Insulation under the windowsill

How to insulate a plastic window sill

How to insulate the sill of a plastic window to prevent heat loss through this structure in winter. Consider all the options, how and with what it can be insulated. Let's start in order: we will analyze the reasons for blowing, how to remove the window sill and correctly protect the space under the window from blowing in the winter. At the end of the article, we will show a video instruction on how and how to insulate the window sill of a wooden or plastic window in an apartment and in a private house on our own.

According to the overwhelming majority of private house owners, the issue of roof window insulation is solved by installing a modern PVC window. Many people think that this removes all the issues of reducing heat loss through window openings. But for better preservation of heat in the room, the window opening should be completely insulated, among the activities - plastering the window slopes and insulating the window sill.

Why you need to insulate the window sill

Poor insulation of a wooden window sill leads to condensation on the wall, and moisture is the first signal for the appearance of mold, mildew, etc. in the room. You can feel that the opening begins to let the cold through, you can through the draft behind the curtains in frosts and a drop in temperature in the living room. Consider how to insulate a plastic window sill with your own hands in an apartment and a private house.

If the cold comes from the glass, then this is simply solved by sticking a thermal film on the glass unit - this is quite enough. If cold air passes into a warm room through the joint between the window sill and the wall, then the window sill should be treated. However, this process is not as simple as it seems at first, thermal insulation must be carried out very carefully. And it all starts with the choice of thermal insulation.

How to insulate a plastic window sill

The gap between the wall and the window sill can be sealed along the entire length with polyurethane foam. Small gaps in the wall or insulation can be sealed with sealant. The silicone sealant penetrates deep into the smallest gaps and completely seals. When it comes to external thermal insulation, the window slopes can be protected from freezing with extruded URSA XPS expanded polystyrene.

These are the insulating materials that should be used in work, they will help you quickly insulate the plastic window sill. Before insulation, brickwork and concrete base should be treated with a sealant or antiseptic. The leveling of the opening after insulation and waterproofing is carried out using cement mortar or applying a dry mixture.

DIY window sill dismantling

Insulation of the space under the window is carried out simultaneously with the installation of a new window and insulation of the attic for the winter, but due to poor-quality work or negligence of workers, there may be a draft under it. Problems can arise even after long-term operation of the structure. To correct this drawback, you should dismantle the plastic window sill with your own hands. Watch the video below.

Insulation under the windowsill

Rear fender flares on fiberglass bumper

The process takes a long time, putty, foam, resin ... all this takes a lot of time to dry, so every day I slightly modify the arches, in the photo there is pneuma in the upper position

Tuning VAZ (Tuning nine)

"Nine" or "Chisel" - all these are the names of the same, incredibly popular so far car of the Volga Automobile Plant, namely - the VAZ 2109 model.

The G8-Nine family, first known as Sputnik and then renamed Samara, was developed as a result of fruitful cooperation between Togliatti residents and the German company Porsche, which gave the Chisel excellent potential for improvements.

Tuning of the VAZ 2109 is carried out according to the usual scheme: engine - transmission - suspension - interior - body. But, it is worth noting that the engine, transmission, and suspension in 2109 already provide quite normal power and dynamics as standard, so tuning should start from the end.

First, you need to improve the appearance of the car. To save the car from the nickname "chisel", received for the specific shape of the front bumper, it is worth replacing this very bumper with a new, more streamlined one. At the same time, it is desirable that a large air intake is provided in it, which provides good cooling of the engine when driving at high speeds.

The next step in the VAZ 2109 external tuning program will be to update the rear lights (certified by the car factory), but if there is no duplicate brake light on the car, then you should install it too.

It is difficult to do something with the front optics of the "nine", the only option is to install the so-called "cilia", but some enthusiasts still manage to replace the standard optics with an alternative one.

In addition, it is worth installing a protective strip above the rear door, which protects the door edge (at the top) from premature decay. And, of course, the standard rear-view mirrors must be replaced with new ones, preferably with heating and drainage grooves.

From the body you can go to the tuning of the VAZ 2109 interior. Due to the fact that the "nine" has a design flaw that is too cramped for the driver, you should install a europanel, new seats and a shortened gearshift knob.

Additional light in the cabin will also not be superfluous, but you should not power it from the on-board network. A small "chandelier" with Chinese LEDs will simultaneously provide normal lighting and save you from a quick discharge of the battery.

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