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Types of hand dryers

The wall-mounted electric towel for the bathroom completes the hygienic treatment of hands by drying with a stream of warm air. These devices are of three types:

  • standard ;
  • high-speed ;
  • anti-vandal.


The most economical appliances in terms of cost and energy consumption. Average power ranges from 800 to 2000 watts. They work in any electrical network in parallel with other electrical appliances. The body of such dryers is made of inexpensive materials - plastic, aluminum. It is advisable to install these devices in places with low traffic, an intelligent audience.

Standard models have contactless, rarely mechanical switching. The heating element works intensively in them. At a low air flow rate, the temperature at the outlet of the nozzle heats up to 90 degrees. Such devices dry the skin too much, do not exclude the danger of hot air burns.


High-speed models work according to a different principle: the main load falls on the fan - water is blown away by a directed stream of warm air. The temperature does not exceed 45 degrees, so it is impossible to get burned. Some manufacturers produce devices without a heater. Due to the gentle attitude to the skin, such devices are appropriate to install at home and where customer care is paramount.

There are two types of high speed dryers: Turbo and Jet. In the first case, a strong air flow blows off the water from the hands brought from below. In models of the second type, the palms are immersed from above, and the water is blown into a special drip tray. Therefore, the disadvantages of high-speed Jet devices are their large size and the need for periodic cleaning of the drip tray.


Hand dryer - an overview of the best models from leading manufacturers and advice on choosing, placing and connecting dryers (140 photos)

Candidiasis caused by the activity of yeast causes a lot of unpleasant sensations - itching and burning, cheesy, unpleasant-smelling discharge.

The causes of thrush in women are decreased immunity, metabolic disorders, the consequences of taking antibiotics, inflammation in the organs of the genitourinary system.

The causative agent of the disease is the Candida fungus, which will help get rid of an antibacterial drug or products containing alkali, which adversely affects the growth of the fungus. Most often, doctors recommend treating candidiasis with medications, but if symptoms appear on the weekend or you want to get a quick effect from therapy, you can treat thrush with a soda solution.

Washing with soda for thrush helps even in cases of an advanced stage. With such treatment, there are usually no relapses, and such douching allows you to forget about the problem for a long time. According to doctors, soda should be used as an adjuvant, and the main emphasis should be on the traditional course of therapy with antifungal agents.

The healing effect of soda is based on its alkaline nature, which is unfavorable for the growth of the fungus. Soda from thrush is used as a means of destroying the fibers of the fungus.

In addition, soda solution for thrush has anti-inflammatory effect. That is why soda is used for sore throat, toothache, stomach problems, etc. This does not make soda a panacea for all diseases, but you should not ignore it, since it is relatively safe (if used correctly), does not give side effects and is cheap.

Alkalis are able to neutralize acids, maintain the acid-base balance in the norm. If acidity is increased, a person experiences acidosis, in which various infections begin to actively attack the body, including Candida fungi. The fungus does not yet know how to adapt to soda, therefore, a soda solution with thrush quickly destroys pathogenic microorganisms.

How effective is baking soda for thrush?

Thrush is a fungal disease, provoked in most cases by the pathogen of the Candida family. Pathology manifests itself on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and in the intimate area. Less commonly, thrush is detected on the skin and hairy parts of the body. Soda has been used in the treatment of candidiasis for a long time and is considered an effective folk remedy. However, a positive result can only be expected with the correct preparation and use of an unconventional medicine. Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known in domestic use as baking soda, is a finely crystalline white powder. It has acid-neutralizing properties and, in addition to food use, is used in traditional medicine.

Contraindications and warnings

How to choose the best hand dryer for your needs? Let's try to figure it out among the varieties and characteristics of hand dryers.

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Upgrade the weather station to ESP + WiFi-IoT - display the sensor data from the "street" module on the display of the "home" module

Who is too lazy to read "many letters" - at the very bottom of the post there is its video version ;-)

In one of the previous videos on my channel, I reviewed a weather station based on the ESP8266 module and the WiFi-IoT firmware designer, completely assembled in a case for outdoor placement, that is, it did not have a display. I monitored the parameters of the sensors from it on my phone through the "People's Monitoring" service. This is not always convenient, and I wanted to have a stationary display with weather data, placed in the room or in the kitchen, corridor. In the previous post I considered such an option based on the TM1637 display, and before that based on the LCD1602 display. But there is a drawback here - it is a long temperature sensor wire that goes from the station through the window. There are actually several solutions to this problem, for example, on a room module with a display, take data from "People's Monitoring", which was sent there by the street module. But an easier way would be to take data from the street module and bring it to the room with a display in the local network, and not through the many kilometers of the Internet server. For this purpose, the WiFi-IoT firmware designer has the “Virtual SENS” and “Sensors by GET request” functionality, the configuration of which we will now consider.

In the firmware (profile) of your "Street" module on the WiFi-IOT website. om add (check the box) "Sensors by GET request" in the "System" section. Press the button "Save changes" and "Compile".

In the web interface of the "Street" module in the "Firmware_update" tab, click "Fast OTA!"

After a successful update, go to the address of the module] / sensors and here we should see a line like this (my version):

where numbering starts from hostname: ESP00903A69 - first metric;


DEKO DKLL02R is a good solution from the budget segment, fully complying with the characteristics declared by the developer. In the reviews, users report that in the case of the device, the error is minimal, which inexpensive devices rarely boast of. It comes with a convenient carrying case for easy transport and storage. There are also removable legs that allow you to fix the level on the surface.

The build quality of the device is high - all elements fit tightly, there are no gaps at the joints. The device can work from batteries, so you do not have to suffer with wires. Users did not reveal significant flaws in the cheap unit.

- ADA instruments CUBE Home Edition (А)

ADA instruments CUBE Home Edition (А00342) has a rugged and compact polymer-coated case, which makes it reliable and shockproof. The operating temperature range of a cheap device is wide: from -10 to +45 degrees Celsius, so you can use it in almost any weather. In terms of convenience, there are no complaints - a special clip is supplied in the kit, which allows you to fix the level as on a photo tripod.

Owners in the reviews praise the level for how bright and thin lines it makes. They also liked the convenient control - the device turns on and off with just one button. As for the disadvantages, these include the absence of a fixed position of the beam and the impossibility of turning off an unnecessary plane.

ADA instruments CUBE Home Edition (А00342)

Which laser level is better

When choosing a device, it should be borne in mind that there are only three types of laser pointers, namely point, line and plane builders. There are also combined ones.

Point axis builders allow you to tune the instrument once and show a straight laser beam that will indicate the required level. Such devices, due to their optical characteristics, make it possible to achieve impressively long beams that propagate along the entire length of the surface.

The tool allows you to direct the beam along one of the axes, but there are devices that can point both vertically and horizontally.

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