For a long time I forgot about the sharpener and the bar

Bilash Ignat Semenovich was born in the village of Petropavlivka in the middle of a fortunate, rich family, which is too small for a remanufacturer, thinness and horses in the stables, and a lot of grain. Father's mother - Semyon, mother - Paraska. Chotirisina grew up in the homeland - Makar, Ignat, Petro, Pavlo; three little girls - Ulita, Maria, Ganna. Mykita Sidorov will describe the share of the cich people, who opens the literature to the genus.

Rodini's father - Semyon

Batko Semyon Chuv saw people in the bazaar, so they showered them in the villages "rozkurkulyuvati", having understood that, they were coming up to "rozkurkulennya" in Petropavlivtsi, and they were going to "cross". Virishili to sell everything in rock. Makar in the night with stein vivodiv horses and selling to cygans. With the rest of the children, father and Makar will go to Donbas. If they came "rozkurkulyuvati" - in the house a nevistka Motya with the child Nadієya in her arms (the squad of the Sin ignata) and more than nothing.

Ulita Semyonivna has gone to replace Demid Kalantay. Tse bully middle peasants, that qiu homeland і didn’t "fumigate". Two little girls were born in the homeland - Oleksandra and Lyubov, Pylyp the synok. Cholovik Uliti Kalantai Demid died for an hour Another holy day at the Vyskovo polony. Pylyp Demidovich from Petropavlivka, Bouv of Vives to Nimechchin, using primus robots.

Maria and Ganna

Marya і Ganna - move zhiti to m. Makiyivka. They didn’t take the girls to Nimechchin, and even one bully was a senior, and the other was small.

Marya pratsyuvala at the pawn of the huge grub with dishwasher, along the conveyor there were glasses, dishes, like water, and she knew them clean from the conveyor.

The deputy for Sivakov Mikita Oleksandrovich, 1914 r. ., s Bogdano-Verbok. At that hour, the buv vіyskovim, that the homeland was mesmerized by the bully, weighed the hour to pass through the garnіzones. Yak squad of Vyskovoi, Maria Semyonivna led a great community of activity, small differences, one of them was "Voroshilovsky shooter." Pratsyuvala at vєntors.

In 1939, Mikita brought Mary to the village. Bogdano-Verbka to the homeland of his dad Oleksandr, right there to pop up and daddy Tamara.

Mikita Oleksandrovich pid hour Another Svitovoi vіyni 15 serpnya 1942 zaginuv rock. Druzhina Maria took away the funeral. In the funeral bulo, it is said the mice is pohovannya: Krasnodar Territory, the village of Kura-Tsetse, Kadizhensky district. Marya supervised the address of the sheet, I will dismiss the message: there is no such village. Vona is hammered in grief, but life is still needed, and even needs to wykhovuvati їkh spilnu dona Tamara.

Sheet from Canadi

The tree is trimmed to the roots, and the lyudin is to see

I remember how once on a campaign a labor teacher showed us boys how to sharpen a knife on a simple stone. Then it was impossible to buy a good block, but he sharpened chisels, knives-jambs with a simple stone, which he kept like the apple of his eye.

Sharpening knives with stone

This is the most efficient way, provided you find the right stone. It is better to use sandstone: its texture should be slightly rough.

I have such a stone at home for finishing the jambs on wood, but I fix kitchen knives in a different way.

The reverse side of ... ceramics

Often, when I'm too lazy to get another sharpening stone from the balcony - professional, diamond-coated, I quickly fix the knives with a mug.

I have a rough ceramic mug, on the back of which, on the bottom, there is an unglazed circle - a ceramic strip.

Important! If the surface of the back side of the mug is glossy, then you can only slightly tweak the knife with this one, no more.

You can also use a plate. You must first moisten the bottom. Sharpening movements should be smooth, without pressure or special effort. There are two options: either sharpen the blade first on one side and then on the other, or alternate the sides at a time.

I try to keep the sharpening angle up to 20 degrees. This editing takes me 3 - 5 minutes.

Abrasive in women's cosmetic bag

Noviy rik, winter, rizdvyanі is sacred with many words, there will be a lot of yalinka, the smell of tangerines, mishura, sweets and yalinka igrashki. The yalinka itself, charming the guest, the donkey in the New Year is holy. Yalina, pine - an attribute of the new rock. In a large family, there is a tradition of family embellishment of skewers from new cartoons, felmi chi pisni. The atmosphere of the whole action is special, even the new ones are holy in a special atmosphere, kazkov and charming.

Guess the dignity, if you miss a lie, and in the room there is a pretty beautiful tree, I will remember the whole room with a charming coniferous aroma, and from them there are new little gifts, cute little girls yalinka. So really, the Yalina is alive, or the pine is a red, embellishing the majority of apartments and houses in their presence on the New Years, a tradition that has been patched up for a long time, but after an hour I have developed technology, I have a lot of people who buy such douzhe dovgo. We decided to analyze which version of the new-born red is more ecological and will not be shkoditi in the midst of the midst.

There are three types of new trees, live pines, or felines, which are grown in special gardeners, which are specially planted for sale at the new saints, live felines or pine trees that are sold at once from bark embellished that holy you can hang in the ground that piece of fries and pines, the options for which are even a large number.

