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On Wednesday I recovered, in general, of course, it's strange this year I get sick and often, I stuffed myself with drugs for a week, scored on the weekend and decided to pass by itself.

Yesterday I got to the redhead, the boss called at the beginning of the week and asked how my health was and she mentioned about the horse that she was waiting for bggg. operation, but a pleasant one. I traveled with pleasure and with pleasure, after that my legs hurt, and so the horse ran, sat down on the second trot, tried straight, uuu, and with a gallop it was good.

Now we need to catch up with driving lessons, xs how to catch up. The theory exam is already 14, I still cannot formalize the receipt of rights in November through state services (so that I do not stand in a queue later) and pay the fee, and this is an ambush, we were told to do it before the 7th, and there just the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not provide this service. While such news))

I got a box here for pleasant memories, I wanted it at the beginning of the year and still nothing, but I was in the mood. I took it from Ferre Roshe, and I just wrote out all the good things and events on small sheets of paper and put them there, wrote this year and already a lot of good things, I’ll get it and I’ll read it, you can still return to this box when it’s sad. Next year, I can make a handmade one.))

Gather my thoughts for the diary report uff. 4 weeks was not written here.

ProRed Ward is different every week. I ran well once, a little leg was missing, but in general I ran, there is some unevenness of movement - this is all from the handles, so in general it is ok. Another time it was good in the first trot, and on the second I went down for the reins and did not want to get out, I think that I grabbed it with a lynch, somehow I pulled it out of there, but on the whole it was garbage, not work. And at the last training session, everything was ok again, I ran decently, I tried to prop up at a gallop at one moment, but I easily called to order, different things are shorter. After the last time, the hostess praised, said on the hand the next day I ran well, which means everything was right. So usually every time I report how it went, they do not expect miracles from me, I drive as best I can, I decide something, I can’t do something. When I left behind the reins, I tried to advance him, and instead of a trot he began to walk at a gallop. An interesting experience.

Passing Passed 14. 0 first exam-theory, prepared and passed without problems, even without additional. polls. Then we immediately went to the site, initially did not know whether it would be or not, arrived at the site, there was no inspector yet, while they waited, we drove a test round the site, tried the slide for the first time. excellent before the exam yes. XD And now it's a shame, when I was passing the exam, I drove it for the second time, and I drove it! But she cut further in a parallel parking lot, with which there were no particular problems BEFORE, but fell into a stupor and did not press the brake after driving. : / The retake was delivered in a month. Well, everyone who paid, passed, while I try to take it myself.

Some kind of madness for the last couple of weeks at work, the boss fell from his horse and got a fracture, he has already done the operation, but he is still little involved in the work process, and we are here to hand over the stage of work iiii well, it's cool, yes, we are trying handle everything yourself, more responsibility fell, a good opportunity.))

The private horse decided to bring us with the mistress, he’s with a hobble (I have neither knowledge nor experience in this area), he likes to arrange seizures for himself, came to him on Wednesday, he even loudly greeted, happily stood the hamster, but while I collected it and got to putting on the bridle began to cough, well, I decided figs with him, you can't get it and started to work, did one lynx and I climbed off a bunch to clean up a bunch of him (4yu in 20 minutes. for us), and so I look at his spasms, phoned the boss and took him to walk in the woods nearby, that's all the work. She had to come to prick, and the next day he tore her bridle. no words, not a horse, but trouble (

This week there were 2 driving lessons, which I learned about in the morning of the day I was given it, well, that. work, of course, allows, but somehow psychologically it is not comfortable itself. We left the site one day, the second day the city. I'm already confidently doing the site, but the city just puts me into a stupor and numbness when I'm still eating, but speed bumps and traffic lights are my pain, I get under way on the site without problems, and then I just stalled every other time, until I figured out the gearshift to movement, the rest is still suffering, there are 8 lessons left to master.

I arrived at the hippodrome today, they gave me my favorite gray pie, it has already grown, with such long hair, a shaggy white bear. The horses after vaccinations, they were expecting some movement-jumping from him, and he rode me with a peaceful trick, but if at the 1st trot he just ran relaxed below, the coach even reminded him not to relax, then on the 2nd he became insolent and tried to fold into my arms, so that we ate about it, as soon as we relaxed, he again tried to lay his head down, in places I pushed him all the same upstairs, but after that he was wet as a mouse. They did an excellent gallop, he really could not stand it once and found something to be scared of, but jumped without a light, so for the sake of form, he reminded who he was, he would learn to restrain him in the bud in place, but I usually do not have time, but he has a philosophical attitude to such a thing. I was laid down for a long time. After I went for a walk with him in my arms, they even eaten. October 31. XD

Writing here once a couple of weeks is becoming the norm))

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I don't think your coach will have it for long either, rentals are canceled everywhere. You are a fine fellow, that you care about loved ones, I just live alone, it is easier for me in this regard.

