How much will a New Year tree cost in the Luhansk region

The price for Christmas trees this year will be from 84 to 150 UAH, depending on the size.

The task of forestry is to provide everyone with the main symbol of the holiday. However, it is even more important to prevent and stop the unauthorized felling of spruce trees. As Vostochny Variant reports with reference to the Stanichno-Lugansk regional administration, for this purpose, special brigades from the state forest guard with the involvement of police officers have already been organized. The services will conduct intensive patrols to protect young conifers. Soon, special posts on the roads will work to check documents for the right to transport and sell trees.

Much depends on the conscientiousness of buyers. The legality of harvesting a New Year tree is confirmed by marking in the form of a self-adhesive label with a barcode and a special attachment to the trunk, which cannot be removed without visible damage.

Christmas bazaars began to work in Luhansk Where are the trees and what is the price PHOTOS

Tips for purchasing a Christmas tree: which one to buy and how to install it.

Thousands of Christmas trees sold in the Luhansk region

In 2016, on the eve of the New Year holidays, about 30 thousand trees were sold at an average price of 70 hryvnia for a spruce ..

New Year trees started selling in Luhansk region

About 30,000 units of Christmas trees have been prepared this year ..

In Lugansk, at first they banned, and today they again allowed to hold mass New Year's events

Due to the cancellation of the curfew for the New Year holidays, a number of restrictions on indoor entertainment have been lifted.

New Year's celebrations for children were banned in Lugansk indoors

How much will a New Year tree cost in the Luhansk region


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