Green tea: benefits after 50 years old or harm for pregnant women

Morosi noticed, and on the calendar it's already spring. Ale yak ask for a house? Should you take care of your children? "Osvitoriya" was the chosen idea for a simple and effective spring decor for a child's room.

Scho otrimuєmo: it is possible to create a wine or a garland of kits, to a garland of kits (for example, aistri chi narcisi), it is possible to create a magnificent picture with a field painted in a boiling chi field, on what seems to be a lot of kits.

Rivne of folding: simplest.

Materials: form for mafin (aka color kavov filter) two sizes, glue, knives, color papir, oudziki, for making daffodils - mini pompoms, for straws on stems.

Yak robiti: I am nadrizaєmo in a larger form in 4-6 months to the inner stake. Rozgortaєmo pelusta and glue to the paperu. Glued in the center of the middle of the shape (not designed and not printed). At the center - ґudzik. Little or no glue from the green paper to the stem of that leaf.

For a daffodil, all those same are robbed, but in the center of the glue there are three little pompoms (tichinki).

For a vine, it is pasted over with such squares a paper colo.

For common quotes, it is so robust to quit, but it’s just as simple as it’s in the center with a straw (with knives, it’s robust for a sprinkle of razryziv, from the edge of the city and a glue to them, the base of the quilt. More beautifully, by the way, the adhesive gun.

6-8 molds are required for a skin card. Obrіzaєmo fіgurno kraї (hvilyasto). Zgortaєmo four times. Glue such quarters, one to one, so that the fluffy pelustas were removed.

No need to check out on Great Day, just make it so beautiful.

Yandex Form appeared in my article with the question: "Articles on which gardening topic are you missing?" I will add it at the end of this article as well. One of the first answers that I received: "About perennials blooming in spring."

Indeed, we really want to get the flowers that adorn the garden all summer long that we forget about the main thing! After all, the first joy in the season is not roses or lilies, but spring flowers. Let their beauty be short-lived, but they bring incomparably more emotions than those that bloom later, to the top of summer.

Well-known in brief

I'm not going to talk a lot about them. I think everyone knows spring flowers: tulips, crocuses, anemones, daffodils.

I still have lilies of the valley growing. I thought something today: all these popular flowers are already sold in colorful packages (bulbs, tubers, roots). But I have never seen lilies of the valley.

Maybe because they are listed in the Red Book? But their roots are not dug out of the forest, they can be bred specifically for sale. Or not? Write in the comments your opinion on this matter. Or have you seen the roots of lilies of the valley on sale?


Everyone knows it too, or many people call it incorrectly. For example, for many years I considered this flower a forget-me-not.

They say that it grows strongly with rhizomes, captures new territories. It really came to me from a neighbor. But for many years now it has been growing in one place, blooming, not pushing out anyone, not running away.

Brunner blooms in May to June, 3-4 weeks. Then all summer long there are beautiful bushes of wide green leaves. Brunner perfectly puts up with the shade., Mine grows under an oak tree.

Matcha or matcha tea is the main part of the Japanese tea ceremony, although this unique drink came to Japan from China. Matcha is the colloquial name of the drink, which is often found in Russian, in fact, it is called matcha, with an emphasis on the second syllable. It is about matcha tea, the benefits and harms of which have been hotly discussed on the forums for several days and will be discussed in our article.

A bit of history

In 1191, the monk Eisai brought home from China an extraordinary powdered matcha tea, which, after brewing, turned into a beautiful, bright green drink. This was matcha tea. In China, over time, it was almost forgotten, but in Japan it gained incredible popularity.

Matcha gained especially wide popularity in the 15th century - it was at that time that the technology of growing and collecting and preparing the highest grades of precious matcha was improved on tea plantations.

Match variations

Several varieties of matcha tea are grown, and they all differ in the density of the drink, shade and aftertaste.

The lightest of the varieties is Dakota. It has an astringent taste. The Kama variety has a darker shade - it is recommended to use it together with sweets. It goes well with other invigorating and sweet "Gotcha" matcha drinks.

It is customary for the Japanese to drink morning tea in its pure form, but many add milk and cream to it.

How to get the matcha

Matcha is harvested from the top, most delicate leaves of the tea tree. About three weeks before picking the tea, the bushes are covered so that they are in the shade. Poor lighting contributes to the accumulation of more nutrients in the tea leaf. The leaves become darker and the amino acid content rises. Thanks to this process, matcha has such a rich chemical composition.

The tea leaves are harvested by hand, steamed and thereby slow down the fermentation. After such processing, the raw materials are dried, and then they are ground into a fine powder - this is how matcha is obtained.

The benefits of green tea have been known for a long time. Due to its rich composition, regular consumption of the drink has a healing effect on the entire human body. But nevertheless, before taking the drink, it is worth learning about the harmful properties, they, unfortunately, are also available.

Positive Impact

Green tea has been famous for its healing properties since ancient times. The drink was used as a preventive measure against various kinds of diseases, including chronic ones. It is still popular today, among its useful properties are the following:

  • Due to the content of such substances as catechin and vitamin C in the leaves, it is considered an effective prophylactic against the development of cancer. And the presence of iodine helps to strengthen the endocrine system in a short time, which is important for those people who suffer from an enlarged thyroid gland.
  • Using green tea as a mouthwash helps to naturally strengthen gums and tooth enamel. The drink destroys bacteria in the oral cavity and serves as an effective prophylactic against the development of tooth decay. In addition, it is used during toothache, as it soothes and relieves pain.
  • Tea leaves contain a large amount of vitamins of various groups, including C, B, P, which makes it an excellent natural anti-inflammatory agent. Actually, therefore, doctors recommend using it in large quantities for the flu, during dysbiosis and with intoxication.
  • Green tea can often be found in the diet of those who are losing weight; in many diets, the drink plays an important role. This is due to the fact that it has a good effect on metabolism, helps to quickly remove fats from the body.
  • Properly brewed tea can significantly reduce cholesterol, make blood vessels more elastic, and stabilize lipid metabolism. In addition, green tea can be used as a diaphoretic, especially if a slice of lemon is added.

In addition to all of the above positive properties, green tea brewing will help maintain youth and beauty. On its basis, moisturizing, toning and lifting face masks are prepared. The same effect is provided by frozen tea ice cubes. In this form, the drink is used as a remedy for problem skin.

For women

The drink is very useful for the female body. Tea will help fill the lack of vitamins, normalize metabolism and remove toxins. Throwing mint into a cup will also improve hormonal levels.

There are other positive aspects of taking green tea daily, it helps:

  • improve vision and reduce the risk of eye diseases;
  • improve the functioning of the central nervous system;
  • avoid stress and depression;
  • speed up metabolism;
  • give vigor and eliminate fatigue.

For women, green tea can be a real helper in the fight against extra pounds. But in this case, it is undesirable to add sugar to it; it is better to give preference to honey.

For men

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