Anyone can offend an artist; or how to protect human dignity? )

Hello everyone! With you Alex and today we will philosophize on the subject of vulnerability of us, creative people, and how to protect our dignity, which quite often can be offended by both the comments of the "sofa critics" and the statements of close people. If interested, pour some tea чаand read the post on!)

To begin with, there is some truth in every joke, and many, whose middle name is "artist" / "photographer", etc. - people are really vulnerable, and if their work is answered badly in a boorish way, then some of them, especially newcomers, can give up without even trying to resist it. It will seem to them that such, for the most part, "sofa experts" are really right and they don't even need to try to do something yet, all the same [censorship] will work ???????? ‍♀️

But let beginners (and not only) know that in such cases there are always 2 ways - to drop your hands and throw your watercolors on the dustiest shelf or send "sofa experts" to hell and go, finally , your way forward! I think the second option should suit you. And if not, now I will try to convince you)

Imagine a situation: in front of you is a robot, to which commands are given to do something, but it has a failure in the program and it has executed the command incorrectly. What do you usually start to do when the "computer" hangs or the "TV" junk?) That's right, start cursing the poor car and knocking on it, as if on a table, sorting out all the expressions from the obscene dictionary in order to "scream". This is how you will most likely do with the robot, because you will be outraged by the "incorrectness"

Why am I all this? And besides, a person, especially at the initial stages of his work, always makes mistakes, and this is normal! And the choice is up to the viewer, how to point out the mistake: boorishly with a bunch of curses that the author is a bad artist, or loyal and environmentally friendly, which is desirable.

It also happens that the work really turned out great, but for some reason she gets a bunch of dissatisfied remarks, to put it mildly. And then the author will want to put down his hands, exhausted by endless drawing, and no longer try himself in the field of art. But in most cases it is far from the author! And in the viewer.

Sometimes, people do not think at all about the feelings of others and do not even suspect that it is easy and simple to "touch a living", just half a minute without watching the language. This is especially often observed on the Internet, a person absolutely does not feel that "on the other side of the screen" is not only the keyboard and an unwashed, empty cup of coffee after a sleepless night of drawing, but the same living person, with his own feelings!

So, people who call themselves creators have 2 options for the path, give up or still climb to their summit of Everest. And what can be done to go the second way?)

Every person, both a "couch expert" and a creator and other people, has human dignity, which, whatever one may say, must be protected. Imagine a medieval castle on a hill that enemies are trying to conquer. The castle is your dignity, the invaders are hate. What did smart people do so that the enemies did not capture the castle?) That's right, they turned it into a real fortress: they built high stone walls, dug ditches) These methods in the example (well, not so literally, of course ????) is the protection of your dignity ... So, in more detail about the methods! ????????

???? Do not take it seriously: the words of a hater about your work are addressed to a completely different person!