Interesting dressing room design ideas

Dressing room should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and functional. To achieve this, you need to think over its design to the smallest detail. There are several ideas to help you create your dream interior at the lowest cost.

Small wardrobe design from the closet

When designing apartments and houses, the presence of a dressing room is increasingly laid down. A wardrobe cannot meet all consumer needs. Its small area, the inability to hang things on hangers, the lack of shelves for accessories and the difficulty of integrating into the existing interior of the room made this idea irrelevant. A dressing room, even with a small area, can be roomy.


Using the full height of the room, personal layout and lightweight materials (aluminum, plastic), you can create a multifunctional wardrobe.

There are 2 main ideas for a small dressing room in a modern apartment - to allocate part of the room with partitions, forming a functional room, or to define a separate space for the room (storage room, loggia or part of the corridor).

Since the 50-60s, the design took into account the presence of a storage room. The area of ​​this room is small - 1-2 sq. m. It was supposed to use it for storing sports equipment, food supplies, tools. There are storage rooms in almost every modern apartment. Converting it into a full-fledged dressing room is a reality.

  • Often there is a small niche in the pantry. By placing shelves in it along the entire height, you can organize an excellent place for bed linen and towels.
  • Using containers, you can store small things or household appliances (iron, hair dryer).
  • Since pantries usually do not have a window, it is necessary to arrange bright lighting.
  • Walls are best pasted over with light wallpaper or painted with washable paint.
  • One of the rational tricks would be to install a mirror on the back of the door.

When designing a dressing room, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of its user. If dresses and suits form the basis of your wardrobe, you need to design a coat hanger. Place it opposite the entrance, this will give open eye contact with the clothes and simplify the choice of outfit. Since the height for hanging clothes is about 1.5 m, it is possible to organize horizontal storage shelves above it, or simply leave free space.


Why the change of power in Armenia won't really change anything

Below is a part of the figures on bipolar disorder and descriptions to them from the author of the works. Most of his work Hess does when he is in some phase (usually depressive)

- “The only time I can't draw is when I'm happy,” he says. “I can draw, if it's something nice, it's like decoration. But such drawings do not say anything. It is not art, no matter how good the drawing is. "

"From infancy to rage"

Bipolar disorder, drug or alcohol addiction, schizophrenia. These are diseases, you are born with them, you do not acquire them, this is not a learned behavior. Learned behavior is more about how you cope. A lot of people don't do it well, and so do I. This behavior tends to be self-destructive. If you know what is wrong with you and how it affects you, you have a chance to manage your symptoms. But this disease is chronic and stays with you for life. There are many options for managing symptoms, many places to get support and help. You only need to decide when you have enough.

"Uncomfortable in your skin"

It was an alarm. It doesn't go anywhere. Stays with you. You have to wait it out, it's not that much fun.

"Uncomfortable in your skin II"

This graphic demonstrates the anxiety, confusion, alienation caused by bipolar disorder.

The symptoms of bipolar depression are listed here. I painted this in 2014, when I was going through not the best period of my life. I am sorry if some of the symptoms look terrible, this is not a good topic for me, but I was able to get through it with consultation and medication. Something is written in white under the text. I don't remember what this text is, but the last words "nowhere to go", I can't make out the rest, it's right under the surface. You may also notice an eye looking directly above the surface.

Don't dwell on the mistakes and failures of the past. Stop guilt and self-contempt. Build new self-esteem. If you don't respect yourself, nobody will respect you. You raced and fell, but got up and now have a better life. It was only a pause that prevented him from seeing the real goal.

For many mentally ill people, suicide is a solution, I also thought about it. Hell, look at the picture, it says a lot. Monitoring my condition, pills and therapy helped me. I have looked for help, but many people who do not take pills do not seek it and are quite impulsive. The impulse leading to suicide is strong and the symptoms must be watched. Depression, giving away things, self-harming, suicidal ideation, mood disorders, self-destructive behavior are just some of the signs. Do not be afraid to intervene, this is a real danger, and not just another phase.

"Do not hold a firm opinion about those things in which you do not understand anything."

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