Gifts for March 8 for auto lady

Many ladies have successfully moved from the passenger seat to the driver's seat. The modern rhythm does not allow you to procrastinate. Therefore, only "mom on wheels" has time everywhere! I myself became the owner of the rights in September 2020, while on maternity leave, I decided to unlearn!

Women's holiday is coming. Many people ask the question: "What will you give a woman on March 8"? Sweets, tulips are a hot commodity. But why not show originality and give something you need. If a woman drives a car, then she will like these gifts! Some can be made by hand! Catch ideas!

Car suspension

Many women love car decoration. Invite your child to make a pendant for mom. You can use polymer clay or airy clay. My daughter and I especially liked the second material. For example, what a cool angel we got from airy plasticine. It remains to attach a string and you can decorate the car! A gift for March 8 to mom can be given in a box with the inscription "Let the guardian angel take care of you on the way."

Of course, it is not necessary to make a gift for March 8 with your own hands. You can buy a ready-made decorative pendant.

Car air freshener

You can make a fragrant sachet for a car with your own hands.

It is only necessary to sew a bag from natural fabric and fill it with aromatic herbs or coffee beans.

If you know how to knit, then decorate the fabric with lace. The embroidery on this sachet looks original and cute.

Car tinting

Do you know that your beloved lady has long wanted to make a car tinting in Moscow? Then feel free to pay her this service as a gift on March 8th. An excellent and necessary present for an item.

You can order high-quality tinting in accordance with GOST here. Stack tinting is not only an opportunity to give a car a special style and make it catchy, but also to protect glass parts from mechanical stress, and the car interior from overheating.

Car tinting at affordable prices in the Auto Aesthetics detailing center. Give your beloved wife, girlfriend, mother, sister a really useful gift for March 8th.

Gifts for March 8 for auto lady

Gosha Bergal

About your favorite film camera

I have Leica M5, Contax 167MT and Pentax 645 in my arsenal. What is important for me: all these cameras have almost no automation - they can be used for full-fledged creative projects. The Leica M5 is the latest M model to be assembled by hand. Since I need a reliable camera, you can call it my favorite.

Around 2013, the hucksters gave a friend of mine Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 for debts, and he gave it to me - he knew that I was engaged in photography. This is a fully manual camera with excellent Carl Zeiss optics. I shot a lot with it, including the Vetements backstage. I had about seven of these cameras because they break. In 2020, I killed three Yashicas and two Contax RTS and RX, freaked out and switched to another system.

About film photography of the year

I know for sure that the film has not left the professional segment anywhere and will not go away in the near future. It's no secret that things were done better, of higher quality, and more reliable before. Optical-mechanical devices are no exception - you can hardly buy a new lens of the same quality as in the 1970s.

I chose film for myself for a number of reasons: material selection, manual film processing, optical printing. In my opinion, this is more like a creative process and makes the author work harder in the laboratory, rather than at the computer.

The trend in film photography is film, which photographers began to use due to the lack of professional film. It is sold in rolls of 120 meters: if for a movie it is 10 minutes of video, then for a photo - several dozen rolls of high-quality film.

Sasha Mademoiselle

About your favorite film cameras

There are two workhorses: the Yashica T5D, which I always carry in my bag, and the Contax G2, a work camera that I often use to shoot events, party reports, and more.