How to decorate and frame a diamond mosaic painting

Making a picture in a frame is the last stage of work. First you need to complete the preparatory activities.

Materials and tools

The finished painting should be prepared to be framed. For a work of art to serve for a long time, you need to follow these steps:

  • Place the painting on a flat surface and walk on it with a regular wooden dough rolling pin. This is necessary for the rhinestones to fall into place, as they sometimes move during work. Smoothing is necessary by pressing firmly in both directions - vertical and horizontal.
  • Place a cotton fabric under the front side of the picture, turning it over with the canvas up. Also put a piece of fabric on top. Turn on the iron and heat it, but not more than 120 degrees, so that the rhinestones do not melt (this is the "silk" mode). Iron the painting on the back with an iron.
  • Then cover with acrylic varnish - it can be sprayed (or with a brush). It holds the rhinestones together, fills in small gaps.

The picture after these procedures becomes smooth, acquires a special shine.

The following materials and tools will be needed to decorate the picture:

  • A sheet of thick cardboard, 3 - 5 mm wide, white, according to the size of the picture with a margin for lateral allowances.
  • White plastic molding for the frame. The length is measured by the perimeter of the painting with allowances.
  • Acrylic paint and brush for finishing the frame.
  • Hot glue gun for gluing frame parts together.
  • PVA glue for gluing canvas to cardboard and a brush for smearing.
  • Hacksaw and miter box for cutting cardboard and cutting baguette at an angle.
  • White putty stick for color correction.
  • Construction stapler to attach the frame to the cardboard.

All work should preferably be done on a flat surface - on a table or on the floor.

Step-by-step process of frame embroidery

First, you need to measure the length of the sides of the picture and cut the baguette to measure using a miter box and a hacksaw.

Balm 101 for hair loss

Skumpia is a representative of the genus of deciduous trees, such as chagarniks from the Sumakhov family. The bark of the chestnut-green dewline, peeling, pahony is bare, green, or all kinds of red color. Yaksho їkh zlamati - milk syk will appear. Cryptic smaragdovy quotes decorate openwork, costly sutsvittya. In the period of blooming, the fruit grows vigorously, covered with a worm-like nap, through which the tree is built up with a horny fog.

Most of the growth can be played in areas of the world of Eurasia and Pivnichnoy America. Seasonal skumpia is grown on an industrial scale for the removal of physegina - organic barvnik and carrot colora. For the first time I can use a coat, wool and a shovel. From the greenery of the tree, embellish that virobi. Sik leaf roselin zasosovyut for tanning shkіri.

See skumpies

Rid scum is stored in two types - scum is a wedge or an American scum or an egg-like one. Stretching out, the capital of the skump was attuned to the fancy and klimatic minds, which evolved in unalterable forms. Only in the last capital they became victorious scum, as they creep, for the improvement of the skylines from the backdrop. Vona can do a good job of the root system, which effectively changes the skeleton of the earth, and is not allowed to obsitate. Zovsim recently renounced the knowledge of the red-leaved and raised the scum.

Scumpy turned-egg-like or American

The culture was born in Pivnichniy America. Growing up on skeletal girskikh runts. Here її is called "American Dimpart tree". Culture can be a small tree like chagarnik, which is built from decilkoh stovburiv. In our klimatic minds, vishche, not 5m tall. The main view of rice is a row of green leaves.

On the grown-up dews, the bark is visible in the base, and the dark bluish middle is plump. Small size stovbur entwined with rocking spikes. Yakshho їkh break - you can poult the resinous line with a rich smell. The texture of the Lemon-Zhovt tree is even more beautiful.

Small squares grow on large fleecy squares. On their own, they are a little addictive. Up to the sickle on purple stems reach grapes. The sheds are younger than the leaves of the oxamite-rozhev, that in an hour it will transform into the dark-emerald-blacitna.

Naybilsha perevaga vid - a unique tone of sheet plates. The stench of the stench is filled with unique notes of lemon, burgundy, gold and violet color, so you can build up when the wood burns in the fire. As a rule, Eurasian vid and nagato yaskravish. Quotes form ephemeral horny-violet chmari. Before the hour is stolen by the crown in the morning, the illusion is similar to the forest of the dim-frequent gloom. In the European part, the view of the great widening has not yet been added, I want a look that is stiff to dry land, kindly smell on the bedny stones of the runts.

Skumpya shkiryan

In nature, the habitat of this species is the pivden of Ukraine, Russia, the Caucasus, Crimea and Asia. There is a seemingly fluffy bush with a height of 1.6-3m, one buvak at a closed tree up to 5m. The bark on the stems is brown-gray, peeled. Gilki buvayut with a worm or salad vіdlivom. Without fluffy pubescence, but if you screw up a sip, a milk siq will appear.

How to make decorative chips

Wood chips are not just an element of decorating a site. The secret of the popularity of this type of dumping is that it has a number of indisputable advantages, the main ones of which are:

Environmental friendliness of the material. Wood, which is the basis for the manufacture of chips, has no chemical impurities and is absolutely harmless to plants and soil, as well as human health.

An environmentally friendly coating made of wood chips will become an original material for decorating a summer cottage.

Reliable soil protection. Mulch helps protect the soil from extreme temperature fluctuations, seasonal weathering and rainwater washout. Wood chips hold back excessive moisture evaporation, so that during the hot period the plants do not need to be watered so often.

