How to update your wardrobe for spring: 5 important elements

All women of fashion at the beginning of spring, either clean their shelves of unnecessary things, or update their wardrobe with separate things. The period before the beginning of spring is the perfect time to collect new looks from old things, diversify what we have and acquire something interesting for our outfits.

With the arrival of spring, everyone wants their images to be endowed with lightness, freshness and a special charm, which was so lacking in winter.

In the new season, fashionable looks in March will not do without outerwear, because often in spring days we will not have the best and rather changeable weather. In addition to outerwear, we advise you to look for the best shades, shoes and accessories that will help complete your outfit.

The best outerwear - coat

Solid, fitted, straight or printed coats are perfect for any spring look. Coats of basic shades - black, beige, brown and white - remain relevant. In addition, a checkered coat and a houndstooth is a classic, so no season is complete without these options.

Essential Wardrobe Updates / Photo from Pinterest

The best shades are neutral

In early spring, focus on clothing in neutral shades. This will help you take a fresh look at your wardrobe. Basic colors are great for the right accents of a black outfit.

A pastel base can be complemented with a bright jacket or rubber high boots. In the spring, look for pink jackets, which will be especially popular.

Essential Wardrobe Updates / Photo from Pinterest

How to update your wardrobe for spring: 5 important elements

The capital's luxury housing market is less than 30 years old, but many mansions and penthouses are already outdated. Many of them are impossible to sell. Money has studied the reasons for the trend.

Thousands of luxury apartments and houses are being sold in Moscow and the Moscow region. In the next six to twelve months - about the same number of realtors on average devoted to the exposition of luxury housing - half of the apartments and, at best, one-third of the mansions have a chance of selling. The rest is an illiquid proposal. To sell them, you need to cut the price in half. And if this is enough in the city, then outside the city there are lots, for the sale of which it is necessary to demolish the house.

Consultants and realtors in the luxury real estate segment are very careful in assessing the quality and value of housing - in the interests of business and their clients. “In the segment of luxury real estate, all objects are atypical. It is impossible to accurately assess any object, because there are either few analogs or none at all. The assessment method does not give 100% accuracy, - explains the CEO of Welhome Anastasia Mogilatova. - It should also be borne in mind that the sale of an object depends on the availability of effective demand. If there is no buyer with the required budget, you will not sell the house or apartment. At the same time, the price can be adequate to the market ”. According to her, outside the city up to 80% of the supply is made up of illiquid objects. In Moscow - about 60%. Knight Frank has a comparable assessment of the structure of the suburban market - 70% illiquid lots and more optimistic ones within the city - only 5-10%. “There are significantly fewer unclaimed elite apartments in Moscow than unclaimed high-budget houses in the Moscow region. The reason is that urban housing is most often bought as the main one. Everything is on sale in Moscow - a matter of cost, ”agrees Anna Radjabova, director of the elite real estate department at Metrium Premium.

Source: Knight Frank Research.

According to Anastasia Mogilatova, if you use precise wording, it turns out that the liquidity of objects in the elite real estate segment is a vague concept. “Liquidity is the ability to quickly sell an object at a market price. In other segments, to push the sale, a small discount is enough; here, due to the large budget, the discount should also be large - up to 30%. Finding a buyer with the right budget usually takes at least six months, including for a liquid lot, ”Ms Mogilatova argues, adding that buyers tend to look at many properties before making a choice. “With a large purchase budget, the optimal solution is especially important,” she clarifies.

Luxurious real estate in Moscow and outside the city is difficult to implement - usually too expensive, large and non-functional property. “The area is more than 1 thousand square meters. m and a plot of more than 1 hectare. Morally outdated architecture, non-ergonomic layout ", - lists the disadvantages of the mansions Anna Radjabova. Today's affluent buyers are guided by the new standards of luxury real estate - a sufficient number of bedrooms, with each bathroom and dressing room. “Illiquid houses do not meet this request,” Ms. Radjabova points out.

In the 90s, at the early stage of the formation of an elite city fund, location was the main criterion for elite status. “The closer to the Kremlin, the more prestigious,” Anna Radjabova recalls. Residential complexes for wealthy buyers began to be built in the 2000s. “Many of these projects are now classified as illiquid. Because of the architecture, flawed layouts, low ceilings and excessive or, on the contrary, insufficient infrastructure, ”she sums up.

An abundance of sofas with flounces fabric, draped heavy curtains, yellow parquet with intricate patterns, children's rooms in the style of the bedrooms of the heirs of the royal families - these are the most common signs of the interiors of expensive illiquid real estate. "The space is decorated in a classic style: expensive Italian furniture, stucco molding, painting on the ceiling, massive crystal chandeliers, carved chairs, voluminous curtains and exquisite decor items," says the announcement on CIAN about a seven-room apartment in Khamovniki with a total area of ​​405 sq. m and a cost of 374 million rubles. Another example is a penthouse in the Yakimanka area with an area of ​​615 sq. m. The owner wants $ 4.2 million for it. “The functionally planned space includes four levels: on the first level there is a kitchen, on the second - an office, a bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room, the third level is given over to a pool with a counterflow, a gym with exercise equipment Lifefitness, hammam, dressing room and bathroom, the fourth level includes a fireplace room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a dressing room and a terrace, ”- stated in the description. There is also a balcony here.

How will prices for luxury housing change this year

Anna Radjabova remembered the 11 Leontievsky residential complex. “The house is very well located - in a quiet side street between Tverskaya and Bolshaya Nikitskaya streets, apartments with good layouts. But the modest design of the facade and the entrance group turned out to be enough to lose the competition to other houses in this location, ”the expert notes.

According to the deputy director for sales and work with owners of Kalinka Group, Nadezhda Kot, today it is difficult to sell most of the apartments that were in demand in the late 1990s - early 2000s. “This is not only due to the owner's appetite for pricing. The buyer is often not satisfied with the engineering and the visual contrast with the standards of the new format, the outdated finish and, most importantly, the functionality, ”notes Ms. Kot. And if the marble of thirty years ago today can be just as good, and the mixer and the color of the walls can be replaced, then with the absence of dressing rooms, laundry rooms, poor zoning of the children's and parental parts of the apartment, with one bathroom through the common corridor, buyers do not want to put up. “The listed shortcomings cannot be corrected by cosmetic repairs. The interior in the royal style is very much inferior to the simple modern classics, which are widely represented in many development projects, ”notes Nadezhda Kot.

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