Paint by number BrushMe Mill in Amsterdam (BK-GX29707) 40 x 50 cm (Without box)

Feel like a master of the cityscape! Use painting by numbers and create masterpieces! A mill in Amsterdam will decorate any interior well and give each of your guests the feeling of being at home with a real genius!

Painting Kit Contents:

  • packed in a transparent film;
  • a primed cotton canvas stretched on a wooden stretcher, with applied and numbered contours of the drawing colors;
  • numbered acrylic paints in tightly closed containers (from 14 to 36 colors);
  • brushes (3 pcs.)
  • wall mounts 2 pcs.

Attention! The colors and clarity of the picture may differ from the picture!

You can read more about the packaging here: Article: Painting by numbers

Before shipping, we check the complete set of each coloring. You can safely buy a painting by numbers in our online store.

Tips for color by number.

  • Start with large areas and gradually move to small areas that are more difficult to paint.
  • Fill all areas with the same color first, going from large areas to small ones. Start at the top and work your way down
  • Try to control the brush to fill areas neatly and not go over the edges.
  • Always close the paint cans after painting, otherwise the paint may dry out.

You can read more tips and tricks here: Article: Drawing Instructions

For the most curious

For our curious clients, we have prepared several interesting articles: The history of the development of paintings by numbers, as well as the process of creating paintings by numbers on the example of the Menglei factory.

The history of the development of paintings by numbers.

The category of DIY products (“do it yourself”) appeared on the market for a long time, and initially specialized in cross stitching (embroidery kits and related products). In the 50s, a new kind of DIY appeared in the USA - painting-by-numbers - and began to rapidly gain popularity. Today, coloring by numbers is a new kind of creativity and a way of self-expression. And a part of it may appear in your house in the near future! :)

Paint by number BrushMe Mill in Amsterdam (BK-GX29707) 40 x 50 cm (Without box)

The buyer is the first to get in touch within 3 days. Payment for the purchase is 5 days.

For sale Discs, cassettes - boxes, printing is not evaluated. (See the detailed description of the lot)

METALHEART - Replicants Rampage CD PC Game

Metalheart: Replicants Rampage - the story begins on a mysterious planet where a rescue capsule crashes. Inside were our two main characters - the pilot of the spaceship Sheris and Captain Lantan, who miraculously managed to escape death as a result of malfunctions on board the ship. As it soon becomes clear, the place where the shuttle landed is a distant planet called Procyon.

It is here, according to the information, that there are huge reserves of an expensive mineral called Tactonium. However, all the resources in this area are under the strict control of the powerful Empire, which keeps all the inhabitants of the nearby lands in fear. They don't give a damn who you are or what race you belong to! Insubordination here is equated with a death sentence, which will be immediately carried out! The only way to survive in such ruthless conditions and return home is to organize an uprising against the regime, which, nevertheless, is ready to make any sacrifices in order to preserve its despotic power.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP Pentium III 1000MHz, 256 MB. RAM 32 MB. DirectX 8-compatible 3D graphics card (GeForce 2 and higher) 2. GB of hard disk space DirectX-compatible sound card 24x CD-ROM, keyboard, mouse DirectX 9. c

In the fantasy world, heroes are usually born in a deep forest of rotten leaves. Here we have science fiction, not to say - cyberpunk; it means that the heroes will fall from the sky, having smashed the shuttle from the ditched ship on the deserted soil.

In general, the same thing - but how it sounds!

Metalheart is a classic role-playing game, without any action elements, with turn-based battles. The game system is quite simple and will not cause serious difficulties.

From the very beginning, we have two heroes - Lantan and Sheris. We can develop them as we please, and from time to time someone else will join us.

The action takes place in a cyberpunk world full of cyborgs and implants, but. for some reason it looks much more like post-nuclear, as you know where.

Role system

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