Five-minute raspberry jam; 5 recipes for a sweet tooth

A few secrets of making the perfect "five-minute"

The most important thing is not to overexpose the jam on the stove. With prolonged heat treatment, there will be no trace of the saturated color, vitamin C will practically disappear. To cook the most delicious and most useful delicacy, you need to take into account a few simple rules:

  • Berries are selected ripe and whole, but not overripe, green, rotten and dry.
  • To eliminate insects, the collection is soaked in a saline solution (for 1 liter of water, 1 tablespoon of salt). Raspberries are placed in a sieve, dipped in a solution. In a few minutes, the insects will swim in and it will be easy to remove them.
  • It is not necessary to wash raspberries harvested from a garden bush. They are limited to bulkhead, debris cleaning.
  • The cooking container is selected heat-resistant, enameled. It is forbidden to use aluminum cookware, as due to the acids contained in the berries, aluminum begins to deteriorate. This negatively affects both the taste and the benefits of the finished product.

Washing the garden berry is optional

Pyatiminutka raspberry jam - step by step recipe

A quick and easy way to keep your berries intact without losing vitamins.

  • Raspberries - 700 gr.
  • Sugar - 500 gr.

If the raspberries are from your garden, you don't need to wash them, because the delicate berry quickly crumples and loses its shape.

Sort out the berries, sort out crumpled, unripe, spoiled ones. Rinse the fruits, or, if you are sure they are clean, put them in a saucepan.

Sprinkle with granulated sugar. I advise you to fall asleep raspberries in small portions, then, shaking the pan, distribute the sweetness over the berry. There, it will practically not be crumpled and will remain intact.

Five-minute raspberry jam; 5 recipes for a sweet tooth


  • Flour - 250 Grams
  • Egg - 3 Pieces
  • Sugar - 250 Grams
  • Vanilla Sugar - Po to taste
  • Berries - 100-200 Grams (to taste)
  • Apple - 3 Pieces
  • Vegetable oil - To taste (mold release)
  • <

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Good job!

Enjoy your meal, hope you had fun with us!

Nutritional and energy value:

Cooking description:

Charlotte with apples and raspberries should be cooled and sprinkled with powdered sugar or almond petals. Add vanilla to the dough if desired. You can add only raspberries to apples, or you can make a mix of wild berries. You can take frozen raspberries if you freeze them with whole berries.

Charlotte with raspberries and apples

Today, thanks to modern technology, we have a wide range of options for cooking charlotte: oven, microwave, slow cooker. Charlotte with raspberries and apples in a slow cooker turns out to be no worse than in the oven, and maybe even better and tastier. It is important that in a multicooker your baked goods will never burn, and thanks to uniform heating, the baked goods will be baked evenly.

In order to cook charlotte with raspberries in a slow cooker, you will need the following set of ingredients:

Raspberry jam without water - a step-by-step recipe with a photo

Everyone remembers the taste of raspberry jam from childhood. In winter, it not only saves you from colds, but also cheers you up. There are many ways to make such a delicious and healthy treat. Without adding water, a thick jam is obtained.

Cooking time: 4 hours 0 minutes

Raspberry Jam - Tips from Experienced Cooks

The readiness of the raspberry jam is checked by dropping a drop on a saucer: if the syrup has not spread, the jam is ready. arenya will be fragrant and cook quickly if you do not cook more than 2 kilograms of raspberries at a time.

Redcurrant juice will give additional flavor to the jam if you replace it with water. By the way, this kind of jam will never be sugared. Such jam will become thicker, but will not be cloying.

The level of jam in jars should be 5 millimeters below the neck.

Nutritional and energy value:

A simple recipe for "Five-minute raspberry" jam

The dessert got its name due to the fact that it takes only 5 minutes to cook. But it's important to keep the raspberry to sugar ratio.

At the same time, the berries do not lose their shape, less sugar is required for cooking, and most importantly, up to 70% of vitamins are preserved in such jam.

How to cook a raspberry five-minute (1: 1 ratio of berries and sugar):

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