You're lucky, to live so close to the stables) These are the ones who decided to carry the infection to the southern regions, flights should have been banned long ago, the airport is the most dangerous place for breeding the infection with the metro.

If I drove, I would have been steaming less, and the other day the girl from the stable was stopped by a patrol asking where she was. Who knows, maybe they are training. The fact that doctors began to give specials. the passes have already been confirmed to me.

A curfew is being imposed in New York, I think they can.

A little bit about the good, I'm going to the stables, we will ride on the street, and we have to jump.

We have not been canceled yet, but there is an order limiting the number of people in the stable, etc. At first glance, everything is unchanged, people are working, horses are running. There were 10-15 goals on the sites. The weather is wonderful, it's so warm and nice outside. The soil was spilled in the morning, so it became very good.

The correct sensations came back again with the pressed leg and the moving horse - he answered well, he managed to make the first trot forward and down, not right away, but he ran. On the second I went in a half-landing, a training one and made transitions to the added one and back with a subsequent step or stop. At the gallop, I tried to turn it on and move right away, so that I would immediately stand on the active one, so that I was perfectly warmed up for jumping. We jumped well, well, not counting the rider-brakes, at one point began to count the pace and stopped sending it to the barrier, the coach cursed that I was not doing anything and I was not supporting the horse, I tried to improve, so I began to crawl in the saddle, only to the last bunch, more or less it got better: she led and sent and the trainer even praised the landing, which is generally a rarity, but I myself noticed that I began to jump differently, let the horse pass under me as it should, and not get up like a soldier, not always, but already overshoots. That's how we finished on good, we jump carefully and a little, 12-15 jumps come out. Small began to complain on his shoulder, so every time after jumping I do rubbing.

Then they wanted to walk with A and horses around the territory, but they took Melky under one more person, he was left without a walk, and I had to go and take the walking Bulka, well, as I had to, I like it in my hands , so I walk with her as much as possible, and here the weather is such that someone wanted to take a walk. And here is a stupid mare, behaving perfectly for almost an hour, and then, as we were jumping with candles in our hands, we had to turn around and return to the stable, we already thought to go, but she gave it away, I hope she didn't tear anything for herself. While she was packed into a stall, they just brought Melky, and fiddled with him.

After tea, Bubu was 3m, he only walked in the levada today, they gave him to me afterwards to wash and bring him into a divine form, all the same, gray horses are horses for masochists. Love is evil, but he is so good, at least we talked, they took him into dressage so far, so I fly over, but I don't mind, I like to breed Musi-Pushi with him more in my hands.

In addition to food, I stocked up with a dose of communication with horses.

it's very always to catch these correct moments, which were not there before, but here and again. and you feel that it has become more correct.

are you going to go to the stable for now? or were they closed too?

it's very always to catch these correct moments, which were not there before, but here and again. and you feel that it has become more correct.

These details in images should be used with care. Unsuitable clothes and accessories can visually throw a decade even for young women, and grow old for adults.

S. A. Chaplygin - test pilot of SibNIA. As Melnikov noted, it is useful to fly with experienced pilots, when many points are not considered at the aviation school, and the minimum flight time requirement is only 40 hours.

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Edge flight

Boeing automatic landing through the eyes of pilots (video)

There is an opinion that modern pilots sit in the cockpit for beauty (take a selfie for memory, and please the public wandering into their Instagram with photos of clouds and sunsets) - they say that modern liners are controlled by an autopilot at all stages of flight. It would be great, of course, if it were, but. But the prose of life is somewhat different. I have dwelt on this topic more than once in articles and publications, especially in detail here:

If reading in more detail is not interesting, here are the key positions:

1. Not all modern aircraft can land automatically.

2. Many can, but not in all conditions - automatic landing requires the simultaneous observance of many factors: the presence of equipment on the ground, the presence of an acceptable glide path angle (pre-landing descent trajectory), the angle of inclination of the runway in the landing zone must also be acceptable, the wind speed must satisfy the restrictions.

3. Many aerodromes are still not equipped with systems that use aircraft to perform automatic landing, or there are other restrictions that make it impossible. For example, in Tivat, Chambery, Innsbruck, Chita, all landings are performed by pilots in manual mode.

4. As a result, most modern aircraft landings are still performed in manual mode.

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