How to Learn to Memorize Large Amounts of Information: 10 Powerful Methods to Train Your Memory

Hello dear readers! Lyudmila Redkina is in touch. We continue to learn the depths of human psychology. And on the agenda we have a super topic useful for all people! Do you know anyone with a phenomenal memory? I remember there was a Maine named Cicero. Many people remember him, right? Tell me, why was he so special? This young (I hope, for that time) man with absolutely no prompts, sketches and cheat sheets could proclaim huge texts, aphorisms, quotes - and all this is IN MEMORY! In this article, we will figure out how to memorize large amounts of information, what are the secrets and techniques.

How the brain remembers information

Our main computer in the body has a unique memory, and the memorization process itself is unique. Now let's dive a little into the terminology of physiologists and psychologists, be patient a little.

So, scientists know that the process of memorization requires a lot of body energy. This is brain metabolism in simple terms. Energy is expended as many nerve cells (neurons and glia) are constantly creating new connections (chains). Biological memory is the ability of the nervous system to maintain the activity of previously fired neurons.

They are excited by some bright event or a deliberate desire to save information. With each subsequent repetition, these connections will be more and more active, which allows you to remember information for a longer time. Therefore, repetition is always effective when you want to reproduce something over time. This principle is at the heart of improving memory and brain function.

But there are special methods that help to remember a large amount of information in a short time. We will consider them below.

Tips on how to quickly memorize a lot of information

All people are different and the approach to memorization should also be individual. Some people prefer to memorize with schemes, others prefer associations and other methods. Therefore, take a few tips on how to improve your memory and remember a lot of information.

Cicero's Method - “Roman Room”

I already wrote about this outstanding person. His secret of success was revealed long ago - he memorized huge texts using a special method. Walking around his room, he tied some facts to the home environment. This allowed him to remember the main points well.

How to Learn to Memorize Large Amounts of Information: 10 Powerful Methods to Train Your Memory

SHO-ME G- Signature

  • radar detector with laser receiver
  • bands: K, Ka, X
  • radar detection: "Robot", "Avtodoria" , "Arrow", "Cordon"
  • modes: signature analysis, "City", "Route", "Auto"
  • GPS, base station. radar
  • electronic compass

The rating of the best radar detectors of 2021 is opened by a model from the famous Korean company SHO-ME, which has been pleasing motorists with high-quality and inexpensive devices for several years now.

As the name suggests, the G-1000 Signature boasts signature analysis to minimize false positives. The database is constantly updated, the device is triggered not only by cameras in front, but also by those that are "hit in the back", has an accurate GPS and a well-readable display. So it fully justifies its price.

Pros: high quality materials and workmanship, frequent database updates, good technical support.

Cons: although rare, there are false positives.

SHO-ME G-STR is the best radar detector according to the owners' reviews

The first on the list is the Korean gadget SHO-ME G-700STR. The device is one of the best in terms of price-quality ratio and definitely the best in the middle price segment.

According to the developers (and repeated tests of motorists), SHO-ME works with all types of modern radars. The model has the following characteristics:

  • operates in four frequency ranges and detects laser radiation, configurable;
  • detects radar radiation at least a kilometer away;
  • GPS is available -module, it is possible to update the base of cameras;
  • determines the type of camera and the speed limit on the site;
  • the number of false alarms is reduced in comparison with previous versions.

In general, a gadget from Korea is an excellent choice for a budget anti-radar. The price for SHO-ME ranges from 3500 to 4500 rubles, depending on the store.

  • High quality plastic, bright LCD screen, easy to set up and use.
  • Detailed instructions in Russian.
  • Frequent database and firmware updates.

  • Frequent false positives in densely populated regions are still a problem.
  • In Moscow, St. Petersburg or busy exits of large cities, the scanning signal will sound almost constantly, distracting from driving.
  • In small towns and when traveling around Russia, this problem has not been noticed.

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