question is often asked by the Luhansk people when discussing the problems of passenger transportation.

The production of paper cups for coffee was launched in Lugansk

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How to make lavender coffee or lavender raff? ➤ Simple recipe with step by step photos ✓ Tips and tricks ✓ Ingredients ✓ Calories ✓ Benefits


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The birth of a masterpiece

When and where was the recipe for a drink born, which is much more famous than that of a regular cappuccino? In the nineties of the last century near the Moscow metro station "Kuznetsky Most" hid a small coffee shop "Coffee-Bean". She was distinguished by her work in the American style, foreign guests often went for a cup of espresso or cappuccino. At that difficult time, the owners of the coffee house did not cease to amaze the regulars with the available assortment of an invigorating drink.

After a while, the coffee house acquired regular customers, it was for them a place of comfortable pastime and tasting interesting types of coffee. One of these guys, his name was Raphael, who did not like the local barista's cappuccino, asked him to cook something exotic and unique for him. This is how the unique Raf coffee arose, obtained as a result of whipped espresso with cream and vanilla sugar. The visitor was delighted with the completed order and became a frequent guest of the Coffee Bean. The drink fell in love with Rafael's friends and colleagues, and soon it was named Raf coffee. Surprisingly, raff coffee soon conquered gourmets not only in Moscow and Russia, its fame spread throughout the world.


Coffee with the taste of summer. If you like to experiment, then this coffee is 100% for you.

Nutritional and energy value:

Serving Nutritional Value

Based on your age, weight and activity. It is a reference information.

Natural coffee is an exquisite hot drink made from ground roasted coffee beans.

Coffee is the second most popular drink in Turkey. It is rarely consumed for breakfast. But closer to dinner, during the day and even at night, the Turks drink it with pleasure. The most popular brand for the production of this invigorating drink is Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. You can buy this brand of coffee at any supermarket.

If you want to buy freshly ground coffee, you should go to the Egyptian Bazaar. Not far from it is the Mehmet Efendi store, where coffee beans will be grinded right in front of you. Such coffee is even more aromatic and tastier than its store-bought "brother".

But in addition to the obvious uses of coffee, there are others, which we will talk about in more detail today.

As a face scrub

Many Turkish women scrub their faces with coffee grounds a couple of times a week. Some add lemon juice and black cumin oil to the thick. They say this procedure cleans the face well. I tried it several times. The skin really becomes much softer, but I did not like the yellowish tint that remains on the face after such a peel.

Like hair dye

Now you can find a hair dye for every taste and budget. For those wishing to give up paint with ammonia, there are lines of organic paints. Therefore, fewer and fewer women use coffee to dye their hair, but nevertheless, the recipe is as follows:

Like a hair mask

Others use coffee as a mask. The drink must be brewed and cooled. After that, massage into the hair roots and hold for 20 minutes. They say that such masks prevent hair loss, make them soft and obedient. Five, before use, it is necessary to take into account the individual condition of the hair, because the effect of each may be different.

As a body scrub

As far as I know, coffee wraps are popular not only in Turkey. But coffee is mainly used to combat cellulite and is applied to problem areas. Turkish women are most often rubbed with coffee grounds completely. This supposedly renews the skin and improves blood circulation. There is nothing wrong with this recipe (unless you have allergies or irritations), the skin really becomes softer, I'm not sure about the blood circulation ????

There are many recipes for moonshine tinctures, but moonshine on coffee beans will have a particularly exquisite taste. The tincture can be made at home.

Preparing ingredients

The basis of the tincture is coffee and moonshine, the rest of the ingredients, including sugar and spices, are added to taste or according to the recipe.

The main requirement for moonshine is double distillation and purification with sorbents. The strength of the alcoholic base should range from 50-60%.

For your information: an alcohol solution with a strength of less than 50% does not extract substances well, and alcohol stronger than 60% extracts poorly soluble components from the raw materials, which make the tincture cloudy.

Natural coffee is used, preferably grain. Particular attention is paid to the aroma - varieties of Arabica of medium and strong roast have a rich smell, but it is best to insist moonshine on coffee of your favorite variety.

It is allowed to use ground coffee and even coffee grounds, but the taste and appearance of the tincture will be significantly affected by this.

Cognac tincture on ground coffee beans

For cooking we need:

- 3 liters of moonshine. It is desirable that it be of high strength.

- 1 tablespoon of natural ground coffee.

We take a metal container in which we can boil the future tincture. We put it on a quiet fire and pour out the moonshine. Then we take the coffee beans and grind them. For the astringency of the taste, you can pre-fry them slightly in a pan, and then grind them. If there is no time, we replace it with a purchased natural powder. We put coffee in the moonshine, add sugar and spices. (If there is no clove, a bay leaf is enough). We boil until bubbles appear, which means that the coffee tincture is almost ready. Remove from heat and let stand for a couple of hours. Then we filter through cheesecloth. The drink is ready to drink.

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