Provide fresh air. The soil surface, covered with wood chips, does not settle or stony, remaining soft and loose. The soil "breathes", creating optimal conditions for the development of the root system of plants.

Variety of colors. Thanks to a wide selection of color solutions, using dumping, you can create spectacular canvases that, in harmony with plant compositions, will emphasize the unique style of the site.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the possibility of updating without removing the base. Chips practically do not clog and therefore do not need to remove the old layer of mulch to fill in a new one. To preserve the decorative effect of the filling, it is enough to renew the coating only once a year, adding a new layer.

Decorative chips are a versatile material that is used as a dump for decorating plant compositions by both professional designers and amateur gardeners.

What is mulch

A layer of plants, green or already dried, paper, newspapers, cardboard (cut into pieces or whole), a layer of sawdust, chips, tree bark, needles, rubble, sand, stones - these are all those materials that after laying them on the soil with the roots of living plants, they become mulch. Mulch is a generalized concept that refers to a loose cover of soil that protects the earth from the scorching sun, from weathering and erosion, from overheating and freezing.

The times when a trip to the dacha meant living for several days in semi-primitive conditions are gradually passing away. Increasingly, summer residents acquire the benefits of civilization: a comfortable toilet, running water, bathroom, etc.

Sewerage is needed to make all of this work. Capital structures made of concrete, stone or brick are very expensive, and you need to spend a lot of time on them. Much easier - a cesspool of tires with your own hands. Old tires can be obtained at any car service station, and the technology for creating a cesspool is available even for a person without specific skills.

What are the main advantages of a tire sump?

A cesspool for collecting human waste, built by hand from old car tires, compares favorably with standard analogs, with the following characteristics:

  • ease of arrangement - a homeowner alone in a few days will be able to build such a sewer collector on his site;
  • the ability to use car slopes with any diameter, like a car and from the tractor;
  • the availability and cheapness of the necessary building materials - in most auto repair shops, the homeowner can buy old tires for a penny;
  • the long service life of the cesspool up to 15 years.

Naturally, nothing is perfect - this also affected the cesspool from the car slopes. First of all, such a product is leaky and therefore can give off unpleasant aromas. Moreover, if the pit has lost its tightness, then it cannot be repaired. If such problems do not bother the homeowner, then he can safely proceed to the independent arrangement of the sewage system.

Peculiarities of choosing a place for a drain pit

Very often, homeowners ignore the rules for choosing a suitable location for the construction of a cesspool. In private housing construction, there are certain norms that determine the location for the placement of collections of human waste. The drain tank for drains from car slopes for a country house should be located only in a place that meets the following standards:

  • the minimum distance from the sewer pit to residential housing construction must be at least 5 m;
  • 2 m must be retreated from the fence of the house to the drain tank;
  • an open source of water must be located at least 25 m from the cesspool from the tires;
  • in the case of daily wastewater formation in a volume of more than 1 cubic meter, the drain tank from the tires must be equipped with a bottom, in in other situations, this requirement is optional.

To connect the sewerage wiring to the main housing construction, it is necessary to use only modern plastic pipes 10 cm thick. The laying of sewer pipes from the house to the cesspool should be carried out strictly in a straight line with a slope towards the waste drain. If it is impossible to lay pipes below the freezing point of the soil in the winter period of the year, their high-quality thermal insulation from moisture-repellent materials is performed.

If there is no desire to make trouble with neighbors, then you should not place a cesspool next to the border of the site. According to the norms, such a structure should be located at a distance of at least 2 meters from neighboring land. In case of non-compliance with these rules, offended neighbors have the right to go to court to resolve the conflict and transfer the drain tank.

Assembly of the structure: technology, nuances, subtleties of work

Asbestos-cement slate for fencing a site is not often used. The bad publicity he used was the "leftover" habit. Many summer cottage owners put old roofing slate covered with moss and nail holes on the fences. Their neighbors, looking at its unpresentable appearance, choose other options for fences.

If you approach the matter competently, without trying to save on the fence due to the obsolete roof, then slate can successfully compete with other types of sheet materials.

We have set the goal of this article to consider the advantages, features and examples of slate fences. We hope that after meeting them, many readers will change their attitude towards this material.

Slate fence There are more advantages than disadvantages

So, what is the good about a fence built from flat or corrugated slate?

  • Firstly, such a fence is durable and easy to maintain. The service life of high-quality slate is measured in decades. At the same time, it does not rot, does not rust, does not collapse under the influence of frost and heat.
  • Secondly, the price of a slate fence is not high.
  • Thirdly, the installation of this material is quite simple and does not take much time.
  • Fourth, with a creative approach, the appearance of a slate fence is not inferior to more expensive materials (stone, wood, polycarbonate, metal).

The only serious drawback of asbestos-cement slate is its relative fragility. From a strong point strike, it bursts. The damaged sheet can be restored either by using steel plates (flat slate) or by replacing (corrugated).

The choice of options for asbestos-cement slate for the fence is not too large. Anyone who wants to save money buys a standard material with a sheet size of 1.75x1.125 m (8 waves) or 1.75x0.98 (7 waves).

In the nomenclature of flat slate used for fences, sheets of 1.0x1.5 m in size are in greatest demand; 2.0x1.5 m; and 3.0x1.5 m.

Examples of slate fences

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