I would like to read a list of reports about piece new yalinkas, a large number of those who are ready to play in China with broken technologies for polyvinylchloride (noncolored), plastic, pigs, people ... In addition, a piece dinghy in the room can see toxins. Launching such a skiff on the smithy name of the capital will be poured into the ecosystem, navkolishnє middle ground, water, soil, podvitrya. For an hour of disposal, or burning a piece skewer, you can see carcinogenic spores and toxins.

Honestly, it's natural red fox, її it’s uncomfortably torn from the piece, it’s all for a nameless aroma, which is uncomfortable to tamper with. The State Agency for Rocks virobot virobirochuvannya new red dogs, as soon as they vytuyutsya for sale, and at the same time they see new trees, and they can get them for sales vicoristovuyut for the sake of guarding the lousy special sales of viruses in Ukraine, the law It is not illegal to plant a new one on the site of an illegally hacked yalinka. Also, to my mind, it is important to see the number of cuttings on sales from the gardeners of the dinghies, and even more often at the great places of Ukraine, when the new saints are new, there is a great number of new-born reds who were not sold, they could not be tidied up, but they could not be seen kissen in the twilight, to trim the ecosystem, stabilize the processes in the ground and bury the carbon dioxide gas.

The beauty of this vidmitty, when buying and vivifying a live leafy lily, more beautifully changing it to thyrsu, as it is possible to embellish the alpine girks with trees and flowerbeds, to plant a baggage dales can see words, but, for example, a tree is cut down or rotted in a fox, which is very good for trees and roslin. In addition, if you maєte pich, then you can write a new rock, not wicked a pine tree or a yalina, but by the way to play around the house, having stopped the gilka

Yalini, which sells with the root system in the mountaineers, is the finest version of a new tree, if you can plant it on the territory of a booth or dachas, as you can please you and grow at your dilyantsi. You can decorate that yaku for planting on the territory of the yard

On the cob of the breast, the trade of the Krymskoy and snake pine was sold at the Troitsky Lisnitsy. From Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, you can also go to the little one for the night. - Call the song for 15 babies at the weekend, here from 9:30 to 15:30, - means the lisnichy of the Troitsk list of DP "Bilokurakinske LMG" Sergiy Smikov. - In the sale of pine trees, from the felling to see the "illumination" (the form of the planting of eggs in a warehouse), the density, which may be given to specific foliage minds that the sign of the planting of plants; from 16 rockyv.

For sale pine krymska and zvichana from 1 to 3 meters, part for the population 132 hryvnia, for organizing pine krymska 204 hryvnia, pine tree 180 hryvnia, part of the hoop is more than 3 meters, if the length is 120 hryvnia , - Natalia Nesterenko, an accountant of the Troitskiy list of DP "Bilokurakinske LMG", stands. - Variety of skiffs for wholesalers, 30 pieces - Krymska pine 120 hryvnia, zvichana pine 114 hryvnia.

The process of growing the pines to finish the foldable and dovotrivaly, it is also necessary to take the cones, get them from them, hang on the razplіdniki. For what yard yalinka to visit the forest. The whole process is uninterrupted and fast.

Pines and yalini you can translate the number on the chip, on the site

First for everything, the new mood can be set, the new dinghy is not too big, you can put one or more spout.

Besides, the axis is so at home, because it is possible to create a yalinka on a robot.

In order to live with dignity and develop creatively, to benefit yourself and the people around you, you must at least have good health. To do this, you may need to be able to quickly replenish your bioenergy reserves in a convenient way. There are several ways to restore and accumulate human vital energy.

It could be; active intake of fresh plant foods - vegetables and fruits; work with trees - donors; concentration of energy in the center of spiritual forces; work with the vital energy of the Earth, etc.

We immediately put aside the regular supply of a person with a supply of vital energy through an active intake of plant foods. This method is not effective enough for the accumulation of vital energy. Although, on other issues there is no substitute for him.

If there is a possibility of constant communication with nature, it is advisable to start working with trees - donors of bioenergy.

Without leaving your home, you can also master the method of concentrating energy in the center of spiritual forces.

This allows you to achieve significant results in improving health in a short time.

Friends, now we will consider the first method of restoring human vital energy with the help of donor trees.

Energy storage with trees

To accumulate energy with the help of trees, you should know which trees can be donors, that is, they have a large supply of bioenergy.

In terms of bioenergy reserves, donor trees are arranged in the following conditional order: oak, followed by conifers (especially pine), then acacia, maple, birch and mountain ash.

Oak has a powerful energy. Its energy gives a person the power of mind and clarity of thought. People engaged in mental activity willingly take advantage of the energy emanating from the oak tree. For these purposes, it is enough to sit or stand near an oak tree. With regular communication with the energy of the oak, a person gets lightness in body movements.

Pine is a tree of tranquility and height of spirit. The aura of the pine is very strong. The energy of pine helps relieve stress. And with direct contact, the pine tree will relieve you of the irritation and annoyance accumulated over the day.

You should know that pine fills a person with dense energy. Therefore, near a pine tree, the energy "charging" of the elderly and weakened people should not be long in time.

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