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Veles has been the most revered god in the Vedic pantheon of Russia since ancient times. He is the patron between the worlds - both Nav and Reality are subject to him, he is also called the "Prophetic", "Wise", because in the three worlds he manifests his strength, he who cognized the light of Rule and the darkness of Navi, set the energy of the world in motion, carrying out the rotation of the Universe, he A permanent guard on the border of the worlds, a spiritual mentor, leading the path of Rule, he knows all the secrets of the universe.

God Veles: description

He has many hypostases: he appears as the god of wisdom, the patron saint of the Magi, as along the Path of spiritual self-improvement accompanying seekers of truth in the world of Revelation, as a wizard god, the leader of sorcerers and wizards, as a cattle god, the lord of the animal world, as the god Navi, the guardian of the gates of the otherworld, accompanying souls, making the transition between the worlds, and also as the god of prosperity, the patron saint of service spirits, the lord of the underworld and the depths of the sea. God Veles is the personification of diligence and diligence in doing good deeds, wisdom, confidence, steadfastness, the ability to be responsible for everything said and done.

What God Veles is responsible for

God Veles appears in his various hypostases (aspects).

Veles - the god of wisdom

Veles appears as the god of wisdom, the messenger of the gods, who gives and patronizes the magi and priests, who grants and protects the magi and priests, who have comprehended the truth of being, who know wisdom, who compose poems about the past, about the all-powerful gods, about the ancestors of the wise; to the Vedunam, the word of divine wisdom to those who flow; storytellers and soothsayers, the descendants of knowledge transmitting in "blasphemers", about the bygone times and the past glorious deeds of the ancestors narrating; as well as Pobudam (Budai), who are the teachers of all teachers, the wisest among the wise, the enlightened "impetus" of the will in man.

Veles is the son of the ancestor Rod. So, the god Rod gave birth by his will to the creation of the god Svarog, to love - Lada-mother, and to knowledge - Veles the wise.

Veles is a spiritual mentor, leading along the Path of spiritual development of all those striving for enlightenment, accompanying on the path of comprehending the eternal truths of life, and as a wise teacher of all those striving for truth on the Path of self-knowledge, he leads the path of Rule. The Path of Rule is the path leading to the insight of the truth, life in accordance with the divine Vedic law, life in truth, in conscience - all who have embarked on the Path of spiritual development follow it. The Wise Teaches people how to pave their way in life from falsehood to truth, from darkness to light.

He is in charge of the field of art, poetry. All poets, singers under the auspices of the Prophetic Veles are called "Veles' grandchildren". So, in "The Lay of Igor's Regiment" Boyan is a prophetic storyteller, he is called "the grandson of Velesov" ("prophetic Boyane, Velesov vnuche"). In this aspect, the power of Veles is manifested in the world of Pravi.

In the triad of the gods that there is a trinity of divine forces in various manifestations in the worlds of Prav, Yavi and Navi - Svarog, Perun, Veles, - he appears as a force leading and guiding the human consciousness from worldly limitations to the path of the spiritual self-knowledge. In fact, similar to the Vedic Trimurti - Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva - the Triglav of the Slavic Vedic tradition also personifies the forces of creation, preservation and destruction. And here Veles's power is manifested in the aspect that destroys obstacles on the Path, for a person, incarnated in the world of Reality, bound by the fetters of a materialistic worldview, must go through certain lessons in order to comprehend the essence of being, and come to the true "I" - on this Path and accompanies Veles of every seeker of truth leads to the perception of the unity of everything in the world.

The crown taught us how to wash our hands. It is also necessary to teach some people how to wash their feet.

"We are told to wash our hands more often for our own safety. We would be happy, but"

Covid sneaked up unnoticed

I will keep a diary as a medic is sick with covid.

I work as a medical assistant in a polyclinic in Minsk. There was a darkness of contacts with covids, I passed smears, everything was negative. But! Fate has brought me a gift.

And so. On 9 mom, I broke the fifth metatarsal bone with displacement of the fragments. And so is the base of the fifth metatarsal bone. There was an open reposition of the fragments. We put in two knitting needles. On May 15, I was discharged home. I felt good for almost a week. Apart from a sore leg

But three days ago, I felt unimportant. The temperature rose sharply to 38 ° C. Severe body aches appeared. Even the skin ached. Violent chills. Yesterday the condition was the same as on the first day of the onset of symptoms.

Today is the third day. I thought I was going to die. The temperature does not go astray. Cold clammy sweat appeared. Headache. The wildest weakness. Shakes everything. It became hard to breathe. It hurts to breathe in as it burns with fire. In hysterics, she called the ambulance. I'm ready to go to the hospital. And what do you think. do not take away! Covids are treated at home, wait for the local doctor. And this is only on Monday. From the recommendations to drink noshpa .. I was hysterical, I was pumped with valerian .. independently yesterday I started taking antibiotics, amoxicillin 500mg / 3 r in the village. It seems to make it easier. I drank sleeping pills and valerian. I hope to get some sleep. Oh yes, I was not alone at home. My boyfriend. Catches up with all symptoms. I will keep a diary every day.

Anti-Coronavirus Idea

Budget Thermometer

Thank you cane

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