Features of the development of tachycardia against the background of menopause

During menopause, the female body suffers from a lack of hormones. This factor causes not only unpleasant symptoms of menopause, but can also provoke disturbances in the work of important organs. Some women note an irregular heartbeat with menopause, and treatment of tachycardia is necessary during this period. Any changes in heart rate should be taken seriously, because even minor symptoms can mean the onset of a serious illness. In any case, it is useful to know the main signs of tachycardia, the rules of behavior during an attack, methods of supporting the heart. If the tachycardia appears once and stops almost immediately, then there is no need to worry too much. But if the symptoms begin to be permanent, then an urgent need to consult a cardiologist. After all, this type of heart rhythm disturbance can be triggered by both malfunctioning of the nervous system and serious heart disease.

What is tachycardia and why is it dangerous?

Tachycardia is one of the cardiac arrhythmias, in which the patient has an irregular heartbeat. For example, in a normal state, the heart rate should not exceed 60-80 beats per minute. But women with menopause need to remember that for them the heart rate is slightly increased (70-100 beats per minute). Physical activity is also taken into account, which can increase these indicators, but only for a certain time period, after which the number of contractions should return to normal.

There is a concept of "pathological tachycardia", which is caused by problems with the cardiovascular system or other organs. In addition to increased heartbeat, patients note a lack of air and a feeling of tightness in the chest. A person's seizure occurs quickly and suddenly. The number of beats increases to 150-200 per minute. As for the duration, the attack can last as long as one minute or an hour.

Such manifestations should not be ignored, because tachycardia can provoke the development of acute heart failure, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, as well as cardiac arrest.

Climax and heart: how they are related

With the onset of menopause, the heart becomes a target organ.

After 45 years, such a concept as menopause enters a woman's life. This is an age-related change associated with a decrease in the functionality of the ovaries. It is in them that the synthesis of the female sex hormone estrogen occurs. This is a substance that makes a woman young, healthy, makes her body work properly.

Does the climacteric state affect the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system? Definitely yes. For a number of physiological reasons associated with low estrogen, a woman can have two problems: pain and heart palpitations. These conditions bring a lot of inconvenience, but do not have a negative impact on health. But at this age, concomitant diseases can also occur, among the symptoms of which are painful sensations in the chest.

There is a special term in medicine that describes cardiac disorders associated with the onset of menopause. It is called dyshormonal cardiopathy. But only a doctor can make this diagnosis, for this he will conduct a series of tests and tests in order to exclude or confirm the presence of other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Why is the main organ suffering

Estrogen is involved in a large number of different processes, including the formation of immunity, protection of the female body from various disorders of organs and systems. But over time, the ovaries begin to produce less and less of this hormone. As a result, the heart becomes unprotected, potassium, magnesium, PP vitamins, group B and others are absorbed poorly enough, there are interruptions in its work.

What is decorative moss used for

stabilized moss myths

Producers' moss options

How to care for stabilized moss

Stabilized moss, or as many call artificial or decorative moss, is now quite well in demand for the design of modern interiors, which creates a stylish and cozy environment. Vertical gardening is a trend in modern phytodesign.

Green moss walls have come into fashion quite recently - after a few years ago, designers from Norway used reindeer moss to decorate the head of the bed. After the successful presentation of this design, moss has gained immense popularity. Living green walls have become one of the trends in the design of residential and commercial spaces.

Therefore, today I am telling as much as possible about what stabilized moss is, its price, how and where to use it in the interior, how to care for it, how to fix it. And, of course, an overview of the TOP-10 places where it is better to buy (from manufacturers to the best proven online trading platforms), an overview of the assortment, prices, terms of delivery.

What is stabilized moss? Pros, cons, what it is used for

What is stabilized moss

In interior design, decorators often use not only natural motives, but also rather unusual materials taken from the environment and processed in a special way. Of all the options for design fantasies, stabilized moss is considered the most fashionable and common element of interior decoration today.

Stabilized moss is normal moss, but the moisture in it has been replaced with a glycerin-based substrate. Such impregnation is similar in effect to cryogenic freezing. That is, the stabilized moss is alive, but all vital processes in it are stopped. That is, a kind of conservation occurs, and to the touch it remains soft and elastic, like a living plant, which allows the plant to be used in the interior for a long time.

Improved technologies have made it possible to create a solution that maintains the existence of the plant in its original form with little or no maintenance requirements. Thanks to this, lovers of natural motives at home can use moss in various versions and varieties of shades. This brings the design closer to naturalism and naturalness without the use of expensive, breathable materials.

In addition, by adding dye, you can change the hue and create a bright green, blue, red, yellow natural material.

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