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Russian artists. Denisov Alexander Gavrilovich (1811-1834)

At the age of sixteen, young A. Denisov entered the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, where A. Venetsianov. In 1830, the academician received a large silver medal for the successfully completed painting "Interior view of the gazebo of the garden of Count Kushelev-Bezborodko, from which fish are caught".

During his studies, he also wrote "Interior view of the old gallery in the Hermitage in front of the St. George Hall" (1829), "Peasant boy with a cup of buckwheat porridge", "Russian shepherd" (both - 1830), "The rise of the Alexandrovskaya columns "," Sailors in a shoe shop "(both - 1832)," Portrait of Major Ivanov "," Peasant Girl "(both - 1833).

In 1833 A. Denisov left the Academy with the rank of free artist of everyday painting and military scenes. In the same year, at the highest command, the artist went on a retirement trip to Berlin to improve his art. For more than a year he has been working under the guidance of the famous German artist and teacher K.-F. Kruger. However, the life chronometer counts the last weeks and days of the young Russian painter's stay on this land. Died A. Denisov in Berlin.

DIY emotion tree

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We all have our emotions, and in the modern world we live in, some of us don't want to show our emotional side. Sometimes this vulnerability can be a terrible thing, and therefore we think it's best to keep it to ourselves. But it's not always best to hide your true feelings from the world just out of fear of vulnerability. Each zodiac sign tries to deal with emotions in a specific way, and here are some of the ways they do it.

When it comes to emotional wisdom, Aries tops the list. When they are emotional, they would let it out. But before doing so, they will test whether emotionality is good for them or not. This help can range from materialistic to emotional growth. Aries are cool-headed most of the time, and while they can be emotional, they tend to be in control. Aries does get aroused or angry sometimes, but these outbursts happen on rare occasions.


For a stubborn Taurus, emotions are one of the main things that they find difficult to deal with. Their emotions deeply affect them, but unlike most zodiac signs who hold back their emotions, when a Taurus gets emotional, it shows. Their stubbornness starts to break out, and they start to seem a little stupid. But emotionality is never good for them, and so when they finally realize it, they can explode - screaming, crying, or both.


According to Gemini, true emotions should be kept secret. Therefore, when you look at Gemini's posts on social networks, do not believe that these are their real selves. They have the ability to hide very well and can act in a certain way based on the situation in which they are at the moment. For example, if a Gemini is upset about someone, they will act like they don't care about them. They can do the same when they are with people who are not close to them.

Cancers accept themselves for who they are - emotions and all. They are not able to hide their emotions well enough - you can see it on their face or in their actions. In addition, they cannot lie properly, as even lying reveals more about their emotions than they want. Cancers cannot control their emotions when they are angry or sad, and this is completely normal for them. While there are some people who dislike them due to their inability to deal with emotions, they would rather be honest and vulnerable. For Cancers, their true strength is their emotions.

Proud Leo doesn't think about how you will feel when they do something or expose it. Typically, Leo wants to keep it authentic because they know there is nothing that can stop them from showing their true self to the world. At the end of the day, this is the best way to gain power. So for Leo, emotional expression from the very beginning is a kind of strength. Also, sometimes they would like to reveal something for no reason, just to get a reaction.

Virgos are busy and because they are so busy with their lives, they don't feel the need to put their secrets on the table for display. First, they think it's much better to keep secrets within themselves, and finally, they don't really care that much. If they ever tell more about them, they will be in dire straits. But then the Virgos are so immersed in their work that the dire situation never really comes to light.

If you've met Libra, you'll find them cold with zero vulnerability. But that's exactly what they want you to believe. There is a big difference between internal and external weights. Libre has a tendency to overthink and over-analyze. Even if they don't show it, their emotions and thoughts are constantly fighting inside. If they are very comfortable with you, they may open up, but before that, be prepared to deal with a cold and hardened appearance. But for someone who thinks too much, Libra may well be a little vulnerable.

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The scale of the intensity of this affect

In what situations does this affect occur?


Here again I would like to cite an excerpt from the original text of J. Khodorov:

“When we experience limitation, we can be thrown into a state of chaos. In infancy or childhood, this is a state of fury: the child rushes about in rage, fights, scratches, bites. As adults, we adopt the most primitive approach to solving a problem. All attention is directed to how to "get rid" of the cause of our frustration. At this level, solving a problem means we will try to kill her. "

Here is a small illustration where you can see how the baby begins to get angry as soon as his boundaries are violated, namely, as soon as his mother takes such an interesting object from him

Why is this affect needed

At the jungle level, it is a key factor in survival, as it manifests itself every time we are threatened with an attack. As Darwin (1872) notes, in both animals and humans, anger “gives strength to muscles and, at the same time, energy to will”

Remember the amazing movie based on the novel by Stephen King - The Shawshank Redemption. Where throughout the film the main character has to fight the injustice of the prison system and prove that he was there through no fault of his own. What, if not anger, give the hero so much mental and physical strength to cope with all the difficulties and challenges of prison life, and in the end, practically with his bare hands, pave his way to freedom? And the hero's anger became a reaction to a terrible injustice and deception, when instead of another person, he was imprisoned. And if it were not for such a desperate desire to restore the boundaries, in this case, the boundaries of justice, then, perhaps, he simply would not have the strength to overcome all difficulties.

J. Khodorov writes: “Anger lets us know that our world has turned upside down - something is completely wrong - everything is in chaos. When we begin to feel that something threatens our autonomy, we sharply focus on how to get rid of the intrusion that is causing this disorder. When we identify the problem and begin to develop strategies to restore the existing order, we enter the initial stage of such an ego function as thinking. "

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