It's good that we didn't have Aliexpress in our childhood.

In the selections on Ali I saw this toy:

I immediately remembered how difficult it was to beg the mother for harsh threads for lines, how a paratrooper was sculpted from plasticine on a wire frame, how they tested different versions of the dome, how they crawled onto the roof through the attic to launch their crafts, like everyone else courtyard removed from the tree "winner" of the competition.

And here 175 rubles - and no creativity)

It's good that Ali was not in my childhood.

I launched my homemade parachutists with a slingshot. Only it was in the early 80s.

Reply to the post "Vladislav Listyev"

I don’t know why, but the death of Vlad Listyev is one of the events of my childhood, which is forever deposited in my memory. As I remember now: March 1, morning, my mother gathers me to the kindergarten, the antenna catches 3 channels (UT-1, UT-2 and SKET - perhaps they were called slightly differently), an electron TV, the news is on. Listyev's murder. Given the scarcity of television at the time, I adored the Field of Miracles and dreamed of getting there (I think, like many). I was afraid of this creepy screen saver with an incomprehensible head (and now it is even dumbfounded).

Maybe I would never have remembered this sad event, but I think the discussion of it was significantly influenced. At home, in the garden, in the shops. Everybody and everywhere talked about it. Having matured, I understood why. Vladislav Listyev is one of those few people who significantly influenced the leisure of ordinary citizens of the USSR / CIS, coloring the dull everyday life of the end of perestroika and the beginning of the turbulent 90s, adding at least some variety to boring life, while laying the foundation for several glorious traditions of domestic television. And his work lives on. It is a pity that his life ended so early and so tragically. Who knows how many more interesting projects he would have managed to create.

P. S. Naturally, swears at this head

Menthol cigarette smoke

Year probably 1995-96. The city of Nerekhta. 1st school where my brother Seryoga studied. An event a la Autumn Ball is planned. And Seryoga, if only to star in front of the girls, invites me and my friend Yuran (Serpent for our own) to speak at this event. We came to the hall in the afternoon. There is a smashed piano and our two guitars. I tried the tool, got used to it a little. They drove out once the song, then quite popular "Smoke of cigarettes with menthol" and left until the evening. In the evening we are slowed down at the entrance by a local "gopota", like, what are they, all our girls here and in general you guys seem to have beguiled the coast. But, word for word, the "real pasans" were imbued with our "clear" repertoire (after I performed some courtyard song) and solemnly escorted us into the hall with heartfelt wishes and a great desire to meet after the concert.

It's good that we didn't have Aliexpress in our childhood.


Our lovely kittens


They wanted to put Marcel to sleep, but volunteers from the Murkosh shelter rescued him and found him a new home.

What is sleep? How does it happen? Is it humane? Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of an animal with medication. Calling it lulling, people try to smooth things over and lull their consciences.

A domestic cat has a lot of things to do, but the most pleasant of them, of course, are related to her Human: you need to meet him from work, pacify him with affection after a hard day, talk about your daytime adventures, lull him with a cozy purr, and in the morning wake up for breakfast. But what if you wake up, fiddle with a soft paw, meow, put your wet nose on your cheek, and the Human still doesn't wake up?

I am a volunteer. I have been dealing with the problems of stray animals for just over three years. The volunteer is not quite ordinary. Unfortunately, I can rarely be found in the team of brave and courageous people, whom I bow to every day, who catch, adapt, heal and nurture animals. My job does not allow me to physically be where I want to. This does not mean that I do not know how to handle animals, does not mean that I have never seen the sick, disadvantaged, unhappy. I saw and see constantly. But I have a slightly different "mission".


Vet-Expert LLC, hereinafter referred to as the Copyright Holder, represented by Director General Elena Sergeevna Kanaeva, acting on the basis of the Charter, addresses this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) to any person who has expressed readiness to conclude an agreement for the conditions set forth below (hereinafter referred to as the User).

This Agreement, in accordance with clause 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is a public offer, the acceptance of the conditions (acceptance) of which is the performance of the actions provided for by the Agreement.


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Clouded Leopard Cinta from Wild Cat Conservation Center (Wilberforce Conservation Center, Australia)

The lions had some kind of tactic and they followed it

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