I want an income of 100 t

The end and beginning of the year can be calculated from the boastful posts in the feed. Many are starting to lose weight, play the violin, start their courses, and get their finances in order.

I'm no exception. My goal is to break through the income ceiling of 100 thousand rubles. in 8 months.

What am I doing. I write and edit texts. To do this, I am looking for clients, negotiating, applying for vacancies, improving my skills and sleeping a little.

What I want. Sleep more. Take less "routine" cheap orders, from which the eye twitches. Find interesting, expensive projects and launch a couple of your products.

I played the role of an experimental mouse - I tried several methods of setting goals and working with them. It turned out to be a useful instruction on how to move a freelancer to a hundred square meters per month.

Read to the end - there are 3 working steps awaiting you, which will noticeably shorten the path to 100 tons. per month.

The first step to weaving a month - what goals and plans give

✫ No planning - chaos in business:

today I started blogging, after 3 days I forgot about it, posted an ad on Avito, a week later I began to respond to all vacancies in a row, because the money ran out.

✫ It is impossible to make rational decisions without plans:

it's scary to name the price for your work and refuse to the customer - "miser", it is difficult to choose a niche, it is impossible to make freelancing a profession and start getting at least 30 rubles. per month.

How to make money on freelancing - rubric

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Everything will be fine. Get ready. Prepare seriously.

Ibu ibu di - hui dao mudi! And the wider you step, the better you are prepared.

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Everything will be fine. Get ready. Prepare seriously.

Ibu ibu di - hui dao mudi! And the wider you step, the better you are prepared.

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What is a building antiseptic

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Pathogenic microflora does not grow in dry wood, it needs a moist nutrient medium. Mold and mildew spores are present on almost all surfaces, but develop under favorable conditions, for example, in rotten wood. They are quite toxic - they are capable of infecting the body, penetrating into the bloodstream through the respiratory system.

There are a number of requirements for antiseptics for wood impregnation:

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Tex products: Biotex antiseptic

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  • Plasters and putties;
  • Adhesives.

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