Is it possible to check out of the apartment while in another city through the mfc and state services

Deregistration with simultaneous registration

This is the best way if you are moving to another city. However, you can use it only if you already have housing in the new city where you will be registering.


Algorithm of actions for simultaneous deregistration and registration at a new place of residence.

# p / nProcedureComment1Collection of all necessary documentsThe list is not long, all documents are usually already in the hands of a citizen. Contacting the department of the Department for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (previously this unit was called the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation) You can contact the place of valid registration or the place of the planned one 3 Filling out an application for discharge and registration The form of this document and a sample of filling can be taken from the UVM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia 4 Transfer of the completed application and After verification, all documents except the passport will be returned to you on the same day. At the appointed time, you will be issued a passport, where stamps have already been affixed on discharge from old housing in another city and registration at a new place of residence.

Required documents

Lawyer. Experience 12 years. Specialization: civil, family, inheritance law.

When contacting the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, you must have the following documents with you in order to be discharged and registered:

  • passport ;
  • birth certificate and passport of the legal representative, if children undergo the procedure;
  • application in the prescribed form (but you can fill in the UVM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation);
  • certificate of the right to register in new housing (certificate of ownership, social rent agreement);
  • consent of the owner of the property to your registration, if you are not the owner.


Usually, the procedure for simultaneous withdrawal and registration does not take more than three days, however, if the registrars of the passport office are loaded, then it is allowed to extract and register in up to 14 days.

Is it possible to check out of the apartment while in another city through the mfc and state services

There are a lot of varieties of raspberries. It is often difficult to choose exactly the variety that you like. If you have a large plot, then you can experiment by choosing 2-3 varieties.

Raspberry Varieties

Classic raspberries

These are raspberry varieties adapted to any soil, any climate. Fruiting on the shoots of the last year, so the ripening of berries begins early. Bushes hibernate with long shoots that need to be covered for the winter.

Large-fruited raspberry varieties

There is a big plus here - these are large fruits, high yield. The varieties of such raspberries are distinguished by the high taste of berries. In the middle lane, this type of raspberry is bent down and covered for the winter. To obtain the best berries, conditions are necessary: ​​feeding, prevention from diseases and pests, constant watering. If the soil is empty, then the desired result will not be obtained. In drought, raspberry seedlings die.

Repair Raspberry

The meaning of this word, for all plant species, means long flowering. Raspberries of this variety bloom and bear fruit from the beginning of summer until frost. The harvest is given by annual shoots that have grown in spring. Unfortunately, they die off for the winter, so it is recommended to cut them short after the season.

Benefits of remontant raspberries:

  • Harvest immediately in the first year;
  • High yield;
  • The berries are more fragrant and large.
  • T. ... for the winter they are cut shortly, then you should not worry about the wintering of the bush;
  • The bush of such raspberries is not high, therefore, there is no need to make pegs and tie them up;

Disadvantages of remontant raspberries:

  • These raspberries are in dire need of warmth and sun. No shadows!
  • Such raspberries do not reproduce well, they do not throw shoots around them. This can be attributed to a plus.
  • Feeding is constantly required.

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