How to grow armeria seedlings: we plant and care for the right way

Armeria is a herbaceous perennial plant with interesting and original flowering. It is possible to sow with seeds directly into open ground (in late autumn before winter or spring), or you can first grow seedlings. We'll talk about the second option.

Brief information about the army

An interesting plant is a representative of the Pig family. Armeria flowers can be colored white, pink, purple. It reproduces well by self-seeding.

Looks beautiful in landscape design: in border plantings (framing garden paths or flower beds), in rabatkas, on alpine slides, in rocky gardens, in group plantings next to ground cover crops.

The most popular perennial flower crops grown in our gardens:

  • Seaside Armeria. The plant has a height of about 30-40 cm. Abundant flowering of pink or white lasts throughout the summer. The species is resistant to frost. It feels best in a garden next to a pond. Therefore, if your garden has an artificial pond, be sure to plant plants along the pond!

  • Alpine Armeria. The height of the plant is about 15 centimeters, most often the inflorescences have a pink tint, there are also white and red ones. Blooms from May to late summer. Perfect for growing on an alpine slide, in rockeries.

  • A. soddy. Height is not more than 15 cm. Inflorescences have a red or pink tint. Flowering begins in July, lasts 1.5-2 months. The most demanding species for growing conditions. Needs absent-minded illumination, without direct sunlight.

  • A. beautiful (pseudo-army). Height up to 0.4 m, blooms all summer, flowers are white, pink, reddish. Loves good watering.

  • A. Louisiana. Blooms throughout the summer, bright pink inflorescences. This species has the largest flowers (4 cm in diameter). Plant height up to 20 cm. Poorly related to excess moisture, but resistant to frost. Armeria Louisiana is distinguished by its rapid growth on the surface of the earth.
  • A. beautiful. Flowering from June to September, height about 15-30 cm. Shade of inflorescences: white, pink, carmine. It is able to reproduce by self-seeding.
  • A. ordinary (garden). Reaches a height of 0.6 meters. Color pink, carmine.

Preparing Armeria seeds for sowing: mandatory stratification

In general, we can say that the germination of armeria seeds is very good. However, for successful germination, the planting material needs pre-sowing preparation, namely stratification.

Stratification of Armeria seeds is a mandatory procedure for preparing seed for planting seedlings. This procedure will help you get faster and more friendly shoots. During stratification, the seeds are in cold and humid conditions (at a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius), an ideal place at home is a refrigerator.

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