Fighter, UFO and electric tractor: unique modes of transport are being created in the Omsk village






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The main attractions of Malaga

From what the main Muslim fortress of Spain was built, why the Cathedral of Malaga is called one-armed and where is the portrait of the first wife of Picasso, the ballerina Olga Khokhlova. Let's talk about the sights of Malaga.

Malaga is not only a concentration of beaches with shopping centers and a transit point on the way to the resorts of the Costa del Sol. Not every city can boast of such a rich history that the numerous monuments on its territory will tell about. Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC. e. Throughout its history, it managed to be part of the Roman Empire, the Visigoth kingdom and the Byzantine Empire, and from the 8th to the 15th century, the Arabs ruled this land. The city often participated in all sorts of uprisings and troubles, and during the Civil War in the 30s of the last century, the Republican fleet was based in Malaga for some time.

This city is home to the verdiales folk dance, considered by many to be the oldest style of Spanish fandango. Finally, Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas were born here - local embankments bear their names.

Rising on a hill in the historic center of Malaga, the alcazaba - as the ancient Moorish fortresses of the times of Arab rule on the Iberian Peninsula are called in Spain - is considered the most remarkable and best preserved in the entire country. It began to be built back in the 8th century, but the bulk of the objects that tourists see today appeared in the 11th century, when Typhoo Malaga, a Muslim state founded here by one of the Cordoba caliphs, seized the Emirate of Granada and made a residence for its governors in the fortress. The double row of battlements and numerous defensive structures make this fortress an outstanding example of military architecture of the time.

What is the healing effect based on

Treatment of thrush with a tea tree (hereinafter BH) is recommended and recognized as effective for a number of factors. Let's consider them in more detail.

As a concentrated extract, tea tree has a powerful fungicidal property that is detrimental to the yeast Candida albicans. If in the patient's body the activity of other pathogenic fungi is observed, for example, the genus Trichophyton, in relation to them, the extract of BH also produces a fungicidal effect. Thus, the systemic treatment of thrush with tea tree essential oil helps to simultaneously cure trichomoniasis, other fungal diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse.

In addition to bactericidal, the agent has a pronounced antibacterial and antiviral effect. In the process of treating candidiasis, not only the pathogenic fungal flora of Candida albicans is suppressed. Colonies of pathogenic bacteria and viruses that cause infectious and inflammatory diseases of the reproductive and excretory systems (gonorrhea, cystitis, vaginitis, colpitis, herpes, cervical erosion) are destroyed.

It is also a strong natural antiseptic and immunomodulatory agent. The use of externally and orally medicinal solutions based on RR in candidiasis enhances the local immune response to a parasitic infection, helps to get rid of the fungus, and promotes healing of tissues affected by the erosive-inflammatory process.

If thrush is properly treated with BH oil, the clinical picture of the disease is quickly smoothed out. Irritating symptoms (itching, burning, swelling of the mucous membrane, soreness, curdled leucorrhoea) disappear in 2-4 days.

Important! Due to the pronounced antiseptic effect, it is impossible to use the drug pure, as well as in the form of a saturated aqueous or alcoholic solution.

Before applying the BH solution externally, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications to the drug. This is mainly an individual intolerance to the components of the composition, allergies. You can also not use tea tree oil inside for inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, liver, intestinal disorders, diarrhea.

Tea tree oil for thrush (candidiasis)

Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for many diseases. The natural component has pronounced and persistent antibacterial properties. It is widely used in cosmetology, dermatology and gynecology. Tea tree oil has long been helping to get rid of thrush. This method of combating yeast-like microflora is fully justified and recommended by leading experts. If you start to take measures in time, you can stop the progression of a fungal disease in the initial stages of development without the help of medications. To do this, it is enough to do douching with tea tree oil or use a specially prepared solution inside.

In the village of Baikal, which is 46 kilometers from Omsk, there is no lake, no river, or even a swamp. Why she became the namesake of the "glorious sea", none of the local residents remembers. And there are not many of them left - only 20 people. There is one store for the whole village, where bread is brought twice a week, on Monday and Friday. The local FAP is closed, there is no paramedic. Medical assistance to residents is provided by an ambulance team, which periodically visits the village. The only connection with the outside world is the bus that comes here once a day.

The main attraction is the house of Viktor Grishaev. Anyone in the village will show the way to it, but we ourselves found the right place: not everyone has a TV and a computer at the gate. Incendiary music also attracts attention. As it turned out, it was carried from the cab of the Snezhok electric tractor.

Victor Grishaev, inventor:

“Wheels are from agricultural machinery, there used to be a lot of them in the field. When I put the engine on, I didn't know if it would work or not. At first there was no cabin, then it turned out that it was so cold to sit. He began to make a cabin on the sly, put a fan heater inside. It drives slowly because the engine is only 720W, the mower is even more powerful at 2000W. But he is not afraid of stops, unlike the mower, which immediately burns out. This engine was on a circular. But I only use it in the summer, and in the winter it is worth it. Thought: what is in vain? Now he removes snow in winter, and saws wood in summer ”.

Viktor does not consider the low speed of the Snowball to be a disadvantage. And where in the village is there to hurry? But you can work on it for your own pleasure: it is warm in the cabin, music is playing. Much more comfortable than shoveling snow. The problem here is different - the length of the cord. Snowball cannot go further than 20 meters from the outlet. If you need to remove snow on the road, there is another tractor, more powerful. It runs on gasoline, but the costs will be higher, after all, gasoline is not electricity.

Another indispensable form of transport in the countryside is a bicycle, but because of the strong wind in cold weather, it is not very comfortable to use it. Grishaev decided not to reinvent the bicycle, but to improve his own, who had seen a lot in his lifetime. Now he has an additional accessory - a wind and snow protection cabin. As shown by our small test drive, it does not greatly affect handling.

Viktor Fyodorovich rarely leaves Baikal, but if he needs to get to the regional center, he starts the "Black Crow". It looks like a jet fighter, but the speed is not very high. Recall that there is nowhere much to rush here, so this is not a problem. But you can not adjust to the bus schedule and go at any time. And not only the inventor of the vehicle gets pleasure from the process of driving, but also those around him.

- They always come in like savages. They are trying to get into the cockpit: "We are interested." And I say: “I don’t climb into your cars, maybe I’m also very interested,” says Victor.

The Black Crow has one drawback: in severe frosts, it will not start. Operation is desirable down to -10. And the most famous car of Grishaev is a UFO, but this is exclusively a summer transport.

A UFO car has appeared in the Omsk region

“I am a fitter-kipovets by profession (mechanic for control and measuring instruments and automation). Studied at a technical school. Then for 10 years he worked at a television factory, serviced machine tools.

Because of perestroika, everything began to fall apart, salaries were not paid, but here the farm was: cows, horses, sheep. Now everything has been sold. It's hard to hold. There are still chickens, ”says Viktor Fedorovich.

Maria Grishaeva sometimes worries about her son, who is constantly making something. He used to fix TVs. They often broke. People brought Viktor Fedorovich three at a time and asked to collect one of them. Then he worked for hours.

Since ancient times, in churches and cathedrals, Saints have been depicted on the walls, so in fact the technology of frescoes was born.

I have been studying and considering frescoes with the faces of Saints on the walls in ancient cathedrals for a long time and I wanted to make an analogue.

This is how a new technology was born.

In this lesson we will make a fresco on an aged tree.

Attention !! We will not age the tree in this lesson, I will do it in advance.

You can also purchase separately MK for aging plywood or wood without a brush at a discount! If you haven't already done so.

  • Let's study photographs of old frescoes in churches and cathedrals
  • Learn to create old plaster with chips and scuffs
  • Transfer the image of the Saint (it can be any image)
  • And the most important part! This is toning. You can create texture and transfer the image, but without the correct patina effect, it will not look. This is the most important part of the tutorial!

As always, I use only the most economical and most affordable materials that can be found in any country or in the hinterland.

Difficulty level - for beginners !! In fact, everything is so simple that completely newbies can handle it.

Painting fresco "Lavender"

How Russia will surprise foreigners at the defense exhibition in the Emirates.

Russia is ready to show off a new attack drone.

Why are American icebreakers in circulation.

The New Testament will strengthen anti-tank defenses.

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