May 2

In Kerch, the emergency post was tied with cables to two trees so that it would not collapse, - Kerch reports. M.

This lighting pole is located in the recreation area near the beach in Arshintsevo, in the "Institute" area.

From this post there are wires to the TP. It collapses heavily and even tilts to the side. Metal cables were tied around the trunks of two trees.

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A resident of Feodosia accused of murder, acquitted by the jury

Is this possible? For murder.

In Crimea, a car crashed into a tree and caught fire: a girl died

These reckless drivers on the roads got their license, bought it, but didn't buy it. Scum also killed a man

People and dogs of Feodosia: waiting for a shelter for homeless animals

Constant sterilization will lead to a decrease in livestock, it just needs to be done, as it is done in targeted countries.

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Do-it-yourself beautiful garden

Damage and evil eye can be imposed not only with the help of special rituals. Sometimes simple thoughts are enough. No one knows what others are thinking, so it is worth protecting yourself from the negative influence of their words or thoughts.

The most effective way to protect yourself from the negative influence of enemies and ill-wishers is to carry a small pocket mirror with you. This subject helps to reflect negative words and thoughts of people you may meet on your journey outside the home. A small mirror can be carried in a bag, in a pocket. To reduce the influence of negativity, you need to increase your energy, think positively and not communicate with unpleasant people, not enter into polemics and conflicts with them. In addition to a mirror, 5 simple objects will help protect against the evil eye and damage.

Silver Ring

This is a simple and inexpensive piece of jewelry that anyone can afford. Silver has special magical properties. It blocks any negative streams that surround us. This is a definite plus of any silver items.

The main and only disadvantage of silver jewelry is its incompatibility with other precious metals. Silver has mediocre compatibility with platinum, but it is better not to wear it at all with gold, because these two metals are complete opposites of each other.

Red thread

In feng shui, red is considered the most powerful color from an energetic point of view. It attracts good luck, scares away evil spirits, and also helps to build an invisible wall around a person that protects from damage and the evil eye.

A red thread is worn on the arm. The best material is silk, wool, cotton. In addition to the red thread, other elements of this color will also scare off negative energy. This will help in the fight against negative programs.


Since ancient times, the pin has been considered very effective in terms of protection from the evil eye, damage, curses. First, you need to speak it in order to activate the protection.

The conspiracy should be read every time you pin a pin to your clothes: “Don't let me be offended, don't let me get sick. Don't let your luck cool down on me. " You can pin a pin anywhere. It is better to take it off at home and repeat the ceremony in the morning.

If the vegetable garden is the main idea of ​​the site, it is worth highlighting the vegetable beds so that they do not seem boring. The easiest option is

Garden interior

Arrangement of a personal plot will help to use the space functionally. You can create a place for growing fruits, a recreation area, even in a small area. The main thing is to take into account the dimensions, correctly zone the space and choose plants for decoration.

Features of landscape design on the site

Competent design will make the site beautiful and functional. A harmonious composition can be created using:

  • green spaces;
  • figures, figurines;
  • fountains;
  • colored stones, gravel, rubble;
  • lawn grass;
  • flowering plants, etc.

When designing, planning is the first step. The drawing will help to avoid mistakes, to think over the location of functional areas and decorative areas in advance. A win-win option is the use of geometry, the symmetrical arrangement of large objects.

The front part is decorated with flower beds, plain lawns. Further there are fruit trees, garden beds. Recreation areas are equipped with flower arches, benches to give a romantic mood. The garden design includes several segments:

  • vegetable beds;
  • vertical beds;
  • fruit trees;
  • decorative items.

The layout of the vegetable garden also includes outbuildings, which must correspond to the general style. Designers suggest placing them out of sight of people. Paved paths and trodden paths are considered separately. Paths allow not only to move comfortably, but also zone the space. They are made from tiles, bricks, concrete, sawdust and colored pebbles. Below in the photo is a do-it-yourself garden.

Actual ideas

Adding an article to a new collection

Which trellis is most logical to choose for growing grapes on your site? And even better - do it yourself, with a minimum of effort. We invite you to consider different types of this design, their photos, drawings and short assembly instructions.

You will be surprised, but here it is worth considering several points at once. The first is what kind of grapes (table or technical) you are going to grow. The second is the estimated vineyard area. Well, and, of course, its appearance, which is also not of the last importance when it comes to choosing a tapestry. First, let's decide what to choose from, and then dwell on the most popular options in more detail.

Types of grape trellis

Depending on the parameters, supports for grapes are divided into different types.

By design and appearance:

  • one-plane tapestry,
  • two-plane tapestry,
  • decorative tapestry.

Trellis made of metal mesh-netting

  • L-shaped ,
  • T-shaped ,
  • V-shaped ,
  • arcuate,
  • pergola,
  • gazebo,
  • trellis-mesh,
  • other forms.

L-shaped trellis with crossbar

For main material:

  • wood ,
  • metal ,
  • plastic.

Festive table for Easter

Organization of a festive table for Easter 2021 is an event that requires a lot of time and effort. Undoubtedly, the worries associated with the preparation of Easter dishes are pleasant, but the hostess will have to work hard to organize an unforgettable festive table. The richer the festive Easter table is, the more prosperous the year will be. Whether you have decided to gather a large company in your house or confine yourself to a narrow family circle, there must be a bright, juicy Easter meadow on the table. It will become an original decoration for your table and a symbol of a bright holiday.

It is very easy to grow such a clearing. The main thing is to think in advance how to decorate it.

  • Take a large bowl and add earth to it. Make a small layer of earth - a few centimeters.
  • Sow the ground with grains. Oats, millet, or simple lawn grass will do. Fans of experimentation will love the option with dill or parsley.
  • Water the clearing and place it close to the sun. With timely watering and sufficient light, you will see the first shoots very soon. It remains to wait until they grow up and evenly cover the earthen island, forming a clearing.
  • Flowers, Easter eggs, small Easter bunnies and chickens can be used to decorate the meadow.

If someone doesn't want to "bother" growing a clearing, use plain greens. Place it on a plate and arrange the Easter-themed decorations on it. Greenery is considered a must-have Easter attribute. In the old days, artificial flowers were made by hand on Easter, which were then used to decorate Easter cakes or icons.

If it's a warm sunny day on Easter 2021, take your family for a picnic. Shashlik fried in the open air will be an ideal dish for your festive table organized in nature.

Great Orthodox Holidays

January 14 - the circumcision of the Lord. Memory of Basil the Great. Old New Year.

July 7 - Nativity of John the Baptist.

July 12 - the holy foremost apostles Peter and Paul.

September 11 - Beheading of John the Baptist.

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