How to fold the stove in the house with your own hands

The presence of autonomous heating is a prerequisite for year-round living in a private house. In addition to heating, the brick oven allows you to cook food regardless of energy sources. Modern technologies offer many options for home heating and cooking, but the most reliable and time-tested method is still a brick oven.

Stove in the house: types and design features Stove for heating

Depending on the purpose, there are 3 main types of stoves for the house: heating, cooking and multifunctional (heating and cooking). The main building material for the construction of furnaces is brick (especially fireclay), as it has excellent heat-retaining and heat-resistant characteristics.

Heating stoves, as the name suggests, are designed to heat a room. Structurally, this type of oven is distinguished by the absence of a hob. Another characteristic feature of a stove designed for heating a house is a branched zigzag chimney system with a long length.

The smoke does not leave the room directly, but passes through numerous turns of the chimney, and heats the brick walls of the stove. Accumulating the heat received from the smoke, the walls continue to warm the air in the room for a long time even without keeping the fire in the firebox. The heating stove is most often placed in the center of the house for uniform heating of all living quarters.

The main emphasis in the design of cooking ovens is on cooking. This type of oven is equipped with a special hob, less often with an oven. Since the cooking stove is not designed for heating, the chimney in it is vertical and has no heating thresholds. The cooking stove can be used to heat a small area in the home where it is installed. This is usually the kitchen.

Universal (heating and cooking) ovens have the advantages of both heating and cooking types. In the design of heating and cooking stoves, a branched chimney is used that can heat the house, a cast-iron hob is installed for cooking.

Separately, it is necessary to dwell on the varieties of multifunctional ovens known in the world:

  • Russian stove. The unique design of the oven allows you to use it for cooking, despite the absence of a hob. This massive stove has always been the "heart" of the house, perfectly warming it. In the upper part there was a warm bed - bed;
  • Dutch stove. The peculiarity of the stove is the long vertical chimneys, from floor to ceiling. Sometimes the height of the "Dutch" reaches several floors. The combustion products circulating in the chimneys allow the brick walls to stay cool for a long time;
  • Swedish stove. Modified version of the Dutch oven. It has an outwardly recognizable contour - the lower part is wider due to the placement of the oven located next to the firebox.
  • In addition to design features, the ovens differ in shape: depending on the preferences of the owners and the interior of the room, they can have a T-shape, be made in the form of a square, rectangle or circle.

How to build a stove - step by step instructions

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