Homemade barometer

Homemade barometer

One of the factors to which the inhabitants of reservoirs are very sensitive is atmospheric pressure. With sharp jumps in this indicator, there is sometimes a complete absence of biting. Therefore, having a barometer at home, which can also be called a bite indicator, will be useful for every angler. Unfortunately, real barometers are quite expensive, so very often fishermen use their homemade counterparts. A homemade fishing barometer is made by hand with a minimum of materials and time. The most common are bottle, bulb and bud bite indicators.

The barometer is based on a half-liter glass bottle. A soft bottle will not work because it can deform when the pressure changes. In addition to the glass vessel, the required accessories are a cork and a glass tube. A hole must be drilled in the plug, the diameter of which is equal to the width of the tube. Instead of a tube, a one meter long piece of dropper is most often used. The dropper in the cork must be sealed. The assembly procedure for the liquid barometer is as follows:

1 The bottle is half filled with liquid. It is not recommended to use ordinary water, because after a short period of time it will bloom. Therefore, for the manufacture of a homemade barometer, it is advisable to take distilled water. In order for it to be better seen in the dropper, the water must be tinted with food coloring;

2 The bottle is hermetically closed with a prepared stopper with a dropper. Air must enter the bottle only through a dropper, otherwise the barometer will not work;

3 A meter-long piece of wooden shingles is attached to the bottle, to which a dropper is neatly attached. Shingles are required to apply the barometer scale. This design option can be replaced by winding the dropper around the bottle, but then the scale will need to be applied to the dropper itself;

4 To draw a scale, you need to know exactly the two marks that are measured on different days. They must correspond to the exact value of the atmospheric pressure in the area.

For the manufacture of this version of the barometer, an ordinary light bulb is used. Moreover, it does not matter whether it is whole or burnt out, because it is the bulb of the bulb that is important for the design. To make a barometer, you need to drill a hole in the glass part of the light bulb next to the base. The hole diameter should be 2-3 mm. Drilling a hole in a glass bulb is not very easy and requires the following sequence of steps:

- a hole is drilled at the end of the lamp base to let air in there;

- the place of drilling on a glass flask is smeared with machine oil or vegetable oil and sprinkled with abrasive dust with fine sandpaper;

- the bulb is clamped in a vice with a base and wrapped in cloth or paper;

- a piece of copper wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm is used as a drill;

- after drilling a hole in the flask, it is necessary to solder or seal the hole in the base.

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