Master class on decoupage boxes for the very beginners

Comedy is one of the oldest genres of art. Both in the literature and in the cinema there are enough worthy works that allow you to laugh while watching the adventures of the main characters. With video games, as usual, everything is a little more complicated - here the boundaries of the genre are often blurred, sometimes humor is found not at all where it was intended, and there are often cases when funny situations are created by the forces of the players themselves.

Rustler, which recently appeared on Steam Early Access, was positioned precisely as a humorous project. The very concept of "GTA in the Middle Ages" is fun, but was Jutsu Games able to skillfully dispose of this promising idea?

Rags to Riches

The most ordinary medieval guy named Guy lives in the most ordinary medieval suburb. Do not look that the streets are patrolled by horse guards with flashing lights, horses are left in parking lots marked with a special road sign, and there are bards performing beat-boxing at every corner - otherwise everything here obeys the usual laws of human society. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and not everyone succeeds in breaking out of this vicious circle. But Guy is lucky - he gets a chance to climb to the top of the social ladder with the help of the Grand Tournament, a victory in which guarantees not only fame and honor, but also a solid reward. Only bad luck - in order to get to the competition, one desire is not enough. You have to work hard to get a fake nobleman's certificate.

Dangerous work of a horse thief (the game is subtitled Grand Theft Horse for a reason), kidnapping and contract killings, robbery, debt collection, even prison - nothing will stop Guy on his way to his dream.

The plot is not far from the source of inspiration for the developers. We are shown the formation of a small fry from a street gang. Only if Rockstar preferred a more subtle approach to the plot, then here the narration is flavored with absurdity in the spirit of "Monty Python" and more straightforward (most often - outhouse) humor.

Stole, drank - to jail ... Romance

The gameplay of the game really resembles GTA, its first, still two-dimensional parts: top view, simple controls, the ability to steal any vehicle (horse or cart) and almost unlimited freedom of action. If you want - beat passers-by and run away from the guards, if you want - complete side and main quests, progressing through the plot.

These quests are quite diverse: campaign tasks are not always limited to killing more enemies or running around the map as a courier, delivering cargo from one point to another. There are twists and turns that radically change history, like getting to hard labor and subsequent flight.

Unnecessary hardcore

Fighting or running away isn't easy anyway - thanks to the management. The camera, which continually changes its perspective due to nearby houses, trees and other objects, into which the protagonist's horse strives to bury itself (and the enemy riders act unmistakably), a narrow viewing angle, which especially greatly interferes with riding at high speed - almost any mission requires strong concentration and attention. Lost? Start from the very beginning of the quest! Considering that many of the missions take quite a long time and are often forced to jump from one part of the map to another, it is difficult to call what is happening entertainment.

Do we have a kind of comedy here, according to the developers? Why, then, do you have to sweat almost more than in Dark Souls, for the tenth time going through an uncomfortable quest due to the fact that the horse throws the main character off, barely hitting an obstacle? There are also enough bugs, which, however, can be attributed to "beta". Although the bug that appears at the end of a long and tedious quest with a frozen character who needs to be accompanied by the plot, I can hardly forgive the developers, despite the early access.

It was technical flaws, ill-conceived management and a strange save system that led to the fact that the campaign was frankly going through the force. For the same reason, it is not easy to create chaos and disorder, breaking everything and gaining the maximum number of wanted stars. Inconvenient, and the battles are too difficult to allow the player to relax.

DIY victory tree

On March 1, the match of the 26th round of the English Championship Everton - Southampton will take place. The game starts at 23:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their predictions give preference to the owners: you can bet on the victory of Liverpool in bookmakers with a coefficient of 2. 5. The success of the club from Southampton was estimated by experts at 3. 8. And bets on a draw are accepted for 3.8. / P>

Odds of the bookmakers for the match of the th round of the Premier League "Everton" - "Southampton" in March

Bookmakers are not sure that the England league match Everton - Southampton will be effective: the total is over 2. the goal goes for 2. 0, and the total is less than 2. the goal is for 1. 0. If they score hosts, will play odds 1. 4. Guests' goal is available in bookmakers with odds 1. 3.

Analysis and prediction of the match of the 1st round of the English championship "Everton" - "Southampton" ()

February 2021 has passed unnoticed and is being replaced by spring. The football season continues, with the playoffs gaining momentum in European competition, and the second round raging in the domestic championships. The Premier League reached the 26th round, the program of which will end on March 1 with a duel between Everton and Southampton.

In the last match, the "butterscotch" stayed at the neighbor's "Liverpool" and took the derby with a score of 2: 0. Of course, the reigning champion of England looked more interesting in attack, but the guests scored the first goal already in the third minute, which greatly helped and affected the course of the match. The second goal came from the penalty spot in the 83rd minute.

The victory in the derby helped the Blues catch up with Jurgen Klopp's gang in the championship standings. After the 25th round, they are on the seventh line, gaining exactly 40 points. The distance to the top five is only three points, while there is one more game in stock.

Southampton managed to establish itself as a club to be reckoned with last season. And the current one started so well that they even predicted a place in European competition. However, for a month and a half, it has not been possible to win the championship, the last success happened in early January. Curiously - also with Liverpool.

Since then, the Saints have played eight games in the English Championship, seven of which ended in defeats and only one in a draw. A nightmarish stretch lowered the team to 14th place in the table, after 25 games they have exactly 30 points. It is clear that the relegation zone does not bother, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to count on European cups.

Personnel losses are noticeable. Now, for example, Ibrahima Diallo with Theo Walcott and Kyle Walker-Peters are in the infirmary. Also, just the other day, they were joined by newcomer Takumi Minamino, who scored two goals in four matches, and Oriol Romeu.

The latter, by the way, is a key defensive midfielder in the team, without him the center line is at great risk of sagging. That only plays into the hands of the wards of Carlo Ancelotti. The fact is that the Italian will be able to count on the returned Calvert-Lewin and Allan, and this is serious reinforcement.

Comedy is one of the oldest genres of art. Both in the literature and in the cinema there are enough worthy works that allow you to laugh while watching the adventures of the main characters. With video games, ...

History of the box

The first boxes appeared a long time ago. Almost every lady of the 18th and 19th centuries had a box in which she kept things dear to her heart. Many boxes were kept secret, and it was possible to open them only after certain manipulations.

The material of the thing was created from wood, leather, porcelain, precious stones, metal. And now in museums you can see examples of old caskets richly decorated with expensive stones and gold.

Purpose of boxes

Today, the box stores: Cosmetics, Jewelry, Accessories

For cosmetics, multi-tiered boxes are made in several floors with compartments. They will comfortably fit shadows, lipstick, creams, perfumes. Some cosmetic boxes have no compartments at all, but they are spacious and deep so you can put everything in them.

Types of boxes

There is a huge variety of boxes on the market today. These are caskets with many compartments inside, with a lock, caskets with a mirror, caskets resembling small chests, leather caskets, multi-tiered caskets, glass caskets and so on.

They can be of different shapes, starting with a standard rectangular, and ending with a triangular, elongated cone-shaped or original, for example, in the shape of a heart. The color of the box can also be of any color.

Women prefer light and bright colors - white, beige, pink, blue, while for men brown, gray and black are suitable. You can make the box yourself. And then it will be unique.

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