Do-it-yourself pool from scrap materials; tires, tubs, concrete rings

The hot summer will come very soon, when the mercury column of the thermometer goes off scale and so you want to rinse yourself in the cool water of the pool.

However, a full-length pond is not a very cheap pleasure. Therefore, we recommend that home craftsmen turn on their imagination and find options for making a bathing bowl from scrap materials.

We will try to give you useful tips and consider the already implemented options for small homemade pools.

Tire Pool

Any sealed container, if desired and diligent, can turn into a comfortable summer cottage pool. The easiest way to acquire such a reservoir is to make friends with a tractor driver or sauerkraut. Only choose a larger tractor so that the diameter of the discarded tire is enough for your height.

If the pool from the tire turns out to be small, do not be discouraged. Children will be happy to splash around in such an original pond.

The main idea of ​​the structure is a concrete bottom, which will not let water leave the tire. In order to make the pool more comfortable, you need to partially cut off the wide bead at the tire. After that, you can start removing the fertile soil layer and filling the sand and crushed stone preparation at the place chosen for installing the tire.

Next, the pool is filled with concrete 10-15 cm thick. This should be done not only inside the tank, but also outside along its contour. Having withstood the concrete for 5-7 days, you can start water procedures.

Don't forget to equip the wheel pool with a tap to make draining the water simple and easy.

Pool from the bath

Cast iron is an ideal material for a mini-pool. He is not afraid corrosion resistant and highly durable. That is why the pool from the old bathtub is so popular among summer residents.

Do-it-yourself pool from scrap materials; tires, tubs, concrete rings

I found this recipe in my mother’s old recipe notebook. Well, remember, when everything was written down from books or from the words of friends and relatives in a beautiful handwriting and was carefully kept. Recently they were dismantling the rubble and found it, it was decided to try all the recipes. The products are the same, everything should work out. And the result exceeded my expectations, the jellied pie with meat and rice clearly evoked nostalgia from childhood. Do you also want to surprise yourself and your loved ones? Then cook according to this recipe and enjoy the indescribable taste!

Jellied Meat Pie Recipe

The cooking process is very fast and the products are as simple as 30 years ago.

Ingredients for our pie

The process of making a jellied meat pie

The dough for our pie is very quick and easy to prepare.

  • First, mix kefir and soda so that the soda is extinguished in an acidic environment. And leave it for a while, about 15-20 minutes.
  • In the meantime, beat eggs with salt and sugar. To do this, you can use a mixer or just a whisk, as you like.
  • Then combine kefir and beaten eggs, mix everything well.
  • Gradually add flour and knead a homogeneous, lump-free dough. The consistency of our dough should be like thick sour cream.
Batter for jellied meat pie

The filling is even easier to make than the dough.

Is the dough ready? The rice is boiled, and the minced meat is stewed? It's time to collect everything into a delicious ensemble!

That's it, our meat and rice pie is ready! Simple, isn't it?

This cake is loved by all my family and friends, it is delicious, satisfying and very tender. Jellied pie can have many other fillings, sweet and savory, meat and vegetable. My husband likes it with meat, I love it with cabbage, and I cook my daughter with sweet fillings. You can see all these fillings at the link below.

Enjoy a video of ready-made jellied pies with different fillings.

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