How to adjust the carburetor on a VAZ 2109 with your own hands

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In Samarkand, scientists opened the Center for the Study of the History of Foreign Countries

Saturday February

How to make a solar panel yourself?

One of the alternative ways to get electricity is solar panels. But while the cost of even the cheapest and ready-to-connect elements is still very high. And this is one of the reasons why they have not received mass distribution. But if the solar battery is assembled with your own hands, the costs are significantly reduced. We will tell you how this can be done in this article.

Some theory

The main material for the production of panels is silicon, with the addition of boron and phosphorus.

They are spaced on different sides from each other. Under the influence of sunlight from phosphorus (n-type side), free electrons are separated and begin to move towards the boron plate.

Boron plate, possessing free elements, or peculiar holes (p-type side) accepts free electrons. Or a p – n transition appears. Now it remains to remove this movement of electrons from the plate in the form of an electric current.

Feasibility of a homemade solar panel

Understanding these physical properties of silicon will help in making a DIY solar panel. To start work, you need to prepare.

In any case, a spare source of electricity is always in demand. Moreover, the cost of a solar kilowatt is significantly lower than traditional electricity. Of course, many people want to purchase and install factory-made solar panels. The price of the entire set of equipment for a home power plant is frightening off. Therefore, the question is very relevant - how to assemble a solar battery yourself?

A smarter approach is to calculate the amount of energy generated by one module:

  • Е - amount of solar insolation for a known period of time;
  • k - coefficient that forms 0.5 in summer, 0.7 in winter; <
  • Pw - power of one device.

The Center for the Study of the History of Foreign Countries has been launched at the Samarkand State University.

So I'll tell you how to set up the carburetor correctly. I set it up for myself.

We remove the carburetor from the car and drag it to where we will clean it) I did it at home) We buy a gasket in the carburetor and a new sprayer in advance.

First, we unscrew the idle valve and spray it with liquid to clean the carburetors into the hole, then we blow it (I blew it with a pump). we repeat the steps several times.

Half the carburetor by unscrewing 5 screws. We put a new gasket halfway with the floats and, bending the antennae, set the level of the floats. From the spacer to the bottom of the float should be 5-6 mm.

Next, take the spray and bend the second spout into the first chamber. I folded it with pasatizh, neatly. Pour gasoline into the chamber and by pressing on the throttle drive, we look so that both spouts sprinkle exactly into the hole. NOT on the damper, NOT on the wall, but exactly into the hole!

Next, clean the jets, all membranes, and so on) Wipe the outside as desired)

After assembling the carburetor) once again blow through all the channels with air. We tighten the idle valve by hand. And we carry to put on the car.

We adjust the idle speed. (6 points taken from the Internet) 1 - The quality screw is pre-installed in the position - 5-6 turns are turned out of the extreme wrapped state. 2 - The speed screw is unscrewed until the vacuum disappears in the vacuum tube going to the ignition distributor (distributor). If, with this position of the adjusting screws, the warmed-up engine "keeps" idle speed in the range from 500 to 1500 rpm, then this means that with the carburetor, or rather with its idle system, engine and ignition system, "in general" the order and you can continue to adjust. 3 - If the engine speed is more than 800 rpm, then we reduce it to 800 by unscrewing the “quantity” screw. If the engine rpm is less than 800, then we do not touch the “quantity” screw yet. (The rpm will most likely rise when adjusting the “quality”) 4 - We begin to tighten the “quality” screw, achieving uniform, stable engine operation, then tighten the screw even deeper, until the appearance of unstable operation and again return to the zone of stable operation of the motor. The main task is to set the adjusting screw in the "zone" of stable engine operation, with the maximum possible "leaning" of the mixture (the deeper the screw is turned, the poorer the mixture, the lower the CO content). 5 - We set the "desired" idle speed using the "quantity" screw, not forgetting about the vacuum in the vacuum tube. (The "necessary" idle speed is 800 - 900 rpm for the summer season and 900 - 1000 rpm for the winter, for beginners and "riders".) 6 - For more precise adjustment of the actions of points 4 and 5 we repeat once more.

If the revolutions float to the limit, then slowly unscrew the idle valve. The turnover should rise. Lower them to 900 using the number screw. And the voyage will stop.

That's it) setup and cleaning is complete. In my case, the idle speed is kept perfectly. Perceptible acceleration, without jerking. The revs rise and fall smoothly.

Adjusting the VAZ carburetor

For long-term operation, the carburetor does not need to be flushed outside regularly. The need arises only in the case of severe contamination of the moving mechanisms, and then only if, as a result of contamination, the freedom of movement of parts is disturbed, the carburetor must also be cleaned before adjustment or repair. When cleaning the interior, do not use brushes or rags, as threads, bristles and fibers can enter the jets. It is advisable to use special tools and fluids for cleaning and caring for the carburetor. When the carburetor is cleaned, adjustments can be made.

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