Tear-off paper applique for kids

Application is an activity that contributes to the all-round development of a child, and a tear-off paper application is one of the directions of creativity. In this technique, using various templates, not only children, but also adults can work. Preschoolers and schoolchildren will find this application especially interesting. It will contribute to the development of fine motor skills, which is important for those who are just getting ready or starting to go to school.

Features of the cut-off applique

Tear-off paper applique, the templates of which can be ready-made or made by yourself, belongs to simple techniques. It is available for children from 3-4 years old. Paper parts do not have to be cut for a long time. They are simply torn off by hand, without any tools.

Sometimes you can use scissors if you need straight strips for the craft. Then these strips can be torn into pieces.

How it works

Crafts from paper using the cut-off applique technique are performed in 2 main ways.

Simple option

This option is suitable for the youngest children.

The stages of such creativity are as follows:

More difficult option

Tear-off paper applique (templates for products can be classic or abstract) always starts with an idea. After choosing a suitable example, the child begins to do everything on his own, but at the same time an adult must observe his creative process in order to prevent mistakes.

The stages of a complex variant are as follows:

  • Take thick colored paper. It can be of any color.
  • Attach a stencil to thick colored paper and circle it. If desired, you can apply a pattern to the surface of the paper without using a stencil.
  • Pick up thin paper of the desired color and start tearing off pieces from it.
  • Fill the space with torn pieces of paper. To do this, an adhesive is applied to each fragment, it is best to use a glue stick.
  • After filling the entire space, the work is considered completed.

Tear-off paper applique for kids

Autumn is a special time for many artists and poets. A riot of golden colors and heady clean air open up new thematic horizons for creativity. Children are also very fond of making crafts, drawing and sculpting. Making paintings from applications in the preparatory or senior group of kindergarten will be an interesting experience for them.

Application on the theme "Golden Autumn" in the preparatory group

The application can be done using beautiful candy wrappers. They can be used to create interesting panels, where, in addition to multi-colored candy wrappers, there will be beautiful autumn leaves. You can also use gold-colored foil or glossy magazine clippings.

The panel will look good in the format of a regular landscape sheet or slightly smaller.

The stages of its creation are as follows:

  • Create the background of the future painting. To do this, you can paint the base with pencils, paints or glue colored paper onto it.
  • Choose a picture in the form of a beautiful bouquet, colorful forest, ripe wheat field or other object associated with autumn. For example, create an applique with mushrooms in the center. All children know them, and most often mushroom picking takes place in the fall. The teacher can offer children to create panels of mushrooms growing under a tree.
  • Draw grass on the basis, between which to glue beautifully carved mushrooms.
  • On top of the mushrooms, glue the leaves that have fallen from the tree, blades of grass or crawling insects.
  • Glue figurines of mushroom pickers near the composition. These can be pictures from a magazine or photos of family members on vacation.

In the preparatory group, you may be interested in the following options for applications of the Golden Autumn theme:

Making fruit and vegetable crafts can be a learning material. The teacher invites the children to choose the correct version of the hidden vegetable from the available modules and create a single design. To make it interesting and easy for the guys, tips in the form of applications are made on each of them.

Application in the preparatory group on the theme "Golden Autumn"

To master the creation of the Golden Autumn applique, you can use materials familiar to children. Work is within the power not only of the older children, but also of the younger children. Breakaway application develops perseverance in children, develops fine motor skills of the hands.

To work, you need to prepare:

  • thick blue cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • several brushes;
  • a couple of napkins;
  • a soft pencil.