On the other side of the mirror

Fire. Fire. The flames burn, it is hard to breathe, everything around is clouded with acrid smoke. And suddenly a heart-rending child's cry is heard very close by ...

Maxim woke up in a cold sweat and coughed. Sitting down on the bed, he dropped his head exhaustedly onto trembling hands. Lately he has been haunted by the same nightmare. The brain over and over again pulls out more and more new images from the depths of the subconscious, not allowing to forget the past. Memories come in separate episodes.

After graduating from school, Maxim goes to conquer the regional center. It didn't work out. After graduating from college, he went to serve as a conscript, and then returned to his small homeland and got a job in a peasant farm as a tractor driver. Then he met Anya - a modest and smiling brunette. She also worked as a milking machine operator on the same farm after graduating from college. It started, it started spinning. Meetings, walks until late, then weddings. The head of the farm was the former pre-soviet, which in the nineties got into the right stream and took the former state farm into its property. The farm brought in a good income, people held on to work. And the leader, in turn, did not forget the workers. He also helped Maxim and Anya. We completed the documents, built a house according to the program, and immediately after the housewarming party, Anya became pregnant. Maxim was in seventh heaven with happiness, and when the twins Cyrus and Sonya were born, he seemed ready to turn the earth over. They did not live well, but all the best for the children. There were problems with the furniture, but they were also resolved. Ani's mother bothered, and after the death of her sister (Anya's aunt), simple property was transported to the young. Old oak furniture, they don't make it now. Anya was especially impressed by the trellis. A huge mirror that immediately found its place in the master's bedroom. At first, Maxim did not notice anything strange, but over time, changes in Ani's behavior became noticeable. From a modest girl, Anya turned into a self-confident woman, began to paint, use perfume. Before going to bed, she brushed her thick hair for a long time while sitting in front of the mirror in the bedroom. Falling asleep Maxim, as if he heard Anya talking to her reflection. Time passed, Anya began to disappear and leave home for a long time. Children to grandmother, and she herself on business. Maxim worked a lot, and therefore at first did not notice her absence. But when at work behind his back the men began to whisper that Anka was cheating on him, he could not restrain himself. Ripped home, made a scandal at home. Anya denied everything, but in her eyes he noticed a sparkle. We made up, and felt sorry for the children. Maxim became irritable, began to control his wife. The change in her behavior became more dramatic. Conversations at night with their own reflection have become the norm, grandmother is constantly with the children, plus all the icons have disappeared from the house. One early morning, Anya did not return from her morning milking. Maxim hastily dressed and rushed into the barn, fortunately it was 15 minutes to go to him. The twins slept peacefully in their beds. Anya was not in the barn. How the shift ended left! - said her colleagues. With chaotic thoughts, Maxim returned home, and there was a fire! Firefighters arrived, but they could not save the children ... As Anya later said, whom Maxim had pulled out from under another lover - They prevented me from living! And in the eyes there is still the same unnatural shine ...

Of the furniture, only the trellis survived the fire, which moved into the house of Anya and her next roommate. Maxim poured wine in his grief, he was fired from his job ...

And now, after years of alcoholic oblivion, he was brought back to reality by the recurring nightmare. Gradually, the realization came to Maxim that it was not his Anya, but some kind of ancient evil entity that had escaped from the ancient mirror. I used Anya as a shell. And the only thing he can do is destroy the ancient evil. Hands in the dark felt a pack of cigarettes, Maxim lit a cigarette looking out the window. It's time.

On a warm summer night, a maiden figure in a long blue dress flutters along a rural road. Behind was the hubbub of a rural disco, only a dirt road illuminated by the dim light of lanterns. The girl walks alone, proud of herself - she turned off all the boyfriends, they will know! Suddenly there were footsteps behind her, the girl turned sharply, and immediately someone splashed some liquid in her face. Acid! - flashed through her head, but the smell of gasoline hit her nose. Immediately the girl heard the click of a lighter, and in a second her body was pierced by unbearable pain, she screamed and fell on the road ...

The district attorney's office was noisy. The assembled company represented by the prosecutor proper, the head of the ROVD, the head of the criminal executive inspection and the head of the fire department. Those gathered argued, smoked a lot.

- How did it happen that our convict walks around freely, so he also commits a relapse! - exclaimed the prosecutor.

The head of the criminal executive inspectorate rubbed sweat from his forehead, took out a sheet with a prepared speech and began to read out monotonously:

- Citizen I. Maxim Petrovich, born in 1976, killed three people in a socially dangerous way. The accused was diagnosed with a mental disorder, as a result of which, after a forensic psychiatric examination, he was sent for compulsory treatment in a specialized medical institution. After six years, by the medical commission, he was recognized as not dangerous to society and was transferred to a regular medical institution for treatment. And there, accordingly, the order is softer, you can go out into the city for a walk. So he fled to his native village ...

- That is, a maniac who burned his wife and two children alive six years ago, suddenly became not dangerous to society! I calmly returned home and killed an innocent woman, - the head of the ROVD was indignant.

I remember how we detained him then, six years ago, - the policeman continued, - wild eyes, incoherent speech, he kept repeating about some hellish mirror that made him do it.

- There, by the way, the mirror survived the fire, an old oak one, - the fire chief joined the conversation.

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