How to plant grapes cuttings in spring in open ground

Planting grapes by cuttings in spring is practiced by gardeners from different regions. This option is especially suitable for growing crops in areas of risky farming, for those who are involved in the multiplication of valuable varieties and want to quickly acquire seedlings. But in order to get a highly productive bush, you need to properly prepare in the fall, and then be able to save the planting material until spring.

Exact adherence to the rules, taking into account the characteristics of a particular grape variety, climatic conditions of the area will allow you to grow excellent seedlings without much hassle and financial costs. The information will be useful for gardeners in all regions of Russia.

Benefits of Spring Planting

If in the south there is an opportunity to plant grape seedlings in spring and autumn, then in temperate climates it is recommended to carry out work in the spring. But this is just a tip, as each option has its own pros and cons.

Among the benefits of planting in spring:

  • fast adaptation and good plant survival. Despite the risk of recurrent frosts, the culture as a whole is comfortable, as it comes to summer, the temperature rises;
  • the soil is well moistened, the seedlings do not experience a water shortage;
  • with proper care, rooted in spring cuttings will give the first berries next season.

  • lack of time, as there is a massive sowing and planting of various crops;
  • a small selection of high-quality planting material during this period;
  • returnable freeze.

But the "pluses" clearly outweigh, especially since the problems are fairly easy to solve. Planting material, so as not to depend on markets and suppliers, if desired, it is easier and more profitable to grow on your own. The schedule of work in the vineyard needs to be planned in advance, and to protect the plantings, use a cover canvas or build temporary structures.

In practice, different planting methods are used in spring:

  • cuttings without roots are planted in the southern regions, immediately to a permanent place, having previously carried out kilchev and warming up the soil in the planting pits;
  • planting cuttings in a school (on a special garden bed), followed by an autumn transplant to a permanent place. With this method, one year is lost;
  • in areas of a temperate climate, sprouts are planted at home or in heated greenhouses, placing them in a school or immediately to a permanent place. Due to weather conditions, early disembarkation is not possible in such regions.

The first two methods are usually used by southern growers who store cuttings in trenches. The earth thaws early in those parts, so the shanks are dug up, cooked and planted immediately.

The third method involves germinating cuttings after storing at home, and with the onset of warmth - planting in a garden bed (school) or in a permanent place.

The main stages of planting material preparation

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