Priming and Painting

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Chinese is great. It probably fell from it, probably bent.

In the community, we collect hand-drawn art from the web, mostly digital.

Painting old MDF kitchen facades

We tell in detail and show all the stages of painting kitchen facades from MDF in matte enamel.

The kitchen was in a blue film, the clients decided to repaint it in soft pink.

2.45 - applying an insulator (insulator) primer

4.10 - applying polyester primer

D printing and painting of MG / maxim prefabricated model (:)

Good day, dear public. In this article, I am pleased to present a model of the MG 08/15 (1: 4) machine gun with a detailed description of the process of its manufacture from the moment of conception to 3d printing and painting. These techniques will apply to any of your other print-based work. I would like to emphasize that I am not a professional in any of the designated areas, but I have managed to acquire and work out a certain experience, which I want to share. First of all, the article will be useful for beginners, with whom I will try to speak the same language, but it may also be interesting for experienced modelers who want to evaluate the possibilities of 3d printing applicable to their activities. The latter can also leave recommendations and clarifications in the comments that will help readers and myself.

Priming and Painting

Product Specification

Product Description

Happxuan 8pcs / set DIY sewing kit Children's felt hand toys for puppet theater craft story story animal frog educational girls

Materials: Felt Cloth Packaging: open cell polyurethane bag Product size: 14 * 22cm (5.51 * 8.66 inches) Note: The price quoted is for 8 pieces of dolls.

8 kinds of designs as shown below:

Happyxuan Official Store is a store for over 5 years. Our idea is to offer the best educational toys for kids. We are young, but we want and will do our best. And your voice is the source of our efforts. We believe communication is the best way to solve problems. Please contact us if you have any questions, no matter where you are. For more products, please visit our store at home.

Just search for "Happyxuan" in aliexpress.

We will pack the package properly to make sure you see the best face of the product.

Usually orders will arrive within 3 days (excluding Chinese holidays) with the best shipping method. For orders over US $ 5 by registered airmail, trackable in buyer's country.

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5. After Sales Service & Warranty

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