Let's figure out what it is, what types of outdoor lighting are for country houses and summer cottages

What is outdoor lighting

Daylight hours, especially in winter, are relatively shorter than the working day. We are used to the fact that when we go to work in the morning, and in the evening it’s already dark outside. Therefore, outdoor lighting of the territory takes an important place. Its main task is to create a safe environment for movement, but it is important not to forget about the aesthetic side.

An example of outdoor lighting of a country house

Code of Practice for Outdoor Lighting Systems

Street lighting systems are aimed at maintaining a given level of illumination for safe visibility at night and are regulated by regulatory documents (GOSTs, SNiPs).

The categorization of objects is established by the set of rules of SP 52.13330.2011. Standard values ​​- according to GOST R 55706-2013.

Vertical illumination on the windows of residential buildings is determined in aggregate from the influence of lighting installations (advertising, utilitarian, landscape, display, architectural). Its maximum values ​​depend on the following indicators:

Norms of average brightness, cd / m2.

Average illumination of the roadway, Lx *

Maximum illumination value, Lx **

Let's figure out what it is, what types of outdoor lighting are for country houses and summer cottages

Not for the sake of bragging, positive for.

I'm going to the bus today, I walk past the entrance to the basement of the house, I see a crowd of worried children of 7-10 years old, run up to me, vying to ask for help - the cat ran away, hid in the basement, they themselves are afraid to go there. p>

I answer: sorry guys, I'm late (10 minutes to the bus, 5 minutes to go to the bus stop), I walk 3 steps, for which I was covered with soooo Vietnamese bitch flashbacks.

And as my cat ran away from the balcony more than 10 years ago, I was looking for him by all basements of the area, but I never found it.

And how the current paddyuka was losing, or rather, he was cleverly poking around - one of the first posts on a pick-up about this was, I was very well supported then.

And as in my childhood, a cat got lost in the same basement, and I found him too late - a pipe with hot water burst.

In general, I turned around, I say - look for your lost one.

We go into the basement, my mother, you can shoot horror movies there, it's dark, damp, it stinks, some shit is scattered around, the flashlights from the phones are dimly shining, and it seems that now some one will jump out from around the corner and bite off his head. I am an adult aunt who loves all sorts of crypts, and then I got sick, and the kids there generally quieted down, huddling behind my big ass.

On the second corridor there is a happy sob of a girl: found aaaaa! I turn - the cat is sitting on the pipe, ears are pressed, ready for sybas, I hiss at the pussies - be quiet, scare everyone away, let the hostess wander around like a mouse and tenderly call on her, she won't be frightened. Kotovy psychologist from me so-so, the animal did try to sybaso, but was successfully caught and the whole expedition happily shook out into the street. Joy, happiness, hugs, looking at the find and barely holding back a mean tear - as like mine.

The kids are grateful to me, I'm embarrassed - yes, I didn't do anything, they found it themselves, I did, there was a support group.

And my soul felt so happy